Saturday, March 24, 2007

Beady Back Track

Our friend Andi over at Mystic Spiral thought of another solution to yesterday's Ms. Bead-It-All question. It involves a thoughtful and unique beading technique that one can use with almost any kind of stringing material.
Check out her blog post for the details, and take a look around at her other great posts.
Thanks Andi!


Andi said...

Thanks for the shout-out. Of course there's another solution to the problem that neither of us mentioned because it isn't really a design solution. Since we're talking about Art Beads, it might be worth the effort to track down the artist and inquire whether they have similar beads with the orientation you need. I know that I've often found that my wholesale customers will choose one orientation and not the other, or that they'll run out of one orientation before they run out of the other. I love to hear from designers and hobbyists who will actually be **USING** my beads in their work. And the direct connection is one of the advantages of using Artist-made beads instead of mass manufactured alternatives.

melanie brooks said...

Andi, that is a great point! As a bead maker, I love to get that feedback about the specifics of my beads, and I encourage designers to ask for a variation that will work better for them. I can't always do it, but it does help me think about future designs and the needs of the designers who use my items.

As a designer, I also like to ask bead makers for things I am looking for in art beads, and suggest small changes that they could do to diversify for jewelry designers.

This unique communication between bead artist and designer is what really interests us here at Art Bead Scene