Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rings and Things Product Review

The Art Bead Scene was invited to participate in Rings & Things blog partner program. They send a packet of items to review or use in a project, I share my thoughts and results with you.

This round features Disk & Loop Bracelets. I'm not much a "gluer" so I wasn't exactly sure what I could do with these bracelets when they first arrived. I found myself loving the warm antiqued texture of the brass disks and decided instead of covering up, I'd use them as an integral element of the design.

With a little wire-wrapping I added my teal branch disk beads in between the brass disks, skipping every other one. After the the disks were added I made dangles of copper pearls, amber disks and crystals on brass headpins and attached them to the alternate loops.

I love the fit of the bracelet too. Rings and Things offers the disk and loop bracelets in a variety of styles and sizes. This bracelet is 8.2" long and just perfect for someone with a larger wrist, which is always a challenge when working with pre-made bracelet forms.

(A detail of my wire-wrapping.)

To see more projects using the Disk & Loop Bracelets visit the Rings & Things blog. And stop by my blog today for a free project using the Disk & Loop Bracelets.


Rosanne said...

That's a great use for those bracelets, they really are comfortable to wear. R and T will be coming the first week of May. I should put these on my list of maybes.

Beth Hikes said...

I like your clever solution. I never trust glue...there seems to be so many possibilities for detaching :)

Gardanne said...

Heather that is a very unique design, I love the brass showing too.

Dave Robertson said...

Love those teal beads of yours, Heather, kudos to you!

(@Rings_Things on Twitter)

lunedreams said...

this bracelet is TO DIE FOR!!! I was just given the answer of what to do with that strand of funky antique copper teardrop pearls...Some amber, some teal glass, a little brass. Yummy!! Thanks for sharing.

Alice said...

I love that you took an unexpected path for this bracelet. Of course your gorgeous beads are the star of the piece! I must save up some money to buy some of them.


Heather Powers said...

Thanks everyone!