Friday, November 30, 2007

Simple & Beautiful Booth Display Ideas

My husband, Jess Contreras, is doing his first art show this weekend with his own booth and line of jewelry. I'm so jealous of his booth display! He haunted the 1/2 off sales of Hobby Lobby to find some unusual and dramatic display props. I thought I'd share with them you:
A photo of the whole booth. He borrowed my work desk instead of using a card table. The drawer is open and filled with dried lavender blossoms and a mirror for customers.
A tray and two photo box frames give his booth some needed visual height and interest.
A purchased shadow box, with the glass removed, to display a few of his favorite pieces.

A discounted frame that is backed with foam core board and fabric make a quick and easy display.
My favorite touch is his dried flower arrangement. He designed this all himself and it is the highlight of the show we are doing this weekend. His presentation, while simple, makes a dramatic statement. So the next time you are walking through the home decor aisles, take a look around you might find some unexpected booth display props.


Pretty Things said...

OOOH! I'd love to know if he has a web site to buy some of those pretty pendants -- from what I see, I LOVE!

AJ said...

Wow, gorgeous set-up! And I'm so jealous of your work-desk! Mine's drab grey pressboard, I rescued it from next to the dumpster. Of course, it's so covered in beads and stuff that I can't see it anyway ;)

I hope your husband has a GREAT show! His pendants are beautiful!

Rosanne said...

Tell Jesse I said that's one "sassy/saucy" display he has going on there. Good luck to both of you this weekend. Hopefully you will have just a few leftovers for us who don't live by you!


Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

how wonderful! how very very beautiful!

Heather Powers said...

thanks everyone, jess loved the positive response. he won 1st place at the show!!! it's the first time a jewelry person has won, usually it's more traditional art that gets the prizes.

We are working on putting pendants in his etsy shop on monday.

aj, I have 3 crappy card tables too. this one is usually covered with my mailing supplies, so I hardly ever see it either!!!

lucia hsu said...

how lucky you both are to be so talented and married to each other! jess' display is beautiful and his work is as lovely as yours! i tried to get to his etsy shop to buy but am having trouble...can you help out? i know you're busy as hell...i tried the link but says shop is on vaca til oct.....xo lucia