Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Flatlay Fever

One of my biggest challenges for selling online has always been photography, making my photos eye-catching and beautiful whilst maintaining accurate colours and size references so that I don’t mislead any potential customers. 
Recently whilst chatting with a photographer friend I was introduced to the concept of Flatlay, anyone familiar with instagram with recognise this style easily, it lends its self so well to product photography for anything from clothing to cupcakes and is surprisingly easy to create. 

You will need the following:
  •  1 large sheet of white paper or card, or very lightly textured paper or card.
  •  Access to a large window where you will have good natural light. 
  • A decent camera. 
  • Various props to create the story or theme you are going for. 
I find it easier to set up your shot on the floor, one of the key things to a good flatlay is getting some height to take your photo, you are shooting straight down onto your work. 

A flatlay should tell a story, take a look at these examples and consider the story, what might the photographer want to communicate?
Coffee break! this photographer took a quick phone snap during a break. 

Its a great idea to include some of the tools you use to create your work, it shows your process and that your hand tools are an important part of the creation of your work. 

This is one of my personal favourites, it includes rods of glass used to create the floral beads, the book about wild flowers used for inspiration. 

The props you use should only be there to help frame the focus of your photo, consider setting your work out in a grid pattern or triangle, experiment with colour themes, asymmetry, storytelling and styling with what your jewellery might go with, scarves, tops etc. 

Stand a chair or small set of steps to get height and shoot straight down over the set up, remember the photos can be cropped when you are editing. 

Sally Sutherland is the creator of Soul Silver - Lampwork Beads and Jewellery, you can see her work on Facebook @soulsilversally  , instagram @soulsilverbeads  and twitter @soulsilversally


Anonymous said...

What a wonderfully creative idea! To show a protective customers a peek into your process by the addition of a few tools or raw materials in your photos.

Bijoux Gems Joy said...

I have to admit I've never heard of flatlay. I do enjoy the composition of the photos you've provided as examples and will have to look into this further.
Thanks! Mona

Deb said...

Thank you for this post, I'll have to try this. I feel my photography really needs something and this might be what it needs.

Terri Del Signore said...

I love how your photography tells a story!! Photography is always a challenge for me!