Friday, October 16, 2009

Studio Saturday and Show Me The Way to the Holidays

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This week we're visting Lynn Davis in her studio, where the falling temperatures are making her look forward to the coming holiday end of year season.

Welcome to the studio, this week has been busy for me, starting to think ahead about things to create for the holiday decorating and gift giving season.

For fun, I'm combining the cast pewter, resin word charms and the polymer clay, all together. This little medallion is an example, with the word "FAMILY" in the center of the resin word charm. When I added the pewter leaf it reminded me of a geneology, a leaf springing from the family tree.

Maybe that's because of the two gentlemen in the photo, in their coats and hats, one smiling and the other with a serious expression. Surely they were related to each other; or maybe best friends.

I could see the medallion framed, with a shadowbox frame and decorative wallpaper as the backdrop. Maybe with a big silver bow tied to the top loop and hanging from the tree as an ornament, or as an extra "gift" decorating the outside of a gift box.

I remember the old photo albums with the black velvet covers and the heavy cream paper inside, this medallion makes me think of those, with the sepia photos inside, remembrances.

Here's the question I'm considering, leave a response to this post and you might win one of my resin word charms.

Have you started your holiday designing, and are you using Art Beads in your plans? How are you adding Art Beads to your creative holiday projects? Are there beads or designs you wish you could find to make your projects even more special?

Post your response, leave a reply and you might be chosen as the lucky winner who receives a resin word charm!

Posted by Lynn Davis, who is enjoying reaching into the grab bag of creativity and seeing the fun that comes out in metal, resin and such!


Alice said...

Lynn, your pendant is gorgeous! Even as a kid I've always love old photographs, even if they are not of my family. My mother just rolls her eyes--not understanding that these photos have a past, one that brought us all to where we are today.

I don't design jewelry specifically for the holidays as I don't want some sitting around after its over. But sometimes I might make a red piece for Christmas or Valentine's Day, or have some green pieces on hand for St. Patrick's Day etc.

I'd love to win one of your lovely resin word charms!

SummersStudio said...

Lynn, I love this family piece!

All of my holiday prototypes are done and now I'm searching for an extra hour in each day to make them. I've got a few designs in the works and hopefully they will be out by the beginning of November. One of those designs is essectially one large porcelain art bead.

Unknown said...

Lynn, What a lovely is quite inspiring...have to hunt up those old photographs to work with.

I am trying to make time to try the new copper and bronze clays for the holidays and incorporate some of my raku art beads. I love the colors and textures raku gives. I can't seem to make time for the PMC's, but your piece might just change that! I can already envision a piece...thanks so much for sharing your art, your gift for creation.

Would love to find your resin charm waiting in the mail!!! Good luck to everyone! D

Gail W. said...

Lynn,your pendant is different from what I've been seeing.I like old photos,too,but Mom won't let me have any,she likes to remember them,I guess.I'd love to be lucky for once,and win something,maybe this time.And,yes,I use artbeads every Christmas!

rosebud101 said...

I have very few holiday items. It's not that I don't like the holidays, but I find that the market for them is very limited. When I do make holiday items, I do use art beads, but these are beads I make. BTW, I love your family pendant!

Unknown said...

To Gail...maybe your Mom will let you scan the photos in you computer so you can make your own copies. Then you can print on paper or cloth or what ever medium your printer will use.

And there is always the trip to the Kodak print machine at many pharmacies and discount stores. Just place them in the machine, then you have your very own copy on photo paper.

Maria said...

Hi Lynn,
I too love the family pendant...very pretty.
I have just started to think about the holidays. And I feel like I'm already running late and it's not even Halloween! I really hate rushing the seasons, but I also understand that designers need to be designing well in advance for shows and such. Can you believe the holidays will be here in about 8 more weeks! ok, I'm starting to panic a bit now...

the glitzy gypsy said...

Love this piece. I haven't started my holiday stuff yet--are the holidays coming ;}??? I am not ready yet! I have quite a collection of beads, but hope to use some ArtBeads in the near future.

~JL said...

Like everyone, i love this piece, you give such olde world look to your work.

Even though i do not create jewelry, i have and keep getting more ideals to use the pieces that i purchased from you on Etsy, my daughter is learning metal smithing and i have been forwarding her sites for guidance, this is yet another site, that did not know existed and more to check out.

I am going to create a bracelet to go with the resin piece for my niece to go along with some earrings that i purchased from your etsy site, for my daughter, i have a necklace in mind with the chinese red tile, she loves oriental theme type things... i have so many ideas going through my head right now.

I just hope i can do your work justice in special jewelry piece for my daughter and my niece.

Beautiful work of art.


Patti said...

Very cool pendant! I like to make jewelry that can be worn seasonally.

Susan Marling said...

I love the pendant also-I always liked old sepia pictures. I will be adding some art beads to my Christmas gifts. These blogs have been a wonderful way to introduce me to many talented people and their beads and ideas of what can be done with them. I have ordered a number of things(hopefully they will all get done by Christmas).

SueBeads said...

Hi Lynn! I have a holiday bracelet and earring set coming out in Bead Trends, so I need to get started on a pile of those beads! I also have some ideas for my family and friends, so I need to get busy! I never seem to make myself anything, though, so I may just do that too!

Ann said...

I don't design for the holidays, it seems too matchy to wear something specifically for the holidays.

I would like to use more metal clay in my designs. My plan is to learn to make metal clay components.

Mel Mel said...

I wish I could find more components with a fairy tale feel to them but realistic looking and not cartoony. Your work is quite lovely with an older look and feel.

mairedodd said...

lynn, your work really is stunning... your eye for selecting fonts, colors, etc is inspiring... hmm, i am working on metal working techniques, but have to rely on the creators of art beads for my holiday work! so it's a package deal...

Laura said...

Your work is always beautiful!
I am incorporating lots of beads into fabric Christmas ornaments I am making for gifts. Every year I make ornaments for gifts for a variety of people. I have done various mediums and this year it is fabric, embroidery, and beads.

Anonymous said...

Hi, the more I look at your work the more it interests me ---- very creative with an unexplained elegance. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I love the family pendant, so beautiful!
I don't make too many holiday designs, per se, but I do use my own pmc pendants and charms in my jewelry. I also use art beads from some of my favorite Etsy sellers.

EmandaJ said...

Hi Lynn,

I design in fits and starts and haven't begun working on the holidayitems. Maybe I should get my act together! I love your word charms and would be pleased as punch to win one.


LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Thanks, everyone, for sharing your end-of-year seasonal plans with art beads! I want to make some tree ornaments this year, for myself and for gifts. Good to hear about your beading plans.

Amy Guerino said...

I've just jumped into jewelry making and designing because a favorite bracelet broke. I've recently been struck by a piece of literature that has come alive for me and I need a creative outlet beyond writing about it on my blog. A bracelet project might be fun. So, to answer your question about beads or designs I wish I could find. I know there are lots of birds out there and nests, but I need caged birds, and even gilded cages to go with an imprisonment theme in Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens....and light and shadows.

Love the resin word charm here...may have promise for a literature inspired project too.

Found your blog today with looking for inspiring ideas.

rusticangel said...

I think the charm is beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!