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Friday, November 16, 2012

Book Review and GIVEAWAY: Leather Jewelry

Leather Jewelry: 30 Contemporary Projects by Nathalie Mornu

This book has been in my collection for a couple of years now. It's one of my favorites in my jewelry-making library and it deserves a little review love here on the blog. With the recent popularity of leather in jewelry, this book hits the mark for creating stylish accessories that are oh-so relevant with what is happening right now in the jewelry and fashion industries. Leather jewelry is hot, hot, hot and still on the rise with no signs of stopping anytime soon!

If you want to add leather to your jewelry and you're looking for inspiring ideas on how to do it, this book is for you. I really didn't know much about leather before grabbing a copy of this book. Now, I feel informed and confident I could handle any leather jewelry project I set my sights on with this book by my side. Author Nathalie Mornu presents a great introduction to the medium. Her book is loaded with useful information I have found enlightening on the subject. You'll learn all about the different types of leather, which ones work well for the kind of jewelry you want to make and tips on where to track down leather scraps for jewelry-making. The book also contains detailed sections on all the right leather-working tools to use and techniques that you can start applying to your creations immediately. 

The jewelry projects in the book are chic and sophisticated, stylish and fashion-forward. Some of my favorite designs are also the simplest ones. For me, jewelry that is on-trend and easy to execute are top priorities. You can even start adding leather to your pieces right away with the jewelry-making skills you already have and a little inspiration from this book.

Take a look at a few of the projects inside Leather Jewelry:

"Gossip" by Nathalie Mornu 
Photo courtesy of Lark Books

"Regina" by Nathalie Mornu
Photo courtesy of Lark Books  

"Knots" by Nathalie Mornu
Photo courtesy of Lark Books 

See what I mean? How cute is this jewelry? And so easy to make. Couldn't you see changing up these projects just a little and adding in some art beads??? I certainly could. Leather is a great material to pair with your favorite art beads to add texture and interest to your jewelry designs. In fact, I did just that recently with my own version of Nathalie's "Knots" earrings pictured above. 

Here are my earrings inspired by Nathalie's:
Blue Titanium earrings by Erin Siegel
 Suede knot earrings inspired by "Knots" in Leather Jewelry by Nathalie Mornu.
Featuring handmade blue ceramic beads by Lisa Boucher.

If you want to learn how to add leather to your jewelry designs, grab a copy of this book. I highly recommend it! Buy it online at Barns & Noble (on sale now) or Amazon.

Okay, it's giveaway time.  
In the spirit of the season and the Thanksgiving holiday, I have an author SIGNED copy of Leather Jewelry to giveaway. While I was at Bead Fest this year, I had the pleasure of meeting author Nathalie Mornu. It is pretty exciting and an honor to meet someone who's work you admire. I loved meeting her. She's a pretty awesome person and she was awesome enough to personally send me a signed copy of her book to help me say "thank you" to you. Nathalie, I love your book and I know our ABS readers will, too.  Let's show my friend Nathalie some love for her generosity and leave a comment on this post. Leave your comment by Friday, November 23rd 2012 to be entered to win the signed copy of Leather Jewelry. Please leave me a way to contact you in case you are the lucky recipient.

Good luck and
Happy Thanksgiving! 
I hope your holiday is filled with reading, beading and all things you are thankful for.

Erin Siegel is a jewelry designer, beading instructor and co-author of the jewelry book, Bohemian-Inspired Jewelry: 50 Designs Using Leather, Ribbon and Cords. To find out more, visit her blog: Erin Siegel Jewelry.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fit to Print Review: Asymmetry Made Easy

Need a little creative inspiration or help in stepping into the great wide world of asymmetrical jewelry?  Designer Lorelei Eurto has a fun ebook out that will be just the cure for your jewelry doldrums.  Lorelei shakes things up by going over her formula for successful asymmetrical design along with covering the basic elements of design she uses when she's working her bead mojo. 

In a conversational style Lorelei walks you through her design principles with lots of juicy photos bursting with color and art beady goodness.  Packed full of good tips, I recommend downloading a copy and pulling out your beads to play along this weekend.  If you've tried your hand at asymmetrical jewelry and weren't thrilled with the results, Lorelei points out some really good issues that can make or break a design. 

