Tuesday, October 21, 2008

$10 Tuesday - Cascading Bloom Pendant

$10 Tuesday is a new feature here at the Art Bead Scene. Our contributors have worked very hard to rise to the challenge of creating beautiful designs that cost $10 or under! While we understand you usually won't be able to buy only one or two beads that are required for a project or 24" of beading wire, the materials used in the projects do fall under our budget.

Cascading Bloom Pendant

by Heather Powers

Supply List

1 teal 14mm disk bead (humblebeads)

1 olive green faceted 6mm glass rondell

1 flat 5mm spacer

1 tulip bead cap

3 faceted teal pearls

1 gunmetal eyepin

3 gunmetal ball headpin

18" gunmetal chain with clasp

1 gunmetal tassel (Rings & Things)

(All other gunmetal findings can be found at Rings & Things or Hobby Lobby. Tulip from the Chocolate Cat. For pearls and glass visit your local bead store or use what you have on hand!)

Step 1: Thread the eyepin through the tulip. Open the eyepin and slip the tassel through the loop, close eye pin.

Step 2. Pull the eyepin with the tassel through the tulip. String on the disk bead, flat spacer and glass bead. Wire wrap a loop on the top. (Directions here.)

Step 3: On the the headpin, string the pearl. Trim the wire to a 1/4" and use round nose pliers to create a loop. Repeat two times.

Step 4. Open the loop on the pearl dangle and attach to one of the ends of the chain. Repeat with the other two dangles.

Step 5: Thread the dangle through the chain.

Have a little extra coin and want the $20 version? Visit my blog for a lariat using the flower pendants.

A tip on buying materials for this project: Rings & Things offers discounts if you buy larger quantities, I always stock up when I place an order to get the best discount. Also, if you have a Hobby Lobby in your area watch out for their 50% off sale on their basic findings.


JenniferJangles said...

Wow! That's a pretty snazzy necklace for under ten dollars. I love it.

AJ said...

The tulip cap alone looks like it should cost about $10! This would be so perfect as an elegant gift on a tight budget.

Anonymous said...

I absolutly love HUMBLEBEADS ! I love her work so very much ! I have not purchased anything yet but this necklace sure gave me some ideas and I really want some of her beads ! This is perfect! The tulip component is beautiful!
Thanks So Much!