Saturday, October 9, 2010

Studio Saturday with Lynn Davis

Welcome to Studio Saturday! Each week one of our contributors gives you a sneak peek into their studio, creative process or inspirations. We ask a related question of our readers and hope you'll leave comments! As an incentive we offer a free prize each week to bribe you to use that keyboard. The following week we choose a random winner.
This weeks winner is commenter Paige Maxim! Congratulations!! 

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This week we are visiting the studio of Lynn Davis, who is working hand in hand with some other people, to make parts that combine and become an even greater whole.

Welcome to the studio, the fall weather has finally arrived and it brings many new and challenging things. Recently, Erin Prais-Hintz send me a package of her favorite and unique keys, to see if I could successfully mold them and re-create them as jewelry components in cast pewter.

I love when folks trust me with their originals, it makes me feel great thinking that I can give a new, second life to an antique or personal item by reproducing it. They are really special!

A while back Deryn Mentock sent me a paper bag of her remarkable finds in buttons, they are like tiny sculptures. I like finding ways to turn them into charms and connectors, to be used in unusual jewelry designs. It preserves the old, quaint designs and gives them a chance to beautify someone in a new way.

Some of them I turned into rings, with an adjustable band, so anyone could wear a little renewed piece of the past. 

I can picture them originally on a lady's coat or vest, the pretty button ornamenting a simple garment. Some of the buttons are quite large, and very ornate. I know that some folks collect buttons as a hobby, and seeing these, I surely understand why. They are truly lovely.

An example is this round, ornate button that Erin included with the keys. 

I really appreciate when others share their special items with me, and allow me to reproduce them and share them with you, and also to create with them myself. It gives me the feeling that history is a circle, turning around all of us, in small ways and large ones, like the changing seasons of the year.

Reply to this post with a comment, answering this question, and you might win one of the reproduced buttons!

Have you recently collaborated with others, to come up with something unique? Maybe it was online, or in person, or by teaching someone else a technique you know. Do you participate in swaps and round robins, and did you enjoy the teamwork there? How has a creative endeavor helped to connect you with others who share your creativity?

If you are the winner, you'll become part of my collaboration with Erin, too, in a way. I like that most of all.


Alice said...

Lynn, I love reading your blog and seeing the amazing components you create.

I have never really collaborated with other artists to create a piece together, nor have I been fortunate enough to participate in a round-robin or bead swap, though I hope to in the future. About the only collaboration I've done (not sure it even counts) is to have home shows with several friends who make and sell their wares.

I'd love to win one of the buttons!


sharon said...

In the past year I have participated in a round robin with some national and international jewelry artists. It was the best experience be able to connect with pieces of jewelry, sharing our own techniques and ideas with each other, inspiring each other, learning from each other. It has connected us all within our very souls. It teaches you to see or view things in a way you may have never thought of. We feed off of each other...sometimes it hard to put into words, it is a magical process.
Your work here is beautiful!

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Lynn, welllllll, I think of our little venture as a collaboration! I love what beautiful pieces you made from my finds in France. They are fabulous. And what you did to them when you reproduced them were perfect. I'm not a huge participant in swaps, just so little time to do that, but wish I did more. And on the last question, the blogging world has opened up so many connections, with all the talented ladies out there, I'm loving it. Visiting blogs is hugely inspirational to me, and I hope I inspire those who visit me. Great questions Lynn, take care, Riki

The Beading Gem said...

I haven`t really done any of the collaborative projects or bead swapping - I`m just a blogging addict at heart.

But I must say those components are drop dead gorgeous! I especially like the keys which have so much potential in jewelry designs. One wonderful artisan I came across uses a captured key wire working technique -

Unknown said...

I have done both bead soup & soup swaps as well as an additional swap. When I do these I usuallu get beads I would never pick for myself so I have to step outside my comfort range. I have some of lynn's skull & love those, & I have to admit to checking out the cherries button ring in the shop last week!

Erin Strother said...

I draw inspiration from others all the time, and seek out advice from a few designers I know and trust. I have never participated in a swap or done a true collaboration, although I am always open to new ideas.
Erin S

Ann said...

I participated in Lori's bead soup this summer. To design with someone else's choices was really fun. I have participated in an art round robin. A package of art and letters went around the country and everyone added pieces. I have no idea where the package lives, but it was fun to look through it as it came through my house!

The keys are fabulous!

Shai Williams said...

I don't know that I have really collaborated with anyone though I have taught friends how to fuse. But we never made jewelry together.

Yeli said...

