Friday, August 26, 2011

Coffee Lover's Cup Necklace - Genea Beads

Today's project comes from guest blogger, Genea Crivello-Knable of Genea Beads.  Genea mixed her whimsical coffee themed beads with chain, colorful rubber Os and silk ribbon for a fun and funky design.   

"Coffee Bean Blend" lampwork headpins-
"Earthy Blend" spacers-
Coffee lampwork beads-
Sari silk "Water colors"-
1ft- Silver-Plated Round links on round cable chain-
Triangle wave toggle -
2- Anitqued Copper Fold over crimps
14- 2mm antiqued copper round beads
12- 24ga 2" copper plate headpins
1ft-5 (long) x4 (width) mm oval open link chain- (wholesale bead store sales only *(use open link chain as jump rings)
Rubber o’s- 6mm- Kiwi (3) , turquoise (2)
3 Rubber 0’s - 10mm Turquoise
1ft- .05 leather yellow (#22)-
1ft.- medium 49strand soft flex wire
2 - 2x2 sterling silver Crimp beads
2- 3mm sterling silver crimp covers
2- 6mm sterling silver soldered rings
2- 5mm lime bicone  Swarovski crystals
2- 4mm padparascha bicone Swarovski crystals
2- 4mm sun bicone Swarovski crystals
2- 4mm aqua bicone Swarovski crystals
2- 4mm topaz square Swarovski crystals
Delicas  size 11 “Squash Opaque”(DB-651)
Bead mat, ruler, flush clutters and scissors (optional), pliers: flat nosed, bent nose, round nose, and crimping pliers.
Basic stringing, knotting, wire wrapping
Assembling the Pendants.
1. String the following beads onto a 2” copper headpin:  2mm antiqued copper round, coffee cup heart focal, and 2mm antiqued copper round and wire wrap loop.

Attach the o rings to the heart pendant with jump rings in this pattern: (use open link chain as a jump ring) 6mm kiwi o, 10mm turquoise o, 6mm kiwi o, 10mm turquoise o.
2. String the following beads onto a 2” copper headpin: 2mm antiqued copper round, coffee mug bead, 2mm antiqued copper round and wire wrap a loop.
Attach a 6mm kiwi o, a jump ring and 10mm turquoise o rings to the coffee cup dangle with a jump ring.
3. Create a messy wrapped loop with the butternut and cocoa spotted lampwork headpin and coil the wire until it has the look you desire or you run out of wire.  Cut end and then tuck loose end under the wraps so it doesn’t get snagged on clothing etc. Attach a jump ring to the loop.
4. Cut 1" length of chain (when you cut this style chain it will release 2 soldered rings. I like to save this to add to later designs.)
5. Take one end of the chain and use a jump ring to attach it to the triangle side of the toggle.
6. Attach the 3 dangles to the outer links of the chain, skipping a link between each dangle.

*Designers note-  be sure to attach the chain to the inside cable of the round link on round chain link, NOT the outer dangling ring. It is very important to attach these pieces correctly so they will hang properly when worn. You may want to adjust the angle of your focals by holding the bead and turning the top of the headpin loop with your hands if you aren’t happy with the way the dangles lay.

Necklace Design
1. Take a jump ring and attach it to the other end of the chain.  Let the outer rings fall on either side of the newly attached jump ring.

2. On a 6mm soldered ring and wire wrap one each of the following beads to the ring on a 2” copper headpin- lime: padparascha, aqua, sun and topaz. (These beads may be wire-wrapped in any order, but I like to stager them by different sizes and shape for interest.)
Repeat this step for the other soldered ring and set aside.
3. On the Soft Flex wire string a 2x2 crimp bead and 18 squash delicas. Pass the wire through the chain link and back through the crimp bead, forming a loop. Crimp your crimp bead with crimping tools and cut off the shorter excess wire.
4. String the following beads- 2mm antiqued copper round, peach coral and green spotted spacer, 2mm antiqued copper round, 6mm turquoise o, 2mm antiqued copper round, coffee bean, 2, 2mm antiqued copper rounds, soldered ring with crystal dangles, round triangle bead with coffee bean dots, 2, 2mm antiqued copper rounds, soldered ring with crystal dangles, coffee bean, 2mm antiqued round bead, 6mm turquoise o, 2mm antiqued copper round bead, squash and cocoa spotted spacer, 2 mm antiqued copper round bead.
5. String on a 2x2 crimp bead, 18 squash delicas and string back through the crimp bead. Crimp the crimp bead with crimping pliers.
6. Cover both crimp beads with 3mm sterling silver crimp covers using the rounded portion of your crimping pliers. (You may need to open up your crimp covers a bit to fit them around the crimp bead. You can do this by using a pair of  round nosed pliers to widen the opening.)
7. Take the lampwork headpin with the avocado base and coffee bean accent and wire wrap it to the jump ring that connects the seed beaded loop to the round chain on round chain. Wire wrap the dangle in the “messy” wire wrap style mentioned above. (Wire wrap this on the “front “ side of the jump ring so that the dangle hangs nicely.)
8. Create a messy loop on the heart headpin.  Attach to the other end of the seed bead loop with a jump ring. 

