Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bead Theme - Have a Cup 'o Joe

Here is some beady inspiration from our contributing members for the monthly challenge theme, Coffee Haus. Enjoy!
Don't you just love the little fancy cakes and pastries they serve at coffee shops? Charms by Earthenwood Studio.

Coffee Mug Button by Creative Impressions in Clay

Good to the last drop! Beads by Cindy Gimbrone.

What's more perfect than a coffee colored donut? Elaine Ray Beads

Morning News In Rust by Virginia Miska

Coffee Haus Disk Beads by Humblebeads.
Don't wait to enter. Just like a good cup of coffee, November will be gone before we know it!


Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

these are super pretty!

Anonymous said...

I buy most of my supplies to make jewelry from Walter at www.WaltersBeads.com. He is a guy from Switzerland, located in New York City and seems to only sell quality beads and supplies. I bought a fabulous selection of beads from the 1930's from him and paid about 30% less than the lowest price I could find on Ebay. Recently he had these GREAT original Swarovski (spelling) crystals which I glued to my cell phone... looks like real diamonds. Just great

Anonymous said...

As a native Scot, I believe there's always time for a nice cup of tea and a sit down :-) I just love the creativity and imagination shown here with this theme!

Anonymous said...

the coffee colored donut bead by Elaine Ray Beads........well it is awesome!