Saturday, October 25, 2014

Inspiration Strikes

in·spi·ra·tion noun \ˌin(t)-spə-ˈrā-shən, -(ˌ)spi-\
: something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create
 : a force or influence that inspires someone
: a person, place, experience, etc., that makes someone want to do or create something
: a good idea

Consider me inspired! I love to know what inspires bead artists and jewelry designers to create their pieces. So today I thought I'd share my inspiration with you.

I was out on an afternoon walk recently. It was one of those absolutely perfect days; sun on my skin, temperature at the perfect comfort level and the glorious colors of fall surrounding me. The fall foliage set against the bluest of blue skies struck me as simply stunning.

I'm a tree fantatic. I love trees! (Is that weird? But really...don't answer that because I love trees). The colorful leaves against the blue background accented by the deep richness of the branches. I couldn't help but think B.E.A.D.S.

Lampwork beads that is. I created a set of scrumptious beads based on the photo. 

Beads emulating the tree branches full of color against the blue sky.

Along with a matching focal to capture the full beauty of the tree. This is bead is double sided, with the tree wrapping around both sides of the bead.

I just love the flow of color in these leaves. Seemlessly flowing from one color to the next. 

These maple leaves really caught my attention, with three colors flowing through the leaf quite beautifully.

I leave with you an inspiration photo for a studio. My dream studio! I walk by this building everyday, dreaming of how I would put it to use as my studio. It sits empty not far from from my home as part of an old farmstead, which happens to be for sale. Ahhhh....if only....

As always, thanks for stopping by for a visit at ABS. I hope I've left you feeling inspired today. I've shared with you how trees inspire me. I'd love to know what inspires you. What really inspires you? What makes your heart open up and sing?

I'll be listing the beads in my Etsy shop.

Ema Kilroy is a lampworker and metalsmith living and working in Central Massachusetts. 


baymoondesign said...

Gorgeous beads!

Becky Pancake said...

Thanx for sharing your inspiration Ema. I too am fascinated by what inspires others. Your new beads are wonderful. I too am doing a fall design today.

Mary Harding said...

LOVE those autumn inspired beads Ema!!!

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Love these, Ema... they are just beautiful :) My greatest inspiration comes from touching beads (also a great excuse to buy more LOL).

Unknown said...

Your beads and inspiration truly are beautiful it's hard not to be inspired by this years trees. My husband and I were walking and I was seeing multicoloured leaves too and I wanted to pick them all up! God it the greatest artist and how thankful I am that he doesn't mind me copying!