Saturday, September 18, 2010

Studio Saturday with Shannon LeVart

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This weeks Studio Saturday is Shannon LeVart of Who is presently not in a studio creating but rather elbow deep in correcting dangling participles.
 What an intense week this has been with the launching of the Color Drenched Metal tutorial. I have been attempting to bring this file to completion for some time now and its delay has been overcome with the help of friends and family.

  In spite of the fact that I am NOT a professional writer, the tutorials I offer are tangible items that I am proud of. Overcoming a lack of funds and a lack of time to pull together organized, thoroughly researched and personally tested files is feat that I pat myself on the back for. I know by the hundreds of emails I receive that I have helped many a jewelry designer achieve personal goals of adding new skills to their repertoire. Sharing what has given me thrilling moments of discovery in my own work is a driving force that I cannot ignore.

    But darn it if it isn't one of the most difficult things to get a handle on!
 - Researching the topic can take months; is someone already offering this? Is this useful, practical information? What kind of buyer will be interested? 
 - Purchasing the necessary supplies to complete the stepped out instructions is expensive. From beginning to end, every tiny detail needs to be accounted for, logged and linked for buyer availability.
 - Photographs need to be focused, well lit, chronologically listed, and edited.
 - Text needs to be clear, grammatically correct and laid out in an easy to read manner.
 - Proof reading by an editor, testing by honest people who will tell you what to fix and re-working it until the tutorial flows is a final process that takes weeks to complete. 

 But complete it is! Ready for consumption so to speak! Aaaaaaaand I have a free copy for a randomly drawn winner next Saturday! 
 However, in order to qualify for next weeks drawing, you must leave a comment with an answer to this question;
What obstacle is in YOUR way of seeing a project to completion? 
 Heath issues in my family is a big obstacle of mine. I am constantly torn between caring for sick ones and soldiering on through business projects. It can make a good mama feel guilty and a good business woman feel neglectful.  But I did something different this time, I asked for help! I received it in abundance and went forward in my goal. And the reward is all that much sweeter sharing it with loved ones who took the time to assist me.

Thank you for sharing your time with us here at Art Bead Scene and for participating in comments!
Much Love & Respect,



EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

I have a project I am currently working on and what is standing in my way is time-not enough of it. Both mom and I are working full time (mom also started a new job) and we have three major shows the next three weekends and just figuring out when we can finish up the project is a juggling feat. This piece is a dramatic piece (well in my mind it is) and I want to do it justice. I think it is a lot of late nights to get it done for the due date. Oh well, who needs sleep anyways! Have a great weekend!

Alice said...

I can't imagine what a project like this entails. To me, I think it would be very stressful, but in the end I would be elated (and proud) to see the finished product.

I just ordered and received my copy and can't wait to delve into it. But today is a full day fo 'doing', so it will have to wait.

My insecurities get the better of me and keep me from finishing things--not matter if it is a one of my many volunteer projects or learning a new jewelry technique.

Congratulations, Shannon on your new book!

Dale said...

I've always drooled over your lovely colors in the metal... to have a tutorial would be so awesome!

As for me, i find often my biggest obstacle of completing some projects as i wish would be living in a foreign country. However, i do my best to make it so that this is not an excuse. Living in South Korea is amazing, and some thigns are oh so very wonderful, real life and jewelry related (today i bought a strand of carnelian for only 5$. 5$!!) but some things are hard (would it be so hard to just get some muriatic acid for pickle???)

However, i do my best to keep searching, as you never know when what you need is just around the next corner. It keeps me thinking creatively as well. I have to think 'okay i can't find that item here, what could i do instead?'

Beverly Herman said...

Congratulations Shannon! I know the hard work that goes into writing and publishing instructions. I can only imagine the time that goes into a book. I need to learn how to manage my time. That is my biggest obstacle.

EmandaJ said...

TIME is the number one biggest obstacle in my way when it comes to jewelry making. I know that all of us get the same 24 hours, and we all use them in different ways, but, darn-it-all if I can't seem to put two minutes together in a constructive way!

Thanks, Shannon, for a great post! I would LOVE to win a copy of your tutorial.


lunedreams said...

Just stopping by to say I purchased Shannon's tutorial the other day and it's outstanding! She reached all her goals--it's thorough, well written, easy to follow, gorgeous to look at. Brilliantly practical. If you're interested in creating patinated metal, BUY IT!!! You won't regret it. (Obviously, I have no need to enter the drawing!)

Unknown said...

if I were being 100% honest I would have to say I am my own biggest obstacle.My studio is a mess, I procarastinate, & I do have those self doubting moments.

Mary Newton Designs said...

Helping to take care of a 15 mo. old who wants her fingers in beads!

abeadlady said...