Purchase Now!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Fit to Print Magazine Review: Step by Step Wire Jewelry

Step by Step Wire Jewelry really stepped it up for this art bead packed issue!  Ronna Sarvas Weltman interviewed bead artists and designer, including myself, for a great article on Art Beads & Components.   Along with the article there is an art bead Artisan Showcase that has me drooling!  You'll see some of our favorites, including beads from our contributors and new artists that are a great discovery.

Kerry Bogert has a new feature that I'm looking forward to seeing more of called Kerry Bogert's Color Canvas.  Kerry takes a very inspirational photo, creates a palette and a piece of jewelry.  Love this, it really adds something unique to the magazine.

There are great wire projects for all skill levels including an awesome pair of earrings from Marsha Neal and they even have some chain maille projects that have me reaching for my jump rings.  (And I'm so not a chain maille girl!)

You can find this magazine in stores now or go for instant gratification and download it right now.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fit to Print Review: Stringing and Easy Wire Magazine

"A Little Fresh Air" by Erin Prais-Hintz from Stringing Summer 2011

Need a quick jolt of inspiration?  Look no further than Interweave Press' latest issues of Stringing and Easy Wire magazine.  Both issues are packed with art bead inspired projects by today's top designers.  You'll find a few of our Art Bead Scene editors within the pages of these awesome publications.

Stringing Magazine projects include designs with toggles, the oh-so trendy circle motif, a brush of blush theme featuring necklaces inspired by Pantone's color of the year, earthy primitives and power packed posies.  You'll also find 16 bracelets and 26 earring designs dripping summer's juiciest colors.  There are articles on trying overhand knots, designing jewelry collections and 30 favorites materials from Jamie Hogsett, Michelle Mach and Danielle Fox - find out what they couldn't live without on their beading table this summer!

I'm escpeically excited about this issue of Easy Wire magazine.  And it's not just because I have 4 projects in this issue!  Oh no, it's because it's packed with innovative and deciptively simple projects using wire!  I'm completely inspired by this magazine.  You'll find projects in here from Lori Anderson, Lorelei Eurto, Cindy Wimer, Cassie Donlen, Kerry Bogert, Andrew Thornton and many more - including some of our long time Art Bead Scene readers!  Congratulations to Cristie Clothier for the great cover design!  This issue is also bursting with art beads - such a great resouce for ideas on how to utilize your favorite beads.  I'm ready to pull out the wire and get to work!

And finally before I go today, I wanted to tell you about a new website from Interweave. It's called the Flockshop and you'll be able to save 40-60% off craft supplies from your favorite brands and Interweave products. Later this summer the Flockshop will be curated by popular bloggers sharing their favorite finds and yes, I am one of those lucky curators. I will be working hard to bring you some amazing bead supplies hand-picked by me! The website launched yesterday, be sure to subscribe so you won't miss a single deal!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fit to Print Review: 101 Bracelets, Necklaces and Earrings

I picked this magzine up the other day and have been pouring over it during my lunch breaks.  I dissect each project, discovering the surprising ways the contributors kept 101 designs fresh, beautiful and innovative.  If you love Stringing magazine, you'll want to pick up this issue.  The projects are strung or simple wire-work and bursting with creativity.

There are 3 awesome features including a primer on what makes a successful bracelet, the tricks of layering necklaces and an easy way to knot pearls.  And dear reader, after seeing Danielle Fox's 'Bunny Love' bracelet you will have an inexplicable desire to knot pearls!  Gaea Cannaday has a great project that takes you through the steps of creating a natural patina on copper. And you can learn how to make a handmade sterling silver chain bracelet from Janice Berkebile.

I should mention there are only 3 earring projects.  My favorite part of the magazine - they are heavy on the art beads and showcase the work of a wide range of talented beadmakers.

I encourage you to look at your favorite projects, study them as a lesson and take this short quiz:

1. What is the first thing I notice about this design?

2. Break down the color combination - could I use this in my own work?

3. Are there any usual design elements that were utilized?  (I noticed jump rings used as spacers and seed beads used as a decorative ring to end a bracelet)

4. Is there anything usual about the clasp or how the focal bead is attached?

5. How can I use this inspiration to create something original?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Review -- Handcrafted Jewelry magazine

I was thrilled today to pick up the latest issue of Interweave's "Handcrafted Jewelry" magazine.  This magazine fills a niche that's been missing in many magazines, taking basic beading projects to the next level.  Along with the beading skills jewelry makers already know, the magazine introduces resin, polymer clay, enamel, fabric, collages, and more.  It's definitely a must-buy!

