Sunday, September 16, 2012

Show Me Sunday

Thank you to the commenters who left links so we could find these treasures to show off!
Show Me Bead School! 
For September, to celebrate the start of back-to-school, we are looking for classes, tutorials, and workshops that focus on bringing your art beads and beading to a new level of art. Post your links in the comments here and I will select some of your ideas you leave on this post to highlight in another Show Me Sunday post. 
Here is what some of our beady friends have to show off this week: 
A Bead A Day
Do you like to put a little craftiness into your jewelry making? Lisa's altering a filligree component with a paint pen. Jewelry Making
Tammy takes a look at a bea-u-tiful bead weaving book. 
Art Bead Scene
Rebecca's breezy necklace commemorating the end of summer and featuring fun artisan materials is available as a free project!  

Beading Arts
Did you know that you can bead a bezel for...get this...a large BEAD? Yup! And it's really easy! 
Carmi's Art/Life World
My t-shirt yarn flowers have been turned into a fab necklace!  

Resin Crafts!
This is a week dedicated to working in molds on Resin Crafts Blog! 
Snap out of it, Jean! There's Beading to be done!
A wonderful book deserves a good review! Jean reviews the fascinating and terrific jewelry design book, The Spirit of Bead Embroidery by Heidi Kummli! 
Melanie Brooks is the ceramic beadmaker behind Earthenwood Studio, who blogs from her Metro Detroit, Michigan home.


Cilla said...

I made a bracelet and earrings from this tutorial book and love the easy instructions. I highly recommend.

Jo said...

Oh wow! Thank you so much for the link to my Macramé ebook! That was a lovely surprise!
There's actually 15% off in my Daisychain Extra etsy shop until the end of the day tomorrow (Monday 17th) if you enter the code "NEWTERM".

Linda Landig said...

Here's a tutorial for lampworkers:

justinkamp said...

I purchased latest design Pandora Beads from UK

Perri said...

Thanks so much for linking to my clasp tutorial, Melanie! What a wonderful Sunday gift! I think this might be one of the most versatile tutorials I've made - complete pictorial and text instructions for the clasp, ring and enhancer findings, a pendant, plus *all* the variations.
I'm celebrating the Autumn Equinox - enter the code 'CRISPFALL' in Shaktipaj Designs etsy for 20% off shop-wide until Sept. 24th!!