Monday, May 19, 2014

Amuse Your Muse with Rebecca of Songbead

 Happy Monday Art Bead Scene-rs! I can't believe this is my first Amuse your Muse post of got in the way last Monday, and before that we had ABS beginning of the month business....You can see from my Inside the Studio post last Friday just what kind of things have been keeping me busy....

To compensate, I bring you a whole bouquet of handmade flowers. Flowers are some of my very favourite imagery to design with - I have ceramic flowers, glass flowers, fabric flowers, polymer, bronze, pewter, woven.......I know I am far from being alone in loving to work with handmade flower beads within my designs, and I would love to know which handmade flower beads excite you - leave your links in the comments below. We love seeing your handmade beads and discovering your favourite bead artists too! I also have a special announcement to make at the end, so stay tuned...

MG has these gorgeous ruffled flower discs available in many beautiful colours - I don't know which ones to choose!

I love the bold simplicity of these lampwork rounds. 

Stunning spring daisies from Lori - wouldn't these make wonderful earrings?

EB has these very unusual flowers available in a range of colours - all as vibrant and as cheerful as the next. 

My sweet wee button clasp, in the form of an art deco-inspired rose! 

These glass flowers are so sweet and very classic; again, I can see these in some beautiful summer earrings!

I just love this bold shade of blue. Very Mediterranean - I can see it looking rather wonderful with white and lemon yellow. Yum!

Lisa Kan has a whole range of stunning blossoms. This sea foam green is my personal fave.

Co-editor Mary makes the most wonderful botanical pieces. There is always so much detail that goes into each one - I have a precious selection of her work and I don't know how I would ever part with any of them!

Bo often uses flowers from her own garden to help form her new designs. This pendant is particularly lovely, straight out of an 'English Country Garden'. 

Editor-in-chief here at ABS and polymer guru Heather Powers truly is Inspired by Nature (have you checked out her book? If you haven't, you really should!). This hyacinth pendant is magnificent.

Marie has many flower pieces in her lovely shop but this yellow rose pendant leapt out at me crying 'pick me! pick me!'. I just love yellow!

Cynthia of Green Girl Studios makes the most wonderful cast-metal components. I am always astonished at the level of detail she achieves and have no idea how anyone could be create such detailed carvings on such a minute scale.

Scorched Earth
Petra always has a packed shop, full of inspiring, distinctive ceramic goodies. They always have a rustic, earthy vibe to them, including this beautiful flower. Look at the beautiful colouring! 

Erin has a great selection of her made-to-order Simple Truths over in her web shop. These sweet flowers are some of my favourites - so perfect for so many occasions. 

Lesley has recently branched out into ceramics alongside her metal clay work, but I still can't get enough of her lovely bronze work! This flower bead cap would make a splendid pendant, don't you think?

Jetta will be a familiar name to Stringing Magazine fans I am sure! Alongside her stunning jewellery, she creates the most beautiful polymer clay components, including this rather wonderful hyacinth pendant. 

Leah of BEB has a magic touch with polymer, as do many of today's featured artists! I adore her birds, wee critters, houses and more....but I think her roses are particularly special. She's out of stock of these at the moment, but if you ask very nicely, she may well make up some just for you. 

And now for the news from may have read about my beaded beads and my indecision whether to sell or not to sell in my most recent Inside the Studio post...Well, after discussion with some of my lovely and wise friends, I have decided to sell them in a limited edition way. I will have a selection available over at The Curious Bead Shop this Friday. I will have some of the simple one-colour rounds that I shared in my previous post, but also some of these sweet heart, flower and flower garland designs also. Very apt for my May Flowers post I thought! What colours would you like to see? I hope I'll see you on Friday!

And now for the Bead Blogger Links. Have a great week!


Claire Lockwood said...

Love the colour and patterns on those beaded beads of yours!

Petra Carpreau said...

Ditto, Claire - those are amazing!! Thank you so very much for including my little frangipani in your delectable collection of floral beauties. Wow, but there's some clever bunnies out there!!
xoxox :O)

baymoondesign said...

Gorgeous selection of florals!

Liona (Blue Merlin Creations) said...

Flower beads are such fun! Here are a couple of links to ones that I've come across... Gorgeous lampwork flowers from IrinaS. I love using her beads for earrings! - the colours of these flowers from Donna Millard are lovely! - and these beautiful floral pendants. I haven't bought one of these yet, but I may very well soon! =)