Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Monthly Blog Tour

What a lot of inspiration this month! Not only were we treated to a beautiful Picasso painting, but we were encouraged to create something for the very worthy cause 7,000 Bracelets for Hope for caregivers of children with genetic disorders. It is truly inspiring to see how you interpret the paintings each month, but this month it is even more inspiring to think of all the good that your donations will do for the organization. Thank you so much!

Picasso went through a blue period, literally and figuratively, and this work represents his arrival on the other side to the Rose period. The mood is lighter than in his Blue period and the colors are starting to bring back some warmth to them. Our participants this month were mainly inspired by color and pattern for their inspiration.

Let's start the show!


Sharyl McMillan-Nelson of Sharyl's Jewelry Garden (above) created a pair of earrings with the striking harlequin pattern. The rings remind me of the tumbling those two acrobats would be doing.

Welcome to your first ABS challenge Miss Monique! I love the way that Monique of A Half Baked Notion used the silk cords to weave her own harlequin pattern and she even created a button from polymer clay that has the same pattern from the tights! Beautiful!

Mmmm... I love chocolate, and when you can get your inspiration for your pattern from a bar of chocolate, that is a sweet solution indeed! Read all about it at Backstory Beads and see the awesome bead stitched bracelet that Karin made.

I love the enthusiasm that Miss Kimi of Kimi's Jewelry and Gifts (above) had for our theme this month. Not only did she make the lovely polymer clay focal inspired by the acrobats uniform, but she made not one, not two, not three... but four bracelets inspired by the painting and ready to be donated to the 7,000 Bracelets for Hope charity. Way to go Kimi!

Tracy Stillman Designs focused on the serene and somber face of the young acrobats with her challenge piece. I love the gentleness of this image and the pretty soft colors she chose for her palette.

There is total freedom of creation when you make your own art beads. Miss Lisa Martin of Whistling Raven created all the art beads in her lovely blue bracelet. I love the explanation of her process of creating the little blue house!

Another super inspired beader is Renetha (above) of Lamplight Crafts. She made several beautiful blue bracelets for the cause, including her Blue Jeans Casual with a clever use of jump rings and bicones to make for a harlequin pattern setting off the polymer clay focal as a clasp. Very pretty!

Combining interesting fibers, mottled blue tones and a pop of coppery orange and a great mix of art beads, Mistheword12 designed a bracelet for the charity that is full of interest and color and texture.

The painting may have a somber look, but FreshBakedDesigns didn't let that stop her from making a fresh and lighthearted necklace and bracelet with a soft blue palette. She worked on making the polymer clay pendant with her granddaughters and discovered something special indeed about the clay! Do read more at her blog.

I was really touched by the sentiment behind the story of the bracelet that Miss Emma of A Polymer Penchant (above)created. With her background in the sciences she took the inspiration of the genetic disorders to their most basic element. Go read her post to find out more. I just know that someone will be very blessed to have this lovely bauble on their wrist!

Miss Shelby of Sundown Bead Designs was taken back to her childhood with this month's inspiration painting. She had a love of gymnastics and came up with a circus inspired bracelet that is surely going to go with everything in her closet!

I just love reading about the thought process behind a design, don't you? Miss Elly of Ebsnare gives us a glimpse into the reason for each choice, from the fabric to the different art beads to the asymmetry of the design. Very circus chic!

I am just smitten with the clasp on this bracelet from Shaiha of Shaiha's Ramblings (above). The pattern is a spot on match for the acrobat and the deep blues are so dreamy. I think that the fiber would make this very comfortable to wear. I don't blame you one bit for keeping this stunner for yourself, but we are grateful you will be lending your skills to designing some others to donate.

Welcome to Miss Iveth Caruso of Creative Atelier who designed her first ABS challenge piece with the idea of wandering minstrels in mind. The way that literally wove the colors and shapes together is beautifully done and calls to mind the patterns on the young acrobat's tights.

Miss Pam of Klassy Joolz focused on the deeper blues to violets in the painting and made a very soft and light bracelet from shimmering glass and silver. I just  noticed that she has a little paw print to represent the dog in the painting. Great details!

It feels so good to give back, doesn't it? Miss Elisabeth of Beads for Busy Gals couldn't agree more. She found the perfect art bead in her stash to make a beautiful blue bracelet to donate to the cause. Thank you Miss Elisabeth!

There are certain things that I just cannot do with any success and when I find someone who does, I am just in awe. That is what I feel about Miss Cece Cormier of The Beading Yogini and her fantastic way with weaving. You simply must go and see the textile she wove in the harlequin pattern that is outstanding!

You never know where inspiration will strike and how you will work through the process. Miss Malin de Koning has a mind that I would love to peer inside in that she comes up with the most amazing use of materials and she is always experimenting. The braided elements mimic the boy's clothing and the dry arid landscape is recalled in the fantastic focal. Beautiful!

Knowing that just one other person out there cares enough in the world to make a special bracelet for a mother to wear is a stirring tribute. I am quite certain that our efforts will make a difference to those who will receive these special heartfelt signs of love and care. Miss Mary Ellen of Bee Tree by m.e. wrote a moving explanation behind her special bracelet. Thank you so much for putting so much heart into this project!

We love it when we can entice new followers to join in the fun! Welcome Miss Sadafulee...Always In Bloom to the ABS Challenges! I love that this fun bohemian pair of earrings looks like they are doing acrobatic moves, jumping through hoops. Each element calls t mind a different part of the painting from the shapes of the beads to the way she styled it. We look forward to more from you!


Thank you so much for  all the enthusiasm and wonderful sentiments behind all the entries this month. We truly feel blessed to be part of a caring creative community that jumps up to lend a hand to those in need. The Global Genes Project will be so happy to have your donations of blue bracelets. And if you didn't get a chance to make something this month, keep them in mind for the future as they are always accepting donations. Thank you for your generosity of spirit!

The new inspiration will be revealed soon!


Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

What fun to revisit all these marvellous designs and talented creators (several I've admired for some time, others new to me)! And your commentary helped me see design aspects I missed the first time around, Erin. I'm hoping ABS will feature more "donation inspiration" from other worthy organizations in the future. It was truly an honour to participate and I'm looking forward to more challenges!

The ATELIER Handmade said...

This was so much fun,I am looking forward to the next challenge! I truly enjoyed the blog tour and seeing so many wonderful pieces.

lamplight crafts said...

I was suprised to see my bracelet featured in the ABS blog. But most of all, I was really excited and inspired by the July challenge and donation to 7000 bracelets for hope.

Kimisjewelryandgifts said...

I had so much fun with this challenge. I've already started working on artbeads to donate to this charity. Thank you so much for introducing us to this wonderful group. I love artbeadscene and the challenge every month. It inspires me to work outside the box. I was so honored to see my bracelet on the front page today. Thank you for the sweet words. Was a great birthday gift to wake up too. Excited to see the new challenge.

aneri_masi said...

Thanks for featuring my earrings here! And loved your interpretation..indeed, they do look like the hoops the acrobats would jump through! Looking forward to the next challenge!