Saturday, April 9, 2011

Studio Saturday with Missficklemedia

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 So today is the 9th of April. I have been both dreading and looking forward to this day. Today we will be closing missficklemedia and placing the shop in vacation mode for up to 10 days. I have only closed the store twice since I first started my little shop in 2006 and both times were emergencies due to health issues. This time it is not an emergency, but it is necessary as we make our way down to Florida from Missouri for a 1,200 mile trek to our new shindig located in Satellite Beach!  This is a dream turned reality for my family and we are looking forward to a calmer, healthier way of life, living coastal.

 This move represents a major accomplishment and marks a period of overcoming in our lives. With so many obstacles to hurdle and uncertainties to bear, we are determined to move forward with our eyes fixed to the horizon, where sky meets sea.

While Mike fulfills his dream of diving and the kiddos enjoy their new pool, I will be constructing new items inspired by the sea, like these new Benthic Bowls;
  A tiny, copper ring dish, formed into the shape of a shell, treated with a combination of blue and green patinas for an ancient appearance. I would love to share one with one of you! In order to get your name in the drawing for one of these ring dishes next Saturday, please answer this question;

What would you do if you could not fail?
Robert H. Schuller

Robert is a big influence in my life. He tells us;

“High achievers spot rich opportunities swiftly, make big decisions quickly and move into action immediately. Follow these principles and you can make your dreams come true.”


I know, this is heavy. You just want an art bead for Pete's sake!  But just give it a few minutes and let me know in comments, what would you do if you could not fail?

Much Love & Respect,

Shannon LeVart


m.e. said...

I would quit my "pay the bills job"
and move with my hubby to the Florida Keys!!! I would make a reasonable living just selling my beads!(You said if I could not fail right?)
I would Dive almost everyday and take naps on the beach!
It is wonderful that your family is living their dream!!!
I can NOT wait to see your new creations!!!!!!!
m.e. :)

Steph said...

I've heard that quote before. While I appreciate it's value to others, I have always made a point of doing things even if I could fail. There's a good - if neurotic - reason for that. At 15 I was pregnant. At 16 I had my eldest son. Do you know what people expect of 'girls like that'? They expect us to fail, and they have a very firm mental image in their head of what 'girls like you' do with their lives. I'm 35 and it's not a big deal any more but I ignored the 'you will fail' WORLD I lived in and graduated high school (well passed my GCSEs and A Levels which is the equivalent here in the UK). I did my university degree part time and passed that too. I moved away from the backwards town I grew up on and explored new cities and new ways of looking at life. I met a wonderful man with a good career and married. I bought a house, and I've been running my own business for 8 years now. I've also jumped off cliffs, climbed mountains and travelled to the opposite side of the world. If I'd let myself believe the 'you will fail'ers none of this would have happened. I believe anything is possible, for anyone regardless of their circumstances or past mistakes :o)

So I don't need to know I won't fail. I just need to know I have it in me to try.

Much love

Anonymous said...

Good luck and congratulations on your move to the coast!!

What would I do it I could not fail?

I would contact popular beading artists, beading magazines, and beading book publishers for a job testing beading patterns and instructions. I don't have any expierence in precisely this area, but I have worked as a quality control specialsit, a technical writer, and a training instructor. Now that I've picked up beading I would love to put it all together and make a career. :-)

Alice said...


I'm excited about your new life in Florida, and I can't wait to see how things unfold. I'll try to be patient for news while you get settled.

I've always been very shy and introverted. This has been a big stumbling block with all the things I want to do in life. I love volunteering for a worthy cause and wish I was more confident speaking in public. Because of this I remain in the shadows--so to speak, doing the little jobs when volunteering. So if I knew I could not fail, I would become a voice for all the charities that are close to my heart.

I'll be praying for a safe trip today. I'm hoping the weather is good on your drive down there.

Christine said...

I would buy a rural property here in central VA with 20 or so acres and a house and several outbuildings that could be turned into a place for art retreats. I would teach and have teachers in, I would have a dedicated workshop space for myself, and another for the art groups, cabins for the attendees, gardens, a barn for the horse I really want, and plenty of space for my three children. Funny thing is, I've already seen two properties that would be perfect.

rosebud101 said...

If I knew I could not fail, nothing. It's through failure that we learn our most important lessons. Best of luck in your new home.

