Friday, October 30, 2009

Jangles - Sponsor Spotlight

What are your current inspirations?
Right now I am in love with folk art and mixed media. I moved to Georgia three years ago and fell in love with all of the self taught and folk artists we have here. I started collecting paintings, wall hangings... you name it. I am especially in love with anything made from wood that is painted in bright colors. Here's a picture of one of the walls in my family room. Look up in the top left hand corner and you will see my Ruby C Williams painting.

What is your favorite bead that you make?
I have two favorite types of beads to make. They are both very simple. They are the big ball beads, I call them Jangles Pearls and I like making pendants. The reason I like making these the most is they are a great blank surface for painting. The painting is what I love the most about making beads.

When you have to whip up a quick gift, what do you usually create?
For quick gifts, I try to think about the person I am giving the present to and give them something they would like the best. But you can never go wrong with a simple pendant or earrings.

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Jeannie said...

I tend to make earrings. I'm a little more hesitant to throw together a pendant on a chain, leather or ribbon.

I love making beads with polymer clay and the best are the custom orders. People have great imaginations and they inspire me.

Jennifer I love all the new stuff...and old. Carry on

krys kirkpatrick said...

Right now my current inspiration is a deadline! Nothing like a show opening to get you off your duff. Our new gallery and workshop, HUTCH studio is opening November 6th...AHHH the days are not long enough....thank god I love my life!!!

Susan Z said...

When I need to make a small gift for a friend I either make a pair of earrings or a small bracelet. Since I love making both of them it really isn't a "chore". I try to have a batch of them around anyway. I love your ceramic beads-I'm just getting into making polymer clay beads so I love your funky shapes.

Alice said...

Great interview! I just love the bright and cheery colors of Jennifer's beads!

Unknown said...

I work in polymer clay (and a little metal clay) as well as do beadwork and lampwork soft glass beads. Sometimes I get into my embroidery and/or crochet. I make candles (have for about 30 years) and dabble in doll making. The color comments definitely strike a chord with me. Sometimes its hard to decide what it is that I want to do at a given moment but hate to let a day go by without contributing something! Thanks for sharing your work with us - I enjoy the ceramics very much.