Several projects really caught my eye, including Barbara Lewis' enameled beads (I've been fortunate enough to take her classes).  She shows how to incorporate fabric and fibers into designs, and the magazine even gives a "ribbon roundup" to get you on your way.

an example of Barbara Lewis's work with her enameled beads and fiber
As a collector of vintage tins, I'm also loving Candie Cooper's dapped bead caps made from discarded cookie tins.  She makes them extra-special by making beaded felted balls to place in between the tin caps to create a stunning pair of earrings.

earrings by Candie Cooper
The rest of the magazine is an amazing and accessible blend of jewelry types, as you can see by the table of contents:

My recommendation -- don't miss a single issue of this magazine.  If you think you've seen it all, buy this magazine.  If you feel you've fallen into a jewelry rut, buy this magazine.  You won't regret it!

Purchase "Handcrafted Jewelry" magazine at your local bookstore or by clicking here.

Lori Anderson creates jewelry for her web site lorianderson.netShe writes the blogs Pretty Things and An Artist's Year Off.  She lives in Maryland.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Bonus Book Review: Blogging For Bliss

I picked up my copy of Blogging For Bliss after I saw a great review on Cindy Wimmer's Blog, Sweet Bead Studio. I am really so happy that I did. I've learned quite a bit from it since I got it. Blogging doesn't always come easily. So a guidebook on the basics is necessary for someone who keeps a daily web log. This book is written for any blogger, whether you craft, knit, bead, scrapbook or create in any way, shape or form.

The book takes you through the step by step process, from the beginning; Add a banner, add graphics, taking good photographs, editing photographs, establish your links, and tips on drawing readers in. Best best part is, you can see an inside look at favorite bloggers such as Alicia Paulson (Posie Gets Cozy), Gabreial Wyatt (Vintage Indie), Emily Martin (Inside A Black Apple), Lidy Baars (Little French Garden House), Heather Bullard (Vintage Inspired Living), and Serena Thompson and Teri Edwards (The Farm Chicks).

I'm a visual learner so seeing nice big colorful photographs of the steps, helped me immeasurably! I would absolutely recommend this book for the new blogger, AND the seasoned blogger. It's a useful tool that everyone will be glad they have in their personal libraries! It would also be a really great gift this Holiday season!

Fit to Print Book Review - Chain Style

Chain Style by Jane Dickerson

Another stunning book from the creative team at Interweave Press.  If you loved Mixed Metals and Simply Modern Jewelry, you'll want to pick up this one too!

With contributing designers such as Lorelei Eurto, Melanie Brooks, Kerry Bogert, Lisa Blackwell, Taya & Silvija Koschnick, Denise Peck and more, you know this book is packed with modern designs that will appeal to those who love to string, wire-wrap and mix it up with art beads!

The book covers the basic tools and techniques for working with chain and over 50 projects. With such a wide array of designers the projects offer an eclectic mix of contemporary designs from urban chic, steampunk, modern and simple to fun and funky. From commercial chain, to chains of polyester, to chain created from hardware store findings, the necklace and bracelet projects in this book are a great starting point for your next creative session.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fit to Print Book Review - Create Glass Jewelry

Create Jewelry: Glass by Marlene Blessing and Jamie Hogsett

This book is the third in the Create Jewelry series from Interview Press with this powerhouse design team!  Just as the title suggests you'll find 21 projects that focus on glass - from seed beads, pressed glass to commercial and artist lampwork.

The book has three sections: classic, special-occasion and fashion forward. The designs range from simple stringing to more complex beaded pieces. Along with the projects you'll find a fascinating look at the history of glass, a primer on the types of glass beads available today and little nuggets of information packed throughout the book.

What I love about the book are some of the more non-traditional projects like ribbon, bead and wire-wrapping to showcase an art beads. I also enjoy the mix of seed bead elements mixed in with wire-wrapping and stringing to introduce off-loom beadweaving to those who may want to stick their toe into the world of beadwork. The designs are a beautiful mix of colors and textures in contemporary styles that will please both the artist and fashionista.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Beady Book Fair

Join us this week as we review a collection of recently released jewelry design books.  We'll post one or two reviews each day. To celebrate our Book Fair we are giving away two free books provided by Lark Books.

The first is Marcia DeCoster's Beaded Opulence, which will be reviewed later this week by Beverly Herman.