Azure Accessories said...


Love your work Shannon...the ring dish is great.
Much luck in the journey you are embarking on!


Cheryl K Roe said...

This is a hard one for me, I really don't think about failure. It has never stopped me from doing anything. I just dive in and go. I have just taken the attitude that if I work hard enough I will get out what I put into it.

Mimi said...

For me, that is a very simple question. . .I'd quit my 'real' job, and devote all my time to my jewelry designing. Congrats on your new adventure, and thanks for the opportunity to win that incredible creation! :)

Unknown said...

I'd try again...

Stepha said...

What would I do if I could not fail, I believe everybody should fail at something, it is how you grow to learn, and what lessons come from. I would not want to -not fail, because then I would have the aspect on life that I am better than those who have it harder. I love my life now, I would like it to be a little eaiser money wise, but would not change anything. I have a wonderful family.

Spirited Earth said...

wishing good luck and easy traveling with your upcoming move.
some years ago i move 2,400 miles..the drive seemed to go on forever..
if i could not fail i would live my life in a most authentic manner without being nervous,ever, over what others thought about my choices.

Maneki said...

Good luck with the move! Hope life in Florida will be all you wish for and more.

Well, I've spent this week feeling sorry for myself because I did fail. Failed something I truly wanted. Failure is part of life, but when it happens one time too many it's hard to keep trying because you know how much failure can hurt if it's something your really, truly wanted and pour your inner most hopes into. And when people tell you to cheer up and see it like a lesson for the future. Well, it doesn't make it hurt less when you're in the middle of it.

I must say, before my failures I dared much more and had a better trust in my ability to succeed. It may teach us valuable lessons, but it can also dent you for life. I do still hope that I would do certain things regards if I had a guarantee not to fail or otherwise. But I have to admit that I am burnt and it takes time to regain confidence and trust to try again whole-heartedly. If I knew I couldn't fail, I'd probaly open myself up and devote myself to all the things I want. For now, I'm still licking my wounds, hoping that I'll somewhere, somehow find confidence to try again.

Gardanne said...

I'm afraid of failure, it is something that fortunately has improved a little with age and experience. Like some of the other comments, I don't even want to entertain the thought of never failing. Because I believe the true courage and strength in an individual is failing and then moving forward.
Making beads and then selling them had been something I put off for a long time, because I was afraid to fail. Once I took that first step, I have found it is easier to take the next steps. Its that darn first one that is so difficult.
I am so happy for you and your family taking that "first step" towards your dreams.

Elaine said...

Good luck in Florida!

I've heard the saying a lot but it never really inspired me because early on I failed a lot. And I mean a lot. And, for the most part, I got back up and kept on going.

By adulthood I had pretty thick skin and was happy to keep on failing at things because there's no other way to get where you're going.

I do envy folks who figure a way to get where they're going with fewer bruises though!

SueBeads said...

Shannon, congratulations! I would move, like you, but somewhere like Tahiti or Japan or France - if I couldn't fail, that would be amazing to me!!!!

cindydolezaldesigns said...

Well, short of bringing husband back to life, which I think would mess with the universe as a whole, I would fulfill my dream of becoming a published, successful children's book author.

Erin S said...

thats a tough one. Run for office? No. Open a restaurant? No. Get a recording contract? tempting. Write a book? Maybe. Launch my own jewelry magazine? Hmmm. That could be the one.
Good luck in FL, Shannon. You will love the coast and the sun-especially in those cold winter months.
Erin S

Shannon Chomanczuk said...

It's funny that this is your question because when I lost my bank job hubby asked me that and that is how I got started down this path. My husband was almost killed in a car accident on our 2 month wedding anniversary and we have lived this way since then. What if tomorrow never comes? I have really been striving to live this way which is why after only 2 years of doing nails I opened my own salon, after 8 years of marriage we decided to get pregnant and after years of making jewelry I decided to enter magazines and competitions. I realized no from an editor isn't the worst thing in the world and you do survive.
Great question Shannon and I hope your move goes well with no complications!
Shannon C

Unknown said...

Failure teaches so many lessons. But is failure really failure? In a deadline and an answer yes it would be. But failure is a galliant teacher to stretch oneself and learn more and push ones self to a higher calling. If we didnt have the winters we could never really enjoy the Springs.
I am so happy for your move YeY! Picnics on the beach, shell picking, sea creatures, a beautiful life ahead for yall!
Drive safely! xx

Connie said...

