Tuesday, August 24, 2010

PMC Button Bracelet Project

I was tickled to death when the PMC button post for my July 31st Studio Saturday had such a warm reception!

Several friends emailed me and asked about the bracelet using the Sea Urchin button with patina-ted brass chain and suede strapping.

Well, here it is! Stepped out with photos so you can create your own version! Think of the variety you can achieve with this simple pattern; different chain, several chains, different colors of suede and leathers and so many different buttons to make comfortable, durable hand crafted jewelry with.

What you need;
1 Shank button
1 Shell bead (the one I used is widely available from retail craft and bead shops)
7 to 8 inches 5mm Brown Suede leather strapping from Lilysoffering.etsy.com
4 to 5 inches 6mm Weathered Patina brass chain from moi
8 to 10 inches 22 gauge dead soft antiqued sterling silver wire
Chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Flush cutters

 Step 1 - Decide on the measurement for the completed bracelet. The bracelet shown is 7.5".
Cut 4" of the 22 gauge antiqued sterling silver wire and create a wire-wrapped loop on the button shank.

Step 2 - Slide on the shell bead and wire-wrap the opposite side of the wire to the 4" piece of patina-ted chain.

Step 3 - To create a nice fit of looped suede over the button, I test before knotting by holding the suede over the button. Keeping your fingers where the button measured on the suede, tie an overhand knot and pull the knot towards the open ends of the suede to tighten it. 

Step 4 - Once the suede loop is formed and slides easily over the button, place the two lose ends of suede into the last link of the patina-ted chain and fold them over. Hold out your bracelet to make sure the folded section of suede is on the inside of the bracelet.

Step 5 - Cut another 4" piece of the sterling silver wire and wrap it tightly over the folded suede. To do this evenly, I start with the middle of the wire and wrap both ends simultaneously until I come to the ends of the wire. Tuck the sharp ends of the wire into the wire-wrapping with your chain nose pliers to prevent the wearer from being scratched.

You're done! Add dangling beads from the chain and the suede for a fancier version or just enjoy the simpler version as I am. You could also add large holed beads to the doubled section of the suede before wire-wrapping the ends to the chain or weave a thin silk ribbon into the chain links for an added punch of color!

Have a great time creating!

Much Love & Respect,



Mari said...

thank you very much Shannon. I love the bracelet!!!

Barbara Lewis said...

Love it! Thanks for the great details!

Miss Val's Creations said...

Great tutorial! I love how this bracelet came out. The button is a wonderful focal point!

Heather Powers said...

I love that urchin button!!!

Anonymous said...

. . natural look . . i like it ;)

Kate said...

Love it! I am about to start my first venture into PMC and this was very inspiring! Thanks for sharing :)

Ann said...

Excellent! Thanks for sharing your creativity.


Unknown said...

Just lovely!!

beautifullybrokenme said...

Thanks Shannon - great tutorial! I've got a couple of buttons that I've been sitting on for a while & now I've got some great ideas about what to do with them! :-)

jessememan said...

gorgeous! Thank you so much for the step-by-step!

Unknown said...

Thank you! I like this project because it is one you can sit with a lap full of components while watching t.v and the next thing you know, you've got 6 to 8 different button bracelets!

Jeannie said...

Oh, Very Cool.

Nick Raymon said...

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