The second book in our giveaway is Beading with World Beads, edited by Ray Hemachandra with 15 contributors such as Jean Campbell and Candie Cooper.  This book features designs inspired by beads and jewelry from around the world with a contemporary edge.  It's a beautiful book that one lucky winner will enjoy adding to their library.

To enter: leave a comment to this post, one entry per person.  Make sure to include a valid email if you don't have a blog so that we can reach you if you win.  On Monday morning we'll draw two random winners from all of the entries/comments.

To help get the comments rolling I'll ask a fun question:

What book is currently on your wish list?

I'm looking forward to reading your answers!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fit to Print - Creative Jewelry

Let's file this one under "Not what I was expecting!" I had seen that a few of my bead buddies online mentioned they were in this magazine. But to tell you the truth, I thought it was for basic beginners and didn't give it a second look. Boy am I glad I picked it up at my last visit to the book store. This is like a super-charged edition of Stringing, with very creative and trendy designs that can be put together quickly. I like quick!

Here are the details from the magazine:

Over 135 projects to make and wear!

The GIANT 2009 edition of Creative Jewelry has more inspiration; more projects; more creative ideas than ever before!Inside you'll find 75+ necklaces PLUS 60+ bracelets and earrings!

PLUS, plenty of great articles that will keep you in-the-know.

Sell Your Work: Do you Etsy? Learn about the hottest craze for artisans. Buy, sell, shop, discover, get inspired, expand your resources, and more!

Design on a Dime! 12 Tips to Stretch Your Budget!

Studio & Storage: Sneak a peak inside artists' studios and dream on! PLUS creative ideas for storing and managing all of those beads!

You can see a sampling of the projects here. I highly recommend picking up Creative Jewelry for instant boost of inspiration.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fit to Print: Step by Step Wire

Check out the summer issue of Step by Step Wire to see ABS Editor, Cindy Gimbrone's Easy Loop earrings. All it takes to make them is 5 minutes - what can be quicker than that?

Those are Kerry Bogert's glass beads and rings on the cover. You'll find a great collection of projects featuring art beads inside. Wire and art beads - a winning combination!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Fit to Print - Beads 2009

In stores now, Beads 2009!
I love this special publication from Interweave Press and look forward to each year. Editor Danielle Fox pulls together an amazing collection of beads from our favorite artists, including a few from of our regular Art Bead Scene contributors. On the cover you'll find beads from Jangles, Earthenwood Studios and Humblebeads, along with projects in the magazine featuring our beads. Be sure to pick up this informative annual guide filled with trends, tips, projects and lots of eye candy!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fit to Print: ABS Editors in Earrings, Earrings, Earrings

The ABS Editors make a showing in the new book, Earrings, Earrings, Earrings, a book chock full of inspirational earrings designs. Beginning and intermediate jewelrymakers will find detailed directions for making the projects in the book created by a wide variety of designers.

ABS Editors are well represented. You'll find a design by Heather Powers, a design by Katie Hacker using Jangles beads and this lovely design by Barb Switzer using Cindy Gimbrone's Ivory Glass Links called Loopy Tuesday.

If you're like me and want it now - you can even download Earrings, Earrings, Earrings from Annie's Attic!

(Photo Credit from Annie's Attic.)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fit to Print - ABS Editors

The Art Bead Scene editors are a hard working bunch. Each of us run our own bead empires and you can often find us in print!

This month look for these projects in a bead magazine near you:

Art Bead Scene editors reign supreme in the August issue of Simply Beads. There are two projects from Melanie of Earthenwood Studio featuring ABS editor's beads.

August Sky is a fresh green and blue necklace bringing together beads from Jangles and Earthenwood.

We see this month one of the Collaboration Exploration projects in print. Sunken Treasures features sea-inspired Earthenwood beads and lampwork beads from Cindy Gimbrone.

Easy Earthtones by Katie Hacker is a fun and summery necklace using beads from Jangles.

I have an article in this issue on the New Face of Polymer Clay. Along with my article you'll spot a few of my beads.

In the Summer issue of Stringing, you'll find Candy Charm Bracelet by Jennifer Heynen sporting her ceramic beads. Stringing is by far my favorite magazine. I never miss an issue and it's always an inspiration!

Lynn Davis has a beautiful tutorial entitled Seeing Double in the Summer 2008 issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine.