Looks like it's going to be a great tutorial.
My biggest obstacles are lack of self confidence and procrastinaion. Mostly procrastination, as I think I always have more time than I do. I end up leaving all until the last minute and then have to rush to finish a project.

Erin Strother said...

I'm dying to have this tutorial. I'm totally fascinated with the whole patina process and your work is so beautiful. I'm a big fan.

My biggest obstacle is probably time, followed by money. I have a full time job that pays my bills. My jewelry hobby typically does not pay for itself, so I can't justify taking paid hours away from my graphic design work to indulge my expensive hobby. I always want to buy new tools and materials to further my skill level, but have to put myself on a strict budget and exercise copious amounts of self-control.
Erin S

mary s said...

Sadly, fear of failure and/or of something less than perfection - or of the enormousness of the task and that I'll never finish it.

On a logical level, I know all of those are really unconstructive.

I work on setting a very limited objective and promising myself I can stop when I finish it, e.g., weed one 3 foot square patch in the garden. If I can actually start, that strategy works -

Susanm said...

My biggest obstacle is time/ energy/motivation - although I make jeweley as a hobby, I would like to do more. But I work full-time and have a son who requires a lot of attention. Not to mention my lovely poodle who likes walks. I am lucky that my husband does lots around the house, but many nights, I just feel like collapsing on the sofa and//or reading. I don`t have a good space to work in so that might help too. Christmas is coming and I have a long list of things to make, so I will need to get organized.

Beth said...

Wow, looks amazing, I'd love to learn all the wonderful colour techniques!!

I have fibromyalgia and am going in for surgery for endometriosis next week so my health is a constant battle. Some days I don't have the strength to make anything and I'm left in a head full of ideas. My creativity is what gets me through though even health gets in the way, it will never stop me.

Malin de Koning said...

Oh, I would say my own health issues is the biggest obstacle. On the other hand I wouldn't be doing jewellery on the scale I am doing now unless it was for my health issues. It is the only arena where I express myself and work creativly nowadays.

Although I have to admit I am constantly hunted by everything I WANT to do, but don't get around to. I keep thinking that I could be so so productive. But I just can't ... a real bummer it is. I have a rather impatient personality really. Want to do everything NOW.

But slow work is also worth something. Just look at that fantastic tutorial you have just completed. That is so wonderful. Help from other's is very valuable. Great post Shannon! If I don't win your tutorial I will definately purchase it. Tomorrow I am off to buy an anvil, coz I have started hammering on metal you see :-)

All my best,

Brandi Hussey said...

What a great question! I'd have to say that my obstacle is usually balancing my time. If I don't set aside time to think about and work on my project, I feel restless with it rattling around in my head. If I focus too much time on it, other things suffer. It's a juggling act, for sure.

GailW. said...

First,I'd like to tell you that I love your pieces of colored metal.As to what is really upsetting me and causing problems is my arthritus.It is getting harder &harder to work on small pieces-I could scream!It was good to be able to admit this,thanks.

Cheryl K Roe said...

As I think with every artist, my biggest obstacle is balance. Balancing personal and creative, perfection and productivity etc. Can't wait to see your tutorial. I have always loved metal in all forms and colors.

Ann said...

I have issues, but more mental. I think that I have the classic "failure to succeed" issues. Time is also always an issue.


Elizabeth said...

My biggest obstacle to completing my projects and/or delving into new arty adventures is two fold: time and organization.

My studio looks like a bomb site and the time necessary to organize it alludes me now. But once a week, regardless of the mess, I make a piece, just to still the rampaging creative hyperness.

Good luck with the tutorial sales, sounds amazing.

mairedodd said...

we share the same obstacles you and i... it is that feeling pulled in the ways you describe... i bought your tutorial and have read it and am so excited to start... just have to pick up the warmer... yay!

Sharon said...

I always wondered just what it was that you did to produce such amazing feats of fabulosity on all that metal! Congratulations and a big thank you for sharing your magic with all of us!

Gardanne said...

Right now my biggest obstacle is a right broken wrist and elbow. But the silver lining is that it has made me realize that being creative is more than a hobby for me, it is necessary for my mental health.

I love the title of your e book,its perfect. You should think about an e course I have taken a couple, and its a great way to learn new techniques.

Leslie Gidden said...

Oh my gosh, where to begin with obstacles...Time, Money, not enough knowledge to see it through all the way and!

Your tutorial looks GREAT! Congrats on getting it done!


Unknown said...

First off I lourveee tat picture of you! You really have worked I just know super hard and years to be where you are. I admire that alot. Your manual looks just wonderful. What obstacles? Ive tried to do lampwork for 3 years prior to this. Many discussions and words with my man. Finally I have all of the tools. Obstacle? We just dont like the garage. Tho its a finished garage its just not *Right. Too big and the list goes on. So when somethings not *On..or right you cant get a groove so to speak. So today we looked at outer bldgs. We are now Inspired to get one and have everything *Just So. If the shoe dosent fit correctly you just know it. So that has been my Obstacle now for 3 long months! I guess I am a perfectionest and things just must be right. I have the time and my health for which I am very thankful for.

