Thursday, December 4, 2014

December Monthly Challenge Color Palette

Hey friends, happy December!

This month's challenge piece is all about subtlety because there are two main colors you're going to focus on: cool grays and warm browns.

For the cool grays, you want to go as cool as you can with them. The second and third swatches from the bottom have a touch of green in them, so as you consider your designs this month, keep that in mind.

If you love gray, you can work with both warm and cool shades. With so much gray, though, consider shades of brown instead. The top swatch reads like a muted red brown (taken from the clothes), and the third swatch from the top is essentially a shade of gold (from the hanging lantern). Why go for browns? Because these are really the only colors you'll get with December's challenge.

Because of that, you can really work on a strong design this month. Think architectural influences and strong lines. I love arches, so those would be a great inspiration. If you like patterns, take a look at the patchwork floor, or the repetitive columns.

With a quieter palette this time around, what's your influence this month?


Unknown said...

When I saw this painting I was drawn to the ceiling, I saw flying buttresses. I really enjoy the lines. I am also pleased to see that the color pallet has some warm tones because it was hard for me to see on my computer. Thanks for the inspiration.

TesoriTrovati said...

You know, Miss Brandi, when I selected this inspiration piece I never saw so many colors! I never noticed the patchwork floor or the brown robes or the gold light. I was focused on the architectural details, especially the arches. Thank you for pointing out the details I clearly missed and the colors, too! Always, your posts are the highlight of my month, I print them out and make them my screen background so I can immerse myself in the beauty of the art and colors. Enjoy the day! Erin

marymc202 said...

When I first looked at the challenge picture yesterday, there was some lovely accompanying music with it that fit the mood of the picture just perfectly. I wonder if you would mind telling what the name of it was and who the artist was? It was so lovely and made you want to continue studying the picture in depth--very contemplative.Thanks if you can help.