Saturday, October 31, 2009

Studio Saturday with Jennifer Heynen

Welcome to Studio Saturday! Each week one of our contributors gives you a sneak peek into their studio, creative process or inspirations. We ask a related question to our readers and hope you'll leave comments! As an incentive we offer a free prize each week to bribe you to use that keyboard. The following week we choose a random winner.

Last weeks winner is Wonderous Strange Congratulations! You have won one of Cindy's top secret beads. Send Cindy an e-mail and she will get it right out to you.

This week we are in the Jangles Studio with Jennifer Heynen

Hello everyone,

This week I got to take a fabulous workshop with Kaffe Fassett. It was a quilt workshop all about color. My first quilt book I ever bought was Gloious Patchwork by Kaffee Fassett. He lives in London and is a very busy artist so to get to take a workshop, in my hometown none the less, was very exciting.

So if you're thinking by now, "Jennifer this blog is suppossed to be about beads..." well here you go. The first thing out of Kaffe's mpouth at the workshop was this. He is a painter, a needleworker, a knitter, a designer, and a quilter. They are all ways of getting his passion out. It's color. Thta's what most artists are about is the color. We all choose one or two or more mediums to convery those colors we have in our head. That hit home for me, because that's exactly how I feel too. So even though I was laying out quilt blocks on Thursday, it could have just as easily been a piece of jewelry or a painting.

I work in many types of mediums but all of my work has the same colorful, folk arty, handmade feel. I am going to share with you today some of my other work as well as some of my jewelry.

Some of my finished jewelry

A painting of my dog, Otis

Mixed media painting of flowers

Holiday Ornament

So my question for the week is what other mediums, besides beads do you work in?

Leave me an answer in the comments and you will be entered to win one of my Jangles Pendants.

Have a great day,

Friday, October 30, 2009

Jangles - Sponsor Spotlight

What are your current inspirations?
Right now I am in love with folk art and mixed media. I moved to Georgia three years ago and fell in love with all of the self taught and folk artists we have here. I started collecting paintings, wall hangings... you name it. I am especially in love with anything made from wood that is painted in bright colors. Here's a picture of one of the walls in my family room. Look up in the top left hand corner and you will see my Ruby C Williams painting.

What is your favorite bead that you make?
I have two favorite types of beads to make. They are both very simple. They are the big ball beads, I call them Jangles Pearls and I like making pendants. The reason I like making these the most is they are a great blank surface for painting. The painting is what I love the most about making beads.

When you have to whip up a quick gift, what do you usually create?
For quick gifts, I try to think about the person I am giving the present to and give them something they would like the best. But you can never go wrong with a simple pendant or earrings.

Thanks to Jennifer for being one of our monthly sponsors, be sure to stop by to see what's new!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pull Out the Beads!

You have two days left to enter our monthly challenge.  You could make something fun and funky to wear for Halloween that would do double duty for this month's theme!  Above is a piece I worked up based on the inspiration painting. The deadline is October 31st.

And speaking of challenges, I have a fun one on my blog this week.  It based on The Best of Stringing magazine's Fun with Focals article.  Check out the rules and see this week's assignments.  Play along to win $50 to  Click here for a quick and easy drawing to win a subscription to Stringing Magazine!  Deadline for the challenge and drawing is November 6th.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Diane Hawkey - Sponsor Spotlight

What are your current inspirations?
The trees around me are turning amazing colors. It still shocks me every year when I see it happen. We are surrounded by oak trees and the acorns are everywhere. They are wonderful works of art by nature. . The autumn light just makes everything come to life with a shimmery golden energy, I can't help being influenced by that.

What is your favorite bead that you make?
Hmmmmm thats a tough one. I'd have to say I love my mermaid the most since she always makes me smile when I am working on her.

When you have to whip up a quick gift, what do you usually create?
Jewelry is such a personal thing. I try to keep it simple. One of my pendents on a cord is always a good choice. I try to match my work with the personality if the person receiving the gift. A quick pendant of one of my birds on top of one of my word beads ending in a simple pewter charm dangle is always a good choice. I can match the word with the person and the occasion.