I'd also like to take this time to welcome our newest editor, Jennifer Heynen from Jangles. Jennifer is a ceramic beadmaker and author. Her first book, Ceramic Bead Jewelry was released this summer. Jean Yates did a review of it not too long ago. Want to know more about Jennifer? She did an interview this us last year. We are happy to have Jennifer join the ABS team and look forward to her contributions!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fit to Print Book Review: Ceramic Bead Jewelry by Jennifer Heynen

Ceramic Bead Jewelry (30 Fired &Inspired Projects)
by Jennifer Heynen

Two Books ... in One Fantastic Volume!
review by Jean Yates, guest editor for June 2008

This totally lovely hardback book, Ceramic Bead Jewelry, by one of our own beloved bead makers, the super nice and very cool Jennifer Heynen, is the first book of its kind to really get right to the heart of ceramic bead making. Additionally, it offers fabulous jewelry designs, all created by Jennifer herself. So, in one sentence: What a GREAT book! You are actually getting two books in one! A beading making instructional book, and a jewelry design book!

I was blown away by the projects, the glorious colors which Jennifer employs when creating her ebullient ceramic beads, and also her fantastically fun and innovative ideas, all of which are clearly explained.

In case you don't know, Jennifer owns the online bead business called Jangles ( ). If you go to her site, you will see right from the start, by looking at her photograph on the home page, that this person is a happy soul, doing what she loves... and she is doing a great job!

In her book, she teaches us to create the beads in the manner in which she does, and then to design with them. This is a first for ceramic bead making. What a great help to everyone looking for lessons in this beautiful and creative art process. Ceramic has not been a medium which has been covered sufficiently in print, although there are many fabulous artists out there who are extremely popular right now. The author is one of the leaders in this great group, and sharing her manner of working is a very wonderful gift which she has given to the reader.

The projects are myriad in variety, too. If you don't want to make your boyfriend a cool necklace (I personally love that "Boyfriend Necklace"!), move on, and try her "Cupid Ring"! If that doesn't suit you, prepare yourself to flip out over her "Cute as a Button" earrings or her neat, wrist-fitting "Polka Dot Fun" bracelet. Interesting to me as well are her "Flowery Cuff", where she has studded her flower shaped beads on a wide, soft, tan velveteen band, like something I have never seen anywhere before (Wow! Very impressive to me! In all honesty this is high praise from me--I am the original research geek who spends days online just looking around at all sorts of "stuff"!), and then, there is her "Fabulous Fiber Belt ", which shows off her superb sense of color. That sense of color is always on target, whether she is working with brights or muted tones.
Even if you don't plan to make your own ceramic beads, this book stands as a success simply as a jewelry design book. The author's website (mentioned above) is also cited right in the book. Her fantastic, gorgeous beads can be purchased there, which makes it easy to start at Step two, if you like. She has lots of kits, too! I hope she continues make her kits available and adds even more after Bead and Button is over!

To sum up, "Step one", which would be creating beads like Jennifer's, before designing, looks like lots of fun. "Step two"--buying her beads outright and simply enjoying her book, of course is a great alternative as well!

The photographs are wonderful (it is a Lark book), with very vivid and exciting colors.

I think that this book, with its many bracelets, pendants, earrings, rings, and even a cute pineapple pin, is a total winner! I am delighted to own this lively, high quality, clearly explained, well written, beautiful piece of work: Ceramic Bead Jewelry by Jennifer Heynen.
You can read more of Jean's writing on her blog.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Fit to Print Book Review - Bead One, Pray Too

Bead One, Pray Too
A Guide to Making and Using Prayer Beads
Written by Kimberly Winston

Before I read this book, beads had meaning to me. I make my living from beads, they are all encompassing in my house and daily life. But I had rarely attributed any personal or spiritual meaning to beads and more importantly to my jewelry. When I create jewelry it's often for the visual impact alone. One thing I did take away from this book is looking at beads as symbols to remind me of important lessons I've learned along the way or ones I need daily reminding of! Even with my inspiration from nature, I would design from the physical/visual connection. After reading Bead One, Pray too, that inspiration is a way for me to connect to my faith and creation. Books like this are rare. Bringing meaning to your creativity is a powerful and fulfilling way to approach the bead table.

"Feel free to experiment with the beading techniques described here to create your own unique set of prayer beads on which you pray any prayers in any way you like. Select beads that say something about your own spiritual quest. The choice is yours and the possibilities, like faith, are endless." -Kimberley Wilson

Whether you are of a particular religious belief or not, I think that quote sums up the tone of this book. It's informational, historical, helpful, but never preachy. Something you may be concerned about since rosaries are the main focus of Bead One, Pray Too.

