Sunday, May 26, 2013

Show Me Sunday - Animal Beads with Rebecca of Songbead

I'm back! Did you miss me? Or did you not notice, as Ms Tari did some pretty great Show Me posts whilst I was away?! I was road tripping (of a lifetime!) round California, what a fantastic time we had! I'm still a little sad to be home. 

I've been checking out the animal bead finds that were shared in my absence - some gorgeous finds all round! Here are some shares from last week:

Another firm favourite of mine is Sally of SoulSilver. We have exhibited at a couple of art fairs together and I always come home with a bead or two of hers! Here's one of her very sweet elephants. He looks like he's performing at the Big Top to me! 

And of course, I can never resist a bunny rabbit....another one of Sissy's gorgeous creations! In case you don't know, we have three that we share our house with :-)
Here's a couple of our wee furry babies:

You can't turn them into jewellery though.....
Florrie and Rufus!

And now for the Bead Blogger links. Have a great Sunday!

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Rebecca is a Scottish jewellery designer, currently living in Manchester, England. You can read more about her and her work at her blog, and see more of her jewellery at She also has a supplies shop at