Friday, October 31, 2008

The Trendy Bead - Ribbon

I've seen an influx of ribbon related clothing and accessories this month. I like the versatility of ribbon, you can use them in alter art/mixed media jewelry pieces, vintage, steampunk or Victorian inspired designs, or you can use ribbons for a modern twist.
You can entwine ribbon in metal chains, use as a cord with a focal bead, embellish a ribbon choker with a pendant, use a ribbon as a closure or tie little bits of ribbon in between beads for some added texture.
A very modern design by Lorelei Eurto combining a Humblebeads spacer bead with wood, glass, stone, brass and a rich chocolate ribbon closure.

Smoky gray seam binding from WistfulSupplies.

A cuff bracelet by MJM Jewelry Designs using another Humblebeads spacer with silk ribbons.

Hand dyed silk ribbon from Jamnglass.

Raku pendant with silk ribbon by MAKUstudio.

Hand dyed ribbon from JodyPoesy.

Here are some more art bead and ribbon designs that have been entered in the Art Bead Scene Flickr group for various challenges.

Ribbon ideas from Beading Daily

And a few designers who offer inspiring creations with ribbons in their jewelry:

Nina Bagley - Narrative/altered art jewelry

Raven Eve Jewelry - Victorian inspired designs

Gilded Cage Design - Ribbon and button jewelry

I'd love to see your designs using art beads and ribbon. Leave a link in the comments if you'd like to share.


Lorelei Eurto said...

Thanks for featuring my piece HP- Great post today! I ordered some of this seam binding from Wistful's beautiful! Thanks for the info!!

Kristen said...

Wow! I was so excited to see my cuff bracelet here as well. Thanks so much to you Heather for making such beautiful beads! You make it easier to design! :)

MAKUstudio said...

Thank you so much for featuring my raku pendant and hand dyed silk ribbon!!! I use the ribbons from jamnglass! They're gorgeous!

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

I really love this! great article!