Sunday, September 15, 2013

Show Me Sunday - Back to School! - with Rebecca of Songbead

Happy Sunday, ABS-ers! I hope you are all sliding into Autumn easily enough. The leaves are starting to turn, the weather is cooler - and the rain is very much out in full force over here in the UK!

Autumn is traditionally a month of beginnings - fresh starts and turning over new leaves. This is very much the case for me, as a week ago today, we loaded up the car, drove to the edge of Wales (Holyhead), hopped on a ferry and moved over to Northern Ireland! My partner got a new job over the summer; not much notice or time for us to decide, but we took the leap and here we are :-) I am very much enjoying my new setting so far - we are living on a bustling road, with cafes and shops only a few minutes walk from our house. I have my own studio; a large room with high ceilings, an original fireplace and two large windows....sure, there's no furniture in there quite yet, but there will be! It is likely that (due to my partner's work) we'll only be living here for a year, but I plan to make the most of the fantastic space I have for that year.

And so onto our monthly theme, very apt for this month! Back to school....I'm sharing our trusty leader, Heather Powers' wonderful set of free tutorials - available to all here on her website. Tutorials - whether online, in a magazine or a book - are things with which we all choose to work in different ways. Whether you follow them to the letter, change things up a little, or even just read through them for inspiration, they are great things to get your creative juices and mojo fired up. Heather's tutorials all feature beautiful pictures of the finished items, clear instructions and supplies lists. And there are tons of them - what are you waiting for?! Here's one of them - her Joyful Encounters necklace, in my favourite colour scheme of the moment. 

Share your favourite tutorials and other educational tools here on the blog! 

And now for the bead blogger links:

Kumihimo obsessed? Lisa is too and hasn't even USED The technique yet. She is sharing a super sparkly project. 

Revisit a 'best of' post with Sparrow Salvage - an ever-popular topic: how to take great jewellery photos!

Cyndi shows you how to make a necklace that features a "Shower of Pearls"! 

Ever start a piece of jewelry and then struggle to finish it? That's what happened to Charlene. There is a happy ending! 

A beautiful art book concerning Blythe dolls (wearing jewelry of course!) has been written by Jean with her co authors and 40 world wide contributors. Preview the book, Big Eyed Love, and read more about it on Jean's blog! 

Rebecca is a Scottish jewellery designer, currently living in Manchester, England. You can read more about her and her work at her blog, and see more of her jewellery at She also has a supplies shop at

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