Saturday, April 14, 2007

Findings worth Finding-Color wonderful Color!

I was searching for jumprings today, when color popped into my head. Like that's something new, I'm usually wearing lots of color. I remembered once upon a time seeing annodized aluminum jumprings. So I did a dogpile search and there were lots of options for annodized aluminum jumprings. The best place I found that served my purpose was The page appeared on the screen and ahhhhhhhhhhh, the heavens opened up and a chorus of color started singing to me! COLOR! Rainbows of jumprings.
I have always wondered where to find those cool washers and there they were: Annodized Aluminum Washers! Another chorus (higher pitched than the last one).
Fun brightly colored necklaces and bracelets started dancing in my head. What beady possibilities! I was shaking by now. So I ordered one of everything. OK, so they had me on Hello.
Another cool thing about this website, besides they sell every color of satin cord imaginable, is they have tutorials on knots. My fave was the button knot :)
If you are a color freak as I am, have a look at
Life is way to short not to use every color available!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tari, I am a total color freak! Thanks for the link to the colored jumprings. They're wonderful!

Carrie said...

What an awesome colorful website! & their cord is lovly too! Have you heard about theringlord? They used to be my supply for adonized jumprings.