Saturday, November 14, 2015

Going Back to the Beginning with Firefly Design Studio

I haven't exhibited in an outside art show in a few years, but that is what I am doing today!  Over 10 years ago, this was my very first art show, so I feel like I am going back to my beginning.  It is called "Art in the Palms" and it is on Palm Island, near Boca Grande, Florida.  The customers take a ferry over to the show, reggae music is playing, food is cooking on the grill and there is a lively silent auction that raises money for a charity.  It's a fun atmosphere!

Back in the day, I was a traditional potter.  I hadn't discovered ceramic bead making yet.  So it is interesting to see where your art can take you.  In fact, I bet if I hadn't started making beads, I wouldn't be writing this blog post and I wouldn't of met so many of you!

So today I have a nice mixture of decorative tropical pottery and ceramic bead jewelry.  Here are 2 of my favorite wall hangings I have created for the show:

So I feel like I am taking a short trip back down memory lane.  It is interesting to think about all the crafty adventures we have been on before we found jewelry designing and bead making.  I used to scrapbook, hook rugs, make soap, make greeting cards and crochet.  But I never had the passion for those activities like I do for clay.  It is a medium where your imagination can run wild.  I truly feel blessed to make my living doing something that never feels like work.  What is the journey you have taken through your creative life?

Have a great day!


baymoondesign said...

I have knitted, crocheted, made candles, rugs, wall hangings, cards and probably a few other things that I have forgotten!

Unknown said...

My Mum owned a craft store for many years when I was younger, so I got to try all sorts of crafty things... candle making, quilting, cardmaking, glass painting. When my youngest daughter started school I went looking for a new hobby and discovered polymer clay. I bought a kiln as I wanted to have a go at metal clay, only to get totally hooked on ceramic clay. So that's where I am now and I'm loving every minute of it. I hope you had a great show. I love your work.

Feeriee13 said...

Beautiful work, as always. Love it ❤
Laura xo