Diane said...

I believe I am disorganized. When I finally get things put away I can't find them when I want to continue, that and the skill to see the finished product.

Unknown said...

wow, it looks amazing, so far I've only learnt about liver of sulphur, would love to know more.
For me the one real problem is energy - or lack of it. Due to chronic health problems my energy is very low and I have days when I can't work at all. Like others being creative is a necessity, and it has taken me a long time to overcome the frustration and accept there are periods when I can't do much.

Fran said...

What an accomplishment! Your book looks incredible! :)

I think the biggest obstacle for me is fatigue. My job can be very all-consuming and by the time, I come home from work, all I want to do is collapse. I try to push through it but it is very difficult.

Deborah said...

Shannon, I love your work - thanks so very much for this giveaway!

Two big obstacles for me are time and the left brain/right brain struggle: some days I wake up with a surge of creative juice that I'm anxious to pursue, but my whole day is booked with bodywork therapy and fitness training (mostly logical). Then there are those wonderful "free" days when I have plenty of time to be creative, but my brain is still concentrating on a client's problems and all I can think about are further research and study of anatomy and physiology - that part of my brain refuses to be shut OFF.

It's maddening, but makes the days when time, creativity, and productivity come together SO sweet!

Shannon Chomanczuk said...

Hey Shannon,
you know I love your stuff and follow your blog so I am super excited about you sharing your knowledge. :=)
My insecurities and time management are what stop me. I waited a very long time to put items online for sale always finding a reason not to. No boxes, no tissue paper, no biz cards, etc.
Time is a big one now that I have a 15 month old daughter so today I want to fuse glass and I just called and asked my MIL to watch her! That is a huge step for me as I never ask for help with her.
Thanks again and I hope I win!!!

Yeli said...

My biggest obstacle is time. The one that follows is my back problems, they do not let me sit for more than a short while at a time which is not good for inspiration.

Good luck with the tutorial sales!

JeannieK said...

Love your e book. I biggest obstacle is time, balance and myself sometimes.

Jan Thomason said...

Besides my health........
My studio looks like a crack (or "crap") house.

Christina Ann Jewelry said...

The obstacle(s) in my way is mostly me. I am easily distracted (especially on the computer) and have a hard time focusing. I am a perfectionist and every little detail has to be perfect...too perfect. Space is also an obstacle. I just don't have enough of it.

Christina Dauenhauer

Winchell Clayworks said...

I've been suffering from a total lack of motivation lately. Then, when I started to get it back, my kiln broke down. The kiln is fixed, but now I have to gear myself up again...

swopemelmel said...

I need updated equipment!!! Everything is old, old computer, old windows, old camera, etc... I would LOVE to Blog.

Do Be Do Bead Do said...

You should be very proud of yourself. I know that I'm proud of you (and we have never met)! My biggest obstacle is myself. I allow myself to get easily overwhelmed by the sometimes mundane workings of every day life raising a family by myself, working, keeping after my health (I am a diabetic). Like others I have to take things one day at a time, or more realistically one minute at a time, and carry on.

Linda Landig said...

My biggest obstacle is not the jewelry itself, but photographing it for my web store. This takes a whole different skill set and although I have gotten better, I am still often frustrated. My next largest issue is probably keeping all my supplies well organized so I don't spend oodles of time hunting for things.

Congratulations on your book. Its a huge accomplishment!

Unknown said...

My biggest obstacle, and my business partners's, is being distracted. We have a great plan for the day, get started, then something happens, or we see a different bead or project, or someone comes into the shop, or our eye catches a new pretty somewhere on a table we walk by. . . You get the picture.

Can't wait to learn from you, but will have to wait to finish my current projects. Hmmm

Kristi Wodek said...

I would so enjoy your tutorial! I love your work. I think my biggest obstacle is myself. I don't make and honor the time that I need to follow a project through.

Ali said...

My challenge right now is being in the middle of a move and being stalled out because I have to wait for the new place to be ready. Having all my gear boxed up sure makes it hard to finish what I'm working on.

Diane T said...

Your have just hit a very sensitive nerve. I have been saying for months that as soon as my heath problems resolve, I am going to immerse myself in learning polymer clay, metal clay and just about any other jewelry making endeavor. Now I am just about well and finding myself in a paralysis of fearing that I will not understand the instructions or that I will not like the outcome or have a create crisis. Finish? Well, I can't finish what I don't start. Thanks for my moment of truth.

Diane T - just found this website tonight. More than a co-oincidence?