Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Perfect Pairings :: Karen Trizese + Ditsy Blue

I just love welcoming new members. 
Welcome, Karen Trizese!
This sweet and sassy bracelet that Karen made has all sorts of beady goodness in it... beady goodness that she herself made! So Miss Karen is both the featured designer AND the featured bead artist this week. A two-for-one!
I love how each polymer clay bead is completely different. My daughter is a dancer, and although they each wear the same costume, they each have a distinct personality that still shines through. I love that about this sweet bracelet. It is fresh and fun and full of bright spring colors that makes my heart leap a grand jete!
We are so glad that she decided to leap in on this, her first challenge, and hope to see more.

Featured Designer + Bead Artist :: Karen Trizese of Ditsy Blue
What is inspiring YOU in this dreamy Degas painting?
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Ann Schroeder said...

Beautiful beads and bracelet!