Here at the Art Bead Scene we are so thankful to our monthly sponsors!  Be sure to stop by Diane's website to see more of her work.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Free Ring Project

Rings, Rings, Rings
Supplies Needed:
  • Ceramic Focal Bead
  • accent beads(optional)
  • approx. 20 inches of 18 gauge wire
  • something round and close to the size you want your ring to be; ring mandrel, dowel rod, marker
  • needle nose pliers
  • wire cutters
  1. If you're making the ring with the disc beads you'll need to string a seed bead onto the wire. Once you have it in the middle of the wire, fold it in half and send both ends of the wire through the hole. If the focal bead has a side to side hole, slide it on the wire to the middle of the wire.
  2. Add any accent beads you would like, like the leaf charms etc.
  3. Place the focal bead on top of the mandrel and hold tight with your fingers. Wrap one side of the wire around until it is pointing back up at the focal bead.
  4. Do the same with the second side if the wire.
  5. On one side of the focal bead grab the two side wire with you pliers. Wrap the loose end of the wire around the two until it is snug. Usually 2-3 times. Trim the excess wire.
  6. Repeat step 5 for the second side of the ring.
  7. If you want wire to "orbit" around the focal bead, (like the pink ring), don't trim one side of the loose wire and wrap it around until you get the look you want. Secure the end by wrapping it around the round ring wires.

Like this project? You can get a free project every week during the holidays if you sign up for my Holiday Newsletters. The sign up is at the bottom of the page.

Jennifer Heynen

Monday, October 26, 2009

Beady Book Fair Winners

Thank you for joining us last week for our Beady Book Fair!. 
The winner of Beading with World Beads is Do Be Do Bead Do and the winner of Marcia DeCoster's Beaded Opulence is Patrica Williams.  Congratulations! 

Featured Designer of the Week: Barbara Lewis

Each Monday we feature the Designer of the Week. One of our editors pick their favorite from the Monthly Challenge entries. This week's pick comes from ABS editor, Cindy Gimbrone:

I've chosen Barbara Lewis's piece entitled "This n That."

Barbara's lovely torch fired enameled beads and jewelry have a voice all their own, very different and unique - outside of the mainstream. Since Outsider Art is about listening and expressing one's own voice, Barbara's "This n That" is one we all want to hear more from. See more of Barbara's torch fired enamel art beads and jewelry in her etsy shop. (Psst! This week she's having a sale!)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sundays with Cindy

Good morning, Beady Readers! Wondering what's going on in the bead and jewelry world? Take a peek at our links and see.....

A Bead A Day
Does a simple design equal a "Zen" experience? Lisa would love to hear your thoughts on when simple designs are able to make an impact. Jewelrymaking
After posting a new jewelry book review for a very cool mixed media book, Tammy is looking a head to other reviews coming up very soon.

Art Bead Scene
You've heard of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? Well, this Sisterhood shares bracelets.

Barbe Saint John - New Jewelry from Forgotten Artifacts
Barbe gets tangled up with Chain Style book review

Carmi's Art/Life World
Carmi decided to finally use her bead stash from Paris.

Cindy Gimbrone aka Lampwork Diva
Cindy's got some new findings from Ornamentea. What's she going to make with them?

Earthenwood Studio Chronicles
The inspiration for Melanie's Machinery of Nature necklace comes from science, steampunk, and nature.

Jean Campbell
Jean struggles through the creative process while bezeling some unusual crystal shapes

Jewelry & Beading
Little beaded flowers are addictive to make, and before you know it, you've got enough for a complete necklace!

Katie's Beading Blog
Check out Katie's ideas on making your old beads new again- and make some affordable gifts along the way!

Lorelei's Blog: Inside the Studio
Better get on board, Lorelei is having the last of the Enchanted Adornments giveaways. Leave a comment to play!

Snap out of it, Jean! There's beading to be done!
Jean has a little Boo power going on for her in this hand made Halloween bracelet!

Strands of Beads
Melissa shows off metal clay goodies from Rings & Things

The Writing and Art of Andrew Thornton
Andrew revisits a bracelet design and creates six others.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Studio Saturday: Collaboration

Welcome to Studio Saturday! Each week one of our contributors gives you a sneak peek into their studio, creative process or inspirations. We ask a related question of our readers and hope you'll leave comments! As an incentive we offer a free prize each week to bribe you to use that keyboard. The following week we choose a random winner.

Last weeks winner is Brenda! Congratulations! You have won one of Lynn's resin word charms! Send Lynn an email and she will get it right out to you.

Usually, this is where I welcome you to my studio - but today, I'm welcoming you to the studio of Cindy Gimbrone and Mary Harding.

