Saturday, April 7, 2007

Fit to Print Review: Beaded Macrame Jewelry

I must be honest, I am not usually attracted to Macrame. The very word makes me think of unattractive, large plant holders from when I was a child in the 70s. So I was not expected to be impressed when I stumbled upon the book Beaded Macrame Jewelry by Sherri Haab at the bookstore. But I have enjoyed her other publications, so I gave it a try.

To my surprise, I fell in love with the innovative uses for macrame techniques for jewelry in this book! The projects are clean and contemporary, but have the beautiful intricacy of knotted cord that macrame provides.

One of my favorite projects is a knotted cord bracelet with lampworked art beads, which is fun and colorful. Many of the other projects in the book can be easily adapted to incorporate other art beads and pendants as well. The projects that sold me are the simple ones in the front of the book, which use common round leather for the cord with funky button style bead clasps. They look easy to make, and really bold and contemporary. Later in the book there are more elaborate macrame projects, which are very attractive and inspiring as well.

I do not often buy craft books, especially beading books, but this one came home with me. I highly recommend it!

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Sarebear said...

I bought this book w/a 40% off coupon two weeks ago, as I MUST play with the sort of latticey, net-ey look of the necklace on the cover. I looked through it and found plenty else to love.

I'm actually going to make the macrame purse in the back, cheesy as the sounds, if I can find the right kind of handles . . . grey, with a variegated silvery subtle shimmer to black ribbon yarn held together w/the chunky 20% wool grey yarn to make the knots . . .

I also have some chinese knotting cord and a macrame board coming in the mail, so's I can have something handy to pin various working parts to.

I like macrame, when it's done with some thought and has a good look to it!

I'll have to report back here after I've tried some of the projects, also linking it back to my beading blog.

I am in SERIOUS need of a new, smaller purse, so I figured I'd MAKE one. Not going to bead the strap/handles, but I AM going to put something on the front . . . I was considering one of your gorgeous buttons or something!

Anyone have other ideas? Just because I'd like to have some options since I'm really up in the air as to a nice piece to put on the front, for a special touch.