Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bead Scoop - Mamacita Beadworks

It's no secret that Mamacita Beadworks is one of my all time favorite beadmakers. I have an ever-growing stash of her buttons that I love using in my designs. Here you can see her seaweed inspired button with my urchin, aren't they just the perfect pair?

Did you know that Mamacita Beadworks has a new website with her entire collection. Run on over to check it out. I'm especially digging the large assortment of nature-inspired charms, like this lotus one:


Anonymous said...

Where are the dark green beads from, they look fab too!

aurin said...

Wonderful bracelet - i love it. Black, grey and metall is a great combination. Beautiful piece.
Regards Iris

Alice said...

Gorgeous bracelet! Thanks for sharing Mamacita Beadworks with us. It's an amazing site!


Heather Powers said...

Thanks Alice & Aurin!

Fire Phoenix - the dark beads are wood, I picked them up at my local Hobby Lobby.

WillOaks Studio said...

This bracelet is just stunning!