Here's my studio....

Here's Mary's....

Now, I'm sure you're asking, why is Mary on the tour today? Well, Dear Readers, Mary and I are collaborating.

and again you ask why?

We are the ABS monthly challenge sponsors for December. I wanted to "kick it up a notch" for our readers by collaborating with another art beadmaker-sponsor to create new beads based on the art for December. So I contacted Mary, asked if she wanted to collaborate and she was in! YAY! We're now collaborating to develop coordinated beads for the December challenge winner.

Today is a peek into our studios as we create the December sponsor beads.

I've done several jewelry making collaborations where we made art beads especially for the jewelry and a discussion about color always comes first. It's the first thing a beadmaker thinks about when making new beads. So our initial discussion focused on color and our own experience with the art. Each of us has a very interesting story about the painting and the artist that I'll save for another day. And no, I can't tell you which painting it is! Getting back to the topic, we're working with a very deep color palette. From our conversations, I developed color palettes and saved them using my account. I sent the palettes to Mary and then we tweeked the colors a bit.

We're in our studios now experimenting with color and forms.

Today's question is, have you collaborated with anyone to create a piece of art? Tell me about your collaboration and be entered to win one of the new beads I'm making for December. (Shhh I can't show it here because that will give it away!)

I look forward to reading about your collaborations!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Bonus Book Review: Blogging For Bliss

I picked up my copy of Blogging For Bliss after I saw a great review on Cindy Wimmer's Blog, Sweet Bead Studio. I am really so happy that I did. I've learned quite a bit from it since I got it. Blogging doesn't always come easily. So a guidebook on the basics is necessary for someone who keeps a daily web log. This book is written for any blogger, whether you craft, knit, bead, scrapbook or create in any way, shape or form.

The book takes you through the step by step process, from the beginning; Add a banner, add graphics, taking good photographs, editing photographs, establish your links, and tips on drawing readers in. Best best part is, you can see an inside look at favorite bloggers such as Alicia Paulson (Posie Gets Cozy), Gabreial Wyatt (Vintage Indie), Emily Martin (Inside A Black Apple), Lidy Baars (Little French Garden House), Heather Bullard (Vintage Inspired Living), and Serena Thompson and Teri Edwards (The Farm Chicks).

I'm a visual learner so seeing nice big colorful photographs of the steps, helped me immeasurably! I would absolutely recommend this book for the new blogger, AND the seasoned blogger. It's a useful tool that everyone will be glad they have in their personal libraries! It would also be a really great gift this Holiday season!

Fit to Print Book Review - Chain Style

Chain Style by Jane Dickerson

Another stunning book from the creative team at Interweave Press.  If you loved Mixed Metals and Simply Modern Jewelry, you'll want to pick up this one too!

With contributing designers such as Lorelei Eurto, Melanie Brooks, Kerry Bogert, Lisa Blackwell, Taya & Silvija Koschnick, Denise Peck and more, you know this book is packed with modern designs that will appeal to those who love to string, wire-wrap and mix it up with art beads!

The book covers the basic tools and techniques for working with chain and over 50 projects. With such a wide array of designers the projects offer an eclectic mix of contemporary designs from urban chic, steampunk, modern and simple to fun and funky. From commercial chain, to chains of polyester, to chain created from hardware store findings, the necklace and bracelet projects in this book are a great starting point for your next creative session.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fit to Print Book Review - Marcia DeCoster's Beaded Opulence

Last year on Bead Cruise 2009 Marcia brought samples of the book projects. I touched, I gasped and was in awe of the beauty she shared. Thinking about buying this book was not an option. I waited in anticipation to get my copy.

The reviews are out and the ratings are off the chart for Marcia DeCoster's Beaded Opulence.

The beginning of the book walks you through the basics of right angle weave, teaching how to increase, decrease and combine other stitches. Marcia’s use of components and surface embellishments takes right angle weave into a whole new dimension of intricate designs.

Beautiful, sophisticated and elegant you will enjoy making these design from this master beadweaver.The illustrations and instructions are very well written and the photography is top notch.

This book is a must have for those wanting to learn right angle and for those who have already mastered the stitch. Right Angle Weave is an off loom bead weaving technique also called RAW. This stitch can be worked with one or two needles. Basic right angle weave creates a supple fabric.

