Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Perfect Pairings :: Leah of Beady Eyed Bunny + Angel Whisperer...+ A WINNER!

Oh! You all made it tough to choose this week! So many cute and mysterious owls in the mix.

I chose this necklace because I kept coming back to the picture to enlarge it to see more. 

There is a very subtle asymmetry to this that I didn't notice until the second time I came back to it, with the different leaf dangles on each side. (Plus, Miss Leah used the Power of Three to her advantage - using elements in clusters of three - something that I love to do in my own designs whether they are balanced or asymmetrical!)

The pendant from Birgitta Lejonklou of Angel Whisperer has a shape of an owl, it was only upon closer inspection that the faint and weathered image of the owl was apparent. 

This is a necklace that begs to be touched and explored!

Featured Designer :: Leah of Beady Eyed Bunny

Featured Art Beads :: AngelWhisperer


Heather asked me to select a random winner of Cindy Wimmer's fab new book, The Missing Link,
 from the interview on Sunday...
 and the random generator chose....

Denise McCabe!

Miss Denise, you will love the book, and yes, you do need to get a tumbler! ;-)
Email Heather to claim your prize!

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Keith@ Vintage Crab Jewelry and Crafts said...

I love this necklace too, very pretty!

Loris Glassworks said...

What a lovely piece, I can see why you kept coming back.
Lori in Atlanta

YeeLen Spirit Designs said...

Very beautiful, unique and so elegant necklace. I love.

Leah Curtis said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments! What a surprise it was to see my necklace was your choice this week. Thank you!

Barbara Lewis said...

This is not only an enchanting necklace, but the photograph is a work of art!

Malin de Koning said...