I have not collaborated with another artis on a creation but I have participated in Bead and Necklace swaps. The las Bead swap was great, it inspired me so much. I was not beading so much any more and started beading a lot again after that swap.
The necklace swap keeps me connected to the group and to jewelry making.

Gail W. said...

I've never participated in any swaps or round robins,though I've been told that it helps a person get a new take on their work.I just love the keys that Erin sent you,and the buttons.My mom has collected buttons for about 60 years,they are amazing.Little works of art.Thanks for taking your time to write about such an interesting ArtBeadScene subject.

Sally Anderson said...

I've never done any collaborative creative work but from working collaboratively in an office on various projects, I know it can be hugely productive and fulfilling. I'm still way too new at the jewelry to do that but I hope to one these days! I'd love to win and try my hand! Thanks. --SallyA

Coty said...

Well the only way I have really collaborated with someone is when a friend's sister gave me a family brooch to turn into a necklace for her wedding day. I had so much fun making it and we worked together to make just the right style for her! I've never been part of a swap but I sure would like to! I have so many beads that haven't been used in years that I'm sure someone else would love to have.

Shannon Chomanczuk said...

Does a collaboration with my husband count? He is a wood artist and I am always bouncing designs off of him.
I am participating in 2 bead challenges this month 1 on Gaea's blog and 1 on Lorelei's blog. Both a first for me and I am really excited with how things turned out.
I hope to participate in bead soup in the future.
I would love to win a button bead and those keys are amazing!
Shannon C.

Dale said...

Oh wow! I am so excited to see these button reproductions. I remember reading on Deryn's site, seeing the pictures when she first got them, and drooling with envy. And now to have a chance to win some of those gorgeous reproductions?? Boggles the mind!

As for the collaborations, i am sorry to say i have no experience with doing these. Living overseas it's somewhat isolating. However, i know this is just an excuse. It is something that is on my to-try list, but probably won't happen till i go back to canada.

Försäkringar said...

Lovely pieces!
It's good to collaborate with others. Most of all, I like the energy that unites us. Sometimes others can speak your mind out, and it's indeed healthy for everyone.

yogavq said...

I have some special friends I make jewelry with, learning something new each time.
Would love to have one of those fav buttons.


Paula Lee M. said...

I did one collaboration with a glass bead artist several years ago. Her beads, though kinda done to my vision, inspired the final design. Although we did not win, it was an interesting way to work. I haven't done any swaps or such. I never seem to have the time to do it.

I get a lot of inspiration from bloggers and my friends. We meet once a week to bead together, and bounce ideas off each other.
Thank you for such an interesting article.

MoonRae said...

Over the past 6 or 7 years I've been in at least 100 swaps,rr's and collaborations. They are probably some of the best times I've had with people I didn't know.I got into beading art dolls after becoming very disenchanted with my work as a goldsmith and lapidarist.I suffered a huge disappointment with some pieces of mine being copied and mass produced EXACTLY...
This man didn't even change the type of stones that I had used(that I cut/faceted myself)...
I came back from Arizona and took every picture of jewelry I had "out" there down and off my cards and fliers and quit making jewelry.
Then, I found yahoo groups and joined some that had nothing to do with my craft. I learned to bead and started making art dolls. I participated in doll rr's and swaps. Thus begins my passion with all this wandering,traveling art....Then comes the mixed media and cool collaborations,each artist adding their spin to the traveling piece. Then I find the charm thing....Thanks Amberdawn and Ruth Rae etc.etc. This brought me back to my jewelry roots. All of this swapping and collaborating has taught me to trust again.
It is so satisfying to have things that have a little piece of spirit/energy from other artisans.People you may never meet face to face, but yet you know them.....they are now called friends....
Groups,blogs,even ABS has opened up a whole new world to me. Thanks to all of you out there, I'm truly grateful

Pretty Things said...

Collaboration is SOOO much fun!

sandi m said...

While I've not participated in a formal collaboration, I collaborate in another way by designing around the beautiful lampwork pieces I've collected over the years.
I recently designed a necklace inspired by a painter's artwork. When I finally met the artist, she was elated at my creating jewelry from her artwork.
Lynn, the castings turned out beautiful. Would love to add that little button to my collection.

beth said...

So far I have not done any collaborating but this makes me want to try! My first experience with a swao was not a good one (I never got anything) so I feel a bit burned to be honest!

moonsockrose said...

I collaborate with friends, but haven't branched out to others. I love what you have done with the buttons, but as a button collector, I hope that you have preserved the integrity of the original buttons.