Thursday, July 4, 2013

July Monthly Challenge Color Palette

This month, we've got a gorgeous work from Pablo Picasso to inspire us! The challenge with this painting is that the colors are wildly different depending on the source - this one skews heavily to the blue and green side, compared to other ones I found, but personally, I love it.

The colors this month revolve around emerald greens, dark teals, and pale golden yellows. Add in small touches of aqua blue, dark browns, and khakis to fill out your color palettes and add some interest to your designs.

Out of all the swatches, I'm really drawn to #3, #4, #5, and #6 as a color combination. How about you?


Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

I totally LOVE this palette, Brandi... I was a big green and brown fan and have moved away from it the past few years.

I wasn't doing too well taking up the monthly challenges. Then I noticed that the months when I IMMEDIATELY printed a copy of the painting with your palette(s), it was the motivation I needed each time to start pulling out beads, etc. I have consistently come up with a design I liked (no, not necessarily "loved" but at least enjoyed making and wearing). So thanks for the extra inspiration!

Jill Palumbo said...

This month I'm determined to participate. I've been away from doing much with making beads for over a month. I've undergone three surgeries, but now that I'm on the mend I will be able to play along. Love this month's inspiration photo.
Miss Olga reminds me so much of my own grandma. I've decided to make a face cane to use in my ABS challenge beads. Making canes is my true passion; it keeps me occupied and happy for hours, sometimes days.
Thanks so much for your blog articles and challenges. I learn so much every time I have a chance to come visit. I appreciate all the thought and special touches you put into each post.