Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Luna Flor Bracelet Project

Last month as a Rings & Things blog partner I received a fun collection of brown lava beads that I have been mixing with a variety of materials. I wanted to explore the play of textures of the course and porous lava beads with the high shine of pearlized glass nuggets and silver. I think it lends itself to an other-world effect.

Luna Flor Bracelet (Moon Flower)

Orchid Oval from Humblebeads
3 brown lava beads
1 blue lace agate 8mm round
1 dark indigo 6mm crystal bicone
2 pearlized glass nuggets
1 flower clasp
16 nickel seed beads
8 gunmetal eyepins
2 gunmetal 4mm jumpring
(Gunmetal, crystal, lava & stone from Rings & Things, glass nugget from a local bead shop)
1. Create looped links using the eyepin for each bead with the seed beads on both sides.
2. Attach each link together. Attach the clasp with the jumprings.

A necklace variation using my First Frost Dandelion bead and gunmetal chain.


Dave Robertson said...

Hi Heather, your beads are great here. The lava sort of stays in the background and lets them gleam!

(@Rings_Things on Twitter)

Jenny said...

Those pearlized glass nuggets are really cool! I might have to grab some...

TesoriTrovati said...

That is really gorgeous. (Why am I surprised?) I love those lava beads...I have them in black but have never seen brown. Nice neutral. Enjoy the day!

Artisan Clay said...

I love this combination! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pieces, I love the Orchid bead!

Stories They Tell said...

I really like the rough and smooth elements together-- so interesting that they work so well!