Saturday, July 5, 2008

Studio Saturday - A complete fake!

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Welcome to the Humblebeads Studio this holiday weekend! And what have I been up to? Why following whims and trends from my favorite shopping site, Etsy. They had a great front page this week with all these beautiful tree bark items. And there was a word in one of the listing that caught my attention, faux bois. Oh, what's faux bois? So I did what every self-respecting online addict does, I googled it. Which led me to this post from 2006. So maybe not so trendy, maybe more of a classic at this point!

I wrested with it for a few minutes. Is it selling out if I make some faux bois beads? Am I just following trends and what's popular? And then I remembered, duh, I wrote up a bark bead tutorial back in 2004. I was totally ahead of the game. I pulled out my instructions and did an updated version. So ta-dah, it's faux bois in the studio. I thought they would be a good match for my little bird beads, they need a tree to call home!

The question this week: I know most of you follow to the beat of your own drummer, this is the ART bead scene after all. But do you find yourself being influenced by trends in the bead and fashion world? Do you struggle with it or do you say hey, that speaks to me I'm going to do my own version? Is trendy a dirty word or a spring board for your own creativity?

Leave a comment to this week's question and you could win one of these faux bois beads.


Cindy Gimbrone said...

Love the faux bois beads, Heather! It's a trend, yes, but it's in keeping with your style of beads.

I think the owl bug is starting to bite me - they're so popular, I'm yearning to try my hand at making one - maybe a snowy owl or Hedwig style.

A great attention getting title and post!


Bead-Mused said...

Trendy can be a dirty word, but fashion is THE word. I buy a couple of the big fashion mags just to see what they are using in their photos, mostly the colors and sometimes the type of jewelry. Then I put that to use with the art beads I own. I think woodland tones will be pretty big this fall, so you may be well ahead of the "trend".

abeadlady said...

Love the new beads, Heather. I like anything that smacks of woodgrains.
I rarely go with trends;mainly as I do little stringing. I do, however, look at predicted colors for the seasons. As most of my work is bead embroidery, this is how I stay current. I like to pull art beads into my work whenever possible.


EmandaJ said...

I think it's a good idea to at least KNOW the trends so that you can address them in one way or another. If I am marching to a different drummer and no one is buying my work, that's not too good. I try to find a niche that is unique but has a wider interest and then create to my heart's content. That's why I make rosary bracelets with semi-precious stones and silver. I'm also just now beginning to make my own beads. We'll see how that goes.

Gaea said...

Love your "faux bois"! I had heard the term "faux bois" before somewhere? Where was it? Why was Tim Gunn's voice saying it in my head? Duh! Project Runway! Milan's Miss USA dress! In his case a disaster. In your case a triumph! I think what ever is speaking to you must be listened to.

Beverly Herman said...

I also love the faux bois beads. I am not a trend setter or follower. That's not to say at times I am not influenced. Great post.

Islandgirl said...

'faux' is one of my favorite words when I'm describing something! I do like your Faux bois bicones though!

The top strand remind me of a wood floor someone painted to look like a wood floor!


Anonymous said...

I love the faux bois beads. I'm going to have to try it.

Trendy? I love making 'trendy' pieces.

But my customers like bling and sparkle, so that is what I do for profit.

Unknown said...

Oh my word! What gorgeous beads these Faux Bois Long Beads. Honestly, the graining and the shape & fine workmanship, all made the beads so unique & exciting.

I agree with trend to a point. Trends keep the art alive & living. But how we handle the trends is another thing. Yes trends could spur us to innovate on what we already have with new colours & materials perhaps. It could help improve what we have. Trends help make us think more & trends prevent us from being satisfied & idle.

To me trend is not a dirty word, it is as you rightly said, a spring board for our own creativity.

I honestly love the Faux Bois! Gorgeous indeed.

Anonymous said...

Hmm trend, tricky. It all comes down to if I like it or not I guess. Sometimes a little trend flair makes the same old look current and brand new. Faux bois to give birdies a boost, I think that's a winning combo. Lovely work s always

Leslie Todd said...

I read InStyle magazine and some others just to follow jewelry and clothing trends. However, I find that often I just do my own thing when making jewelry. I've been thinking lately that I should follow the trends a little more closely just to get me out of my comfort zone. I'm trying to do that with the trends that appeal to me. I don't think I'll ever do something in a trend that has no appeal to me personaly.

Andi said...

A lot of my ceramic "bead" work recently has been devoted to making whorls for functional drop spindles. It's a way for me to combine multiple areas of interest and has really revived my love for what I do. About 2 weeks ago, I carved one of my handmade spindle whorls with an interpretation of the Obama '08 campaign logo. Do a search on Etsy for "Obama" and you will probably be amazed at the amount and types of art/craft being made and inspired by the Obama campaign. So, yeah, as we approach a landmark election season in the US, there is something of a mini-trend to bring the grass-roots elements of the campaign into the studio. I'm excited to see it and to participate in it.

Paula Lee M. said...

Love the beads. Earthtones and earthy things are always "in".

As far as following trends and fashion I do try to be aware of what's up so I am not too far afield in my work. However I follow my muse as far as designing pieces or using art beads goes.

Dave Robertson said...

Hi, Heather,

1) The faux bois beads rock! If I won one, I'd show it around the warehouse here to inspire our crafty crew.

2) Trendy trends are important for me (being on the wholesaling side)...but definitely not as important as longer-term fashion fashions.

at Rings & Things

AJ said...

Love those faux bois bicones, they look very versatile!

In both my own closet and my jewelry making, I only follow trends that interest me. I refuse to wear or make something just because the industry has decided that's what's "in." But if they get something right (like saying that green is big), then I'm not going to turn my nose up at it ;)

I like to put my own spin on trends that interest me. When multi-strand became big, I designed a necklace with a woven base and lots of strung strands as my interpretation of all the mass-produced necklaces made with various types of chain.

And I like to look at Pantone's color projections to get an idea of what beads I should be buying for the upcoming season :D But if it's all colors I hate, I just accept that I won't be very trendy for a few months.

Lorelei Eurto said...

Hi Heather! Love your beads, that's nothing new!

I just recently started paying more attention to trends. Up until now, I've just made jewelry that appealed to me.
I've been getting some "trendy" inspiration from Sundance Catalog, Anthropologie, and INStyle magazine. All the while, trying to keep my designs "earthy" and natural and trend-setting! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather!

I do watch the trends, but feel I still follow my own style when it comes to creating a piece of jewelry.

If I do follow any trend, it is more about color trends that I look for than the actual style.

Kathy said...

ooh I love faux bois -- it is beautiful.

Gorgeous beads!!