Friday, March 16, 2012


Green. The color of life, nature, and youth. To say someone is green behind the ears means they are naive and lacking experience. If some one is green around the gills, they are not feeling well. But I like things that are green (new) and green (recycled or earth friendly). Did you know that Santa's suit was originally green? Here are a few inspirational green goods that got my Irish eyes smiling! No need to be green with envy... links to these goodies are below! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Green silk beads from


Unknown said...

All of the images are very inspirational, especially the earrings.

Rebecca said...

Thanks for featuring my bracelet! Lovely greens here. I particularly like Tari's button, it's beautiful!

steufel said...

I just love that color. And this is a wonderful collection of greens!

Ruby said...

I eagerly love earrings a lot.
Well, your designs simply amazed me. Love green a lot!

Ruby from acheter une jupe