Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Heart Tools - Only Have Eyes For You

They aren't glamorous. They can be easy to forget sometimes.

Unlike pliers or wire cutters, there are times when you can get the job done without them.

But your eyesight is very important. If you read the labels on your wire snips and other tools, you will see them recommended, to protect you from flying wire ends.

They are so important. If you don't have them, consider getting a pair of safety glasses. If you wear corrective glasses, they will fit right on top of those. The first time a clipped piece of wire bounces off of them, you will be glad you had them on. And I think they could be decorated to make them more fun to look at, like painted bifocals.


Anonymous said...

I have my own personal horror story about flying wire ends. Only, it wasn't my eyes. The little piece flew straight up my NOSE and I ended up with a massive sinus infection that required my head to be vacuumed!

So, not only do you need safety glasses, but don't position your head directly over what you're cutting either. :)

Anonymous said...

Ewww Joy that is horrible! I have never heard of that happening to anyone before. I do wear the safety glasses but now am considering a nose plug! :-)

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

My dog leaves the room when I start snipping wire, no matter how carefully I try to control the ends they sometimes get away. I know wearing safety glasses isn't very bling-bling cha-cha looking, but it's better than an injury to your very important visual organs - your EYES! I'm considering doggles - goggles for dogs - they really make them!

Anonymous said...

I always wear my glasses and I have glammed them up with crystals they also are part of my muse so when I wear them I feel like creating something fabulous ! I look good and I feel good at the same I'm protecting my peppers. But I think after the story about the nose attack I might take up nose plugs ! lol
Happy Beading All !