My book will not be sitting up on the book shelf nestled between the other bead books. It is out in the open where I can pick it up and be inspired by what lies within. Since debuting in August this book has sold out and gone into a second print. The third printing not far behind.

To get your signed copy of Beaded Opulence visit Marcia website at:

Marcia is the featured Artist of the month at Lark Books. You can read the interview here.

Here is a sample of a project I made from the book called "Medici Drop"

Book review written by Beverly Herman NoEasyBeads

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fit to Print Book Review - Create Glass Jewelry

Create Jewelry: Glass by Marlene Blessing and Jamie Hogsett

This book is the third in the Create Jewelry series from Interview Press with this powerhouse design team!  Just as the title suggests you'll find 21 projects that focus on glass - from seed beads, pressed glass to commercial and artist lampwork.

The book has three sections: classic, special-occasion and fashion forward. The designs range from simple stringing to more complex beaded pieces. Along with the projects you'll find a fascinating look at the history of glass, a primer on the types of glass beads available today and little nuggets of information packed throughout the book.

What I love about the book are some of the more non-traditional projects like ribbon, bead and wire-wrapping to showcase an art beads. I also enjoy the mix of seed bead elements mixed in with wire-wrapping and stringing to introduce off-loom beadweaving to those who may want to stick their toe into the world of beadwork. The designs are a beautiful mix of colors and textures in contemporary styles that will please both the artist and fashionista.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Beady Book Fair

Join us this week as we review a collection of recently released jewelry design books.  We'll post one or two reviews each day. To celebrate our Book Fair we are giving away two free books provided by Lark Books.

The first is Marcia DeCoster's Beaded Opulence, which will be reviewed later this week by Beverly Herman.

The second book in our giveaway is Beading with World Beads, edited by Ray Hemachandra with 15 contributors such as Jean Campbell and Candie Cooper.  This book features designs inspired by beads and jewelry from around the world with a contemporary edge.  It's a beautiful book that one lucky winner will enjoy adding to their library.

To enter: leave a comment to this post, one entry per person.  Make sure to include a valid email if you don't have a blog so that we can reach you if you win.  On Monday morning we'll draw two random winners from all of the entries/comments.

To help get the comments rolling I'll ask a fun question:

What book is currently on your wish list?

I'm looking forward to reading your answers!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Bead Cruise Classes

I'm teaching on the next Bead Cruise! 

We've added 5 new classes to our line-up and two of them our mine.  I'm teaching Beaded Tide Pool, a fun bead embroidery class with some needle-felting basics thrown in.  We'll felt starfish, urchins & nautilus and them embellish them with seed beads and pearls.  If you can sew a button, you can create these!

My second class is my Van Gogh Dreams Bracelet.  We'll alter Vintaj blanks to create unique focal pieces and findings and then fashion together a charm-style bracelet for a flashy and fun project that you'll be able to wear to dinner that night!

Tracy Stanley has joined our team and she is a cold connection diva! 
Check out those metalwork classes, I love them all.

Okay, you know you want to join us in January and spend your time beading and lounging on beaches like this rather than shoveling snow!

So, run now to tell your husband he just bought you the perfect Christmas present!  That would work, right?

Visit the Bead Cruise site for all the details.

Featured Designer of the Week - Artisan Clay

Each Monday we feature the Designer of the Week. One of our editors pick their favorite from the Monthly Challenge entries.

This week Lynn Davis picked Artisan Clay's folk art inspired necklace.

Lynn notes "It embodies the colors, spirit and fun of the inspirational painting. Very Outsider art!"

To see more of Kristie's work you can visit her blog and website.

Want to see your work here next week? Enter our monthly challenge today!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sundays with Cindy

Good morning, Beady Readers! Wondering what's going on in the bead and jewelry world? Take a peek at our links and see.....

A Bead A Day
Do you have a distinctive style or do you go where the wind blows you? Lisa would love to hear about your design process. Jewelrymaking
Fall is in the air, at least in some areas of the world, so it is time to think about making fall jewelry.

Art Bead Scene
ABS shares a motherlode of giveaways for October.

Barbe Saint John - New Jewelry from Forgotten Artifacts
Barbe gets a mini artpiece from Artbeads.

Carmi's Art/Life World
Carmi makes some resin filled embellishments quickly!

Cindy Gimbrone aka Lampwork Diva
There's a new addition to the Heartz n Skullz Family. Come check out the new Skully Bowz!

