Saturday, January 16, 2016

Etsy Picks

It seems like an aaaaaage since I did an Etsy Picks post. So, I've got a good selection for you today! Here's a little reminder of this month's challenge painting, 'Landscape with Stars'.

Inevitably, I started my search looking for star beads, of which there are less than you might imagine, at least when it comes to art beads. 

And because I can never resist Shipwreck Dandy beads...

The following aren't stars exactly but I reckon you could combine a number, using them perhaps as charms or dangles, to make a great piece inspired by the painting.

And that's the thing, rather than the stars themselves, it's the other elements of the painting that I find most interesting and inviting. It's full of visual action and yet the palette is so calm and soothing.  And my final picks this month are lead more by these other qualities.  There are lots of Nadia Terra beads that would fit with the palette of 'Landscape with Stars.

And any of the following would also work nicely.

That's it for this month. I hope you've found something irresistible here! 



Rebecca said...

Fabulous and inspiring collection as always!

Unknown said...

I agree inspiring. I am not so much a star or yellow person so I looked really close and I saw flowers and many colors that blend away like in pointillism. :) happy me! That is why I appreciate the time you all take to inspire us with art, colors, and beads.

Julie Wong Sontag said...

Wow - amazing picks!!! They're all so lovely! xo -- Julie