9. Take 2 links of chain and attach it to the bar side of the toggle.
10. Slide the yellow leather through the jump ring you just added to your toggle, leave a 3” tail on the short side. Take the short side of the leather and coil it around the longer side 3 times. Take take the end of the leather and tuck it back through the top side and through all 3 coils. Pull tightly. You should now have a knot and a little bit of a tail.
*Designers note- you may want to get your knot tighter by pulling the shorter tail end with a pair of pliers, but use EXTREME caution with your pulling as too much pulling may break your leather!
11. Trim your short tail to about an 1/8th of an inch and string on your terra cotta and turquoise spotted spacer. (You may be able to tuck your short tail and the longer leather cord inside the bead hole of the lampwork bead. If it doesn’t fit just leave the little bit of tail hanging out.)
12. Tie a knot with the leather after the terra cotta bead and string and knot the chocolate brown  and turquoise spotty spacer on both sides. String on the last turquoise and terra cotta spotty spacer and follow the loop knotting technique above to finish off the leather cord end.
(If you find the end knotting techniques to be too difficult you may just tie a regular knot after the bead and put the end in a teeny fold over crimp. They sell these at hobby lobby in the basemetal section).
13. Cut a 3 link “inner” cable section. Attach terra cotta and avocado spotted lampwork headpin in a “messy” wire-wrap.  Cut a 9  link “inner” cable section.  Attach coffee bean lampwork headpin in a “messy” wire-wrap.  Set aside. Open jump ring inbetween yellow leather and silk cords. Slide  terra cotta chain dangle, then coffee bean dangle chain dangle on the jump ring on the “outer” side. Close ring.
Adding the Ribbons
1. Fold over 6” of chain so it’s doubled. Open both end jump rings and attach to the seed beaded loop side of the necklace. On the other end open the jump ring and attach it to an antiqued copper leather crimp.
2. Take your orange fairy silk and put it on the bottom of the leather crimp and put the  “water colors” sari silk on top. Crimp end by folding over the crimp with a flat nosed pliers.
3.  Measure aprox. 2” of silk on your ruler and take the orange silk and knot it around the sari silk. Continue this step 3 times.
4. Measure 7 ¼” from the bottom end of the antiqued copper leather crimp and cut silk. Put silk into the other antiqued copper leather crimp and crimp.  (If you have any excess silk sticking out of loop side of the leather crimp you can trim it with a cutting tool or scissors.) Add a jump ring to the leather crimp loop and connect it to the remaining end of the yellow leather loop.
5. Take your chocolate brown silk and use one end to make a tie around your antiqued copper leather crimp (This will take up aprox. 3" of silk).  Tie this single knot tightly and cut the longer silk end to match the shorter end that you just tied.
Repeat this step for the antiqued copper crimp.
*Designer's note- You may want to use the end of both silk sides if you want one part of your ties to be pointed (the sewn end of the silk cord) and one to be flat where you cut your end. You may also trim both ends to be flat if desired.
Marvel at your beautiful necklace!


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That is wonderful. I love the funness of the necklace.

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beautiful necklace!

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Cool, very fun necklace. I love all the bright happy colors.

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Thanks for this post Heather and thank you all for your kind words :)

xo Genea

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What a fun piece - love it!

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Two of my favorite and jewelry!
This could be my signature necklace. I just posted a frozen coffee recipe on my blog.