Earthenwood Studio Chronicles
Melanie heats things up with some fire inspired crystal and porcelain beads in her newest necklace from her Art Beads crystal week

Jean Campbell
Jean reviews Wendy Ellsworth's wonderful new book, Beading--The Creative Spirit.

Jewelry & Beading
Cyndi shares the instructions for a special necklace that she made for a friend, called "The Fourth Day of Creation"

Snap out of it, Jean! There's beading to be done!
Jean is swooning over the newest Crystallized Innovations from Artbeads!

Strands of Beads
Melissa is proud to be Soft Flex Company's Spotlight On... Designer for October!

The Writing and Art of Andrew Thornton
See what Andrew whipped up when he sat down in the studio after a dry spell.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Studio Saturday and Show Me The Way to the Holidays

Welcome to Studio Saturday! Each week one of our contributors gives you a sneak peek into their studio, creative process or inspirations. We ask a related question of our readers and hope you'll leave comments! As an incentive we offer a free prize each week to bribe you to use that keyboard. The following week we choose a random winner.

Last weeks winner is Melissa at Chinook Jewelry. Congratulations! You have won one of Heather Powers' beautiful new Van Gogh wafer beads from Humblebeads. Send Heather an e-mail with your address and she will get it right out to you.

This week we're visting Lynn Davis in her studio, where the falling temperatures are making her look forward to the coming holiday end of year season.

Welcome to the studio, this week has been busy for me, starting to think ahead about things to create for the holiday decorating and gift giving season.

For fun, I'm combining the cast pewter, resin word charms and the polymer clay, all together. This little medallion is an example, with the word "FAMILY" in the center of the resin word charm. When I added the pewter leaf it reminded me of a geneology, a leaf springing from the family tree.

Maybe that's because of the two gentlemen in the photo, in their coats and hats, one smiling and the other with a serious expression. Surely they were related to each other; or maybe best friends.

I could see the medallion framed, with a shadowbox frame and decorative wallpaper as the backdrop. Maybe with a big silver bow tied to the top loop and hanging from the tree as an ornament, or as an extra "gift" decorating the outside of a gift box.

I remember the old photo albums with the black velvet covers and the heavy cream paper inside, this medallion makes me think of those, with the sepia photos inside, remembrances.

Here's the question I'm considering, leave a response to this post and you might win one of my resin word charms.

Have you started your holiday designing, and are you using Art Beads in your plans? How are you adding Art Beads to your creative holiday projects? Are there beads or designs you wish you could find to make your projects even more special?

Post your response, leave a reply and you might be chosen as the lucky winner who receives a resin word charm!

Posted by Lynn Davis, who is enjoying reaching into the grab bag of creativity and seeing the fun that comes out in metal, resin and such!

Let's Go Shopping!

Melanie of Earthenwood Studio is having a big sale in her Etsy shop, take advantage. 
It's a BOGO sale: buy one, get one FREE! 
That's a great start to the weekend. 

Know of any other deals from beadmakers or online stores, let us know about it in the comments.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sisterhood of the Travelling Bracelets

A really great way to spark some creativity and inspiration is to participate or host your own Bracelet Swap. Heather Powers and I got together and formed a great group of talented jewelry designers, and bead artists, to participate in a swap this past Spring.

Each of us started a bracelet, using some of our favorite beads and components. We passed them all on, to the first person of the Swap. That person added a little bit to each one and passed them all on to the next person. And so on and so forth, until we each ended up with the finished bracelet we started with. The coolest part is, we all ended up with a collaborative effort between designers! A little piece of each of us in a keepsake bracelet that we will have forever, or until we pass it down into our families. Oh the stories we'll be able to tell about the Sisterhood of the Travelling bracelets!

I put together small collages of the before and after shots of each of our bracelets so you could all see how far each one has come!

Christine Damm

Heather Powers

Lorelei Eurto

Erin Seigel
Click each designers name to take you to their blog post describing each bracelets' stop along the way!
Written by Lorelei Eurto

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pumpkin Hunt

Who doesn't love trampling through a pumpkin field in late October?  Here are three finds that remind me of the season!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall in Central Park

While looking through some of my new favorite beadmakers, I noticed a little story trying to tell itself.  One of the big city, the trees in autumn splendor in the park and a little squirrel gathering nuts that lay spread out near a statue.  Well, okay maybe I just wanted an excuse to show off these fab beads!