Friday, September 24, 2010

Editor's Pick - Autumn Treasures

I keep seeing this wonderful combination of orange, silver and neutrals in home decorating magazines. I want to sit and make some jewelry inspired by this autumn inspired combination. I'm especially digging on carnelian and labradorite paired with pewter right now. 

Click on this link to view my favorite Etsy picks for this theme.


Kateyed said...

It is a wow of a combination. Some great beads there, too!


lynsey said...

i love this combo too, Autumn has got to be my favourite time of year with regards to colour

Linda Landig said...

I had never thought of combining carnelian and labradorite before. An intriguing idea! Today, I'm wearing a bracelet I designed with labardorite and pearls. So now I'm trying to picture it with carnelian. Thanks for the creative kick-in-the-pants!