Friday, July 31, 2009

Grab Those Beads & Go!

Some days the world calls and the beads must follow. Maybe you are planning an end of the summer trip, taking classes at a great bead event like Bead Fest or perhaps you are planning on joining me for Bead Cruise in 2010.
With airlines upping their fees for extra baggage and weight, it may no longer be the best idea to bring every bead along for the trip. Below I have created a list of essentials to take on your trip. But first, you need a place to put those beads right? Check out these cute portable storage ideas. The one above holds your tools and a small bead board along with a few essentials. The one below is just too sweet for words, great for packing some of your favorite beads for the trip. Both of these are from Creative Options.

Beading Essentials for Creating on the Go
*Wire cutters & scissors
*Beading blanket or small bead board
*Stringing material - this may be needle & thread, beading wire & crimps or different gauges of wire
*Findings - bring a small selection of your favorite clasps, earwires, jumprings, headpins. (Make them ahead of time if you create your own.)
*Beads - I like to pick out a few coordinating beads or bring a project in progress.
*Class supplies - if you are taking a class, I recommend purchasing a kit from the instructor. It will make it easier for packing - they bring it to the class for you! If a special tool is required, make sure to bring it. Some items on the list are essential to your success in the class and don't assume you can share or pick one up at the event, that may not be the case!
Not essential, but handy:
*An OTT lite is good for those who need extra light, they are portable - remember to bring an extension cord.
*Bead stoppers or tape
*Bead magazine - something to read while on the plane or for a quick fix of inspiration.
*Camera and sketchbook - no doubt your trip will be inspiring, capture images, textures or colors that inspire.
A word about what beads to bring:
Aside from items you need for a class, you may want to think ahead of ideas for a project. Challenge yourself to create from a limited color palette or selection of beads. You may be surprised how creative you get when you limit your choices.
Check with your airline to see what tools can go in your carry-on luggage. Most allow pliers that are 5" or shorter. Hammers and such will need to go in your checked baggage.


Mrs. Dull said...

I flew from Germany to Thailand past june, which was an eleven hour flight. I just had to bring some beads and thread, but scissors weren't allowed. Off course I forgot to pre cut my thread before the flight...
Everytime I needed a new thread I picked up my bobbin and went to the purser to get it snipped. He even came to see what I was doing with all those threads. The flight was a breeze and I had I nice necklace when we went through customs...

TesoriTrovati said...

I am drooling!
I made up a little car trip kit that used at Snapware held the wire and a cut up bead mat and the other held the beads and tools. It keeps me busy with something that won't roll around, like wire birds nests or rings.
Great ideas Heather!
(And I am drooling also over you dangling that carrot of the Bead Cruise. Ack! I soooooo want to go!)
Enjoy the day, Heather!

Esther said...

wowow!! so pretty!! i want the same!! i have all on a big big bag in boxes!! it's not the same!! i think that most of my little beads are on my car.. lol.. on the floor of it..

Metallo Bianco Jewelry said...

Oh! That bead board holder is too cool!

Andrew Thornton said...

I like to bead on the beach.... so these are all excellent solutions to staying upwardly mobile!