Covered topics include the history of praying with beads, traditional rosaries and how to pray with beads. That includes traditional prayers, praying with songs or poems or doing your own thing, as the quote suggested. I loved the chapter on choosing beads and adding meaning to your jewelry through the thought process of what beads can symbolize. The book covers traditional and non-traditional rosary construction. There is a wonderful chapter on giving rosaries and the book ends with resources for beading and praying to help you further your journey.

The how-to part of the book is basic and meant as a guideline. I would love to see a companion book with more how-to projects and examples of the different types of prayers beads that can be created.

One of the most appealing parts of the book is that prayer beads can be created using your favorite art beads as the start of the rosaries and for the larger beads used in the construction. I have two examples on my blog today.

You can read more about prayer beads on Kimberly's blog.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fit to Print Review - Simply Beads June 2008 Issue

Simply Perfect

What's cool, refreshing and inspiring, all at once? Be sure to find a copy of the June 2008 issue of Simply Beads Magazine, it has page after page of inspiring ideas, informative articles, and useful information for the bead collectors and jewelry designers in all of us.

And speaking of designers, there are some familiar beads and names in this issue, as several articles showcase beads, kits and designs developed by Heather Powers (HumbleBeads) and Melanie Brooks Lucas (Earthenwood Studio).

Don't those beads on the cover look familiar? Your eyes aren't deceiving you, those truly are disk beads created by Heather Powers in her lariat style design necklace. Gorgeous and inspiring, it's a well-written two-page spread showcasing Heather's beads and original design in a fresh, summery style.

As if that isn't enough, Melanie Brooks Lukacs has two designs in this issue, including the inspiring bracelet in this photo using porcelain beads from Earthenwood Studio and a pewter seashell clasp from Green Girl Studios. Simple yet beautiful design that will go with everything.

There are book reviews that any jewelry designer and bead lover will find interesting, new product reviews, and some non-jewelry projects using art beads with home decor, accessories and even a DVD case. Plenty of variety and lots of inspiration, an issue you will return to many times.

Having been on a self-imposed magazine diet, after a quick flip through the pages an exception was quickly made for this issue of Simply Beads, be sure to find one for your collection. This one is a finder-keeper.

Guest Blogger, Lynn Davis - LLYYNN
Check out the Art Bead Shop or read the tell-all blog

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fit to Print Review: Simply Modern Jewelry

If you like Stringing Magazine as much as I do, you will absolutely love this new book on shelves now! Simply Modern Jewelry by Stringing Magazine editor, Danielle Fox is a fabulous treasure trove of inspiration.
It includes 120 pages of beautiful full-color photographs of jewelry designs for designers of all beading levels. The instructions are easy to read, and lists all suppliers at the end of each project. Even if you're not into reading all the instructions, the photography in this book is beautifully done.
It gives some basics in the beginning about all things BEADS and teaches valuable lessons of how to use color, picking out your tools, and principles of designs. It's a keeper! Buy it here!

Written by Guest Blogger, Lorelei Eurto
Read her Blog, Buy her Jewelry!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fit to Print Review - Semiprecious Salvage

I picked up Semiprecious Salvage by Stephanie Lee a few weeks ago and have been pouring over it, dreaming of working on some of the projects. Now, I'm not one to follow a pattern or project exactly, so this book which is filled with tutorials for techniques, is exactly what I love to read. What kind of projects? Altered art meets jewelry: etching on metal (I've wanted to try this forever), metalsmithing techniques, lots of new ways to use solder and copper tape, casting elements in plaster using vintage elements, along with some innovative jewelry construction techniques. Everything is explained in simple, low-tech terms with materials that are easily found. Filled with great step-by-step photos and inspiring photography, the images will set your creative muse to work.

There is a fun narrative for each project, as if they were unearthed from an archaeological dig. We all love jewelry with a story. Lee shows us how to create a sense of history with the projects in her book. The projects are really a jumping point for our own creativity, which is why I love this book! There are ample opportunities to sneak in your favorite art beads, any place a larger bead is used you can substitute for your favorite artist's creations. Tell your story through your jewelry creations, Semiprecious Salvage shows you ways to create ancient looking jewelry with an instant history. The more you can personalize the projects, the more they will become your story.