Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bead Buying Tips

My favorite thing in the world is to bead shop, you are probably the same! As luck would have it, the Rings & Things trunk show is the week I return from the Bead Cruise. I can't wait to go stock up on my favorites!

I read on Marcia Decoster's blog, a little bead shopping tip that I wanted to share with you. Before she went to Tuscon she made a visual shopping list with the beads she is looking for, labeled in little plastic baggies and attached together with a ring. You can check out her post and photo here.

You may be headed off to one of the big shows this spring or summer, so here is a link to Ms. Bead-It-All's guide to shop til you drop!


Lorelei Eurto said...

Hi Heather!
I love to bead shop too. It's hard to stay organized, I normally show up to a sale without a single idea in my head of what I'm looking for. I end up getting home and realizing that none of what I bought remotely goes together. ;)
Hey, what types of beads will be available at the Bead bizarre on the Cruise this year?

Alice said...

I love to shop for beads too! Just a couple weeks ago I was in San Diego and spent nearly $300 at the Lost Cities bead shop. That's way over my budget, but I only get there about every two years. My best purchase was some lovely carnelian trade beads which date back to the 1500's and earlier. Along with all their gorgeous beads and frendly atmosphere,Lost Cities serves you cookies as soon as you walk in the door, further adding to the bead 'feeding frenzy' Alice

Lisa Crone said...

Hi there! Thanks for the tip! Much better than taping the beads to paper! This is one of those ideas, especially attaching them with a ring, that once you see it, you wonder why you didn't think of that yourself! By the way, I will be living vicariously through all of you on the bead cruise! Have a wonderful time (as if you need any more encouragement!) I've been on two and keep dreaming about another one! Take care, Lisa C.,

Patty said...

I've used the beads in baggies approach before too, and it works great, especially if you're trying to match a very unique bead. However, I always seem to come home with WAY more stuff than was in my visual shopping list! Too many shiny objects, I guess.