What a deep question. My first thought was "I'd be bored". I think to fail should be a challenge to do it better, different, etc. Without challenges we wouldn't be able to learn and grow as people and as artists. I have a lot of challenges LOL.

Christine said...

Good luck in your "journey"!
If I could not fail, I would make & sell jewelry - doing that! Learn to write (it's always been a passion) - taking steps towards that! Every "step" in life can lead to failure - "live" your life & you won't fail - that's how I've learned to live my life & I'm teaching my boys that, too!
By the way, be-a-utiful ring dish!! Good luck - may you sell many!

Mary Newton Designs said...

Being essentially introverted and insecure, if I knew I wouldn't fail
maybe I could promote myself more to stores and galleries.

Can't wait till you're all settled in Florida. Have a good trip!

Unknown said...

Don't think I could survive without failure!
Welcome to FLA as I live here and it is a Good Thing!

Grubbi said...

If I couldn't fail....well I guess you wouldn't learn too many lessons eh? I believe people learn from experiences and pass on knowledge through the generations because of those greatest achievements and failures...if one never failed then one would never feel the wonder and pride of achieving something well earnt. But if I had to answer the question...if I couldn't fail, I would want to instill in my daughter the want to try.

GailW. said...

I would like to begin my life again.To change the things that caused great sorrow in others.To change the way I have lived my life.

adlinah said...

Failure is my biggest fear. So if I couldn't fail? I think I'd do a number of things. I'd start and run a non-profit outfit to help disadvantaged kids (we'd have arts & crafts programmes/activities for sure), learn metalsmithing and open a store selling my jewelry, and probably write children's books - preferably from my beachfront home somewhere Down Under :-).

Heather said...

What would I do if I could not fail?
Well, back in December I was invited to put my handcrafted jewelry into a downtown gallery here in beautiful Fernandina Beach, Florida.
This Jersey girl and my husband moved here almost 11 years ago from Georgia. I've been doing handcrafted jewelry for years, but never got "serious" about it till about four years ago.
Since day one, it's been my dream to have my jewelry in a shop downtown. I never thought it could happen to me but now it has--because I believed in my dream and so did the wonderful proprietors of the shop. Now my jewelry sells better each month and soon will be Shrimp Fest and I'm looking forward to Big Things.
Good for you for moving to the Sunshine State! You're going to love it here. WELCOME!!

Unknown said...

That is the point of the question; that failure not be seen as failure but rather the end result of exactly what it should be.

cw whitedogjewelry said...

First of all, best of luck in your new and exciting journey.
Yes, failure makes us stronger and wiser. If I were to admit my weak point, and if I had a crystal ball to see into my future, I would seriously start to sell my jewelry designs. My fear is a financial one, at this stage of my life, and I have to strongly consider all the possibilities. Newly retired, that is a major concern. So, for now, I will continue to create jewelry for fun and keep an eye on future possibilities.

Sally Anderson said...

It isn't fear of failure that's kept me from doing things. All my life it's always been fear of success! I know that sounds stupid but that's the way it goes. With success comes huge, HUGE responsibility for more and more and more and that seems overwhelming to me. I've been very successful in spite of myself, professionally. But I've never let myself go creatively. That's a combination of fear of success and fear of failure. Seems like an oxymoron but it makes perfect sense to me.

I applaud you and your brave move. We are wanting to make a big move, too and can't seem to get off the pot and do it. I hope you'll blog about the experience!

Best wishes for only good things!

mary s said...

I agree with Sally Anderson! The stakes get higher when you succeed - and it can be easier to just sit back and do it all in your head instead of in real life.

But, nothing ventured, nothing gained - I'm so happy for your move and the opportunities you've earned and made for your family.

Malin de Koning said...

I think you could read it two ways.
1. What would you do if you where not allowed to fail? If you had to be absolutely certain you would succeed?
2. What would you do if it wasn't possible for you to fail, if you knew you would succeed whatever?

I really liked reading everyone's answers. I did that after I had thought of my own. And that's when I realized that quite a few have read the question in a different way than myself. And so did my husband when I asked him.

I myself read it like number one, and my answer is: I would make sure I planned and prepared as thoroughly as possible. And I'd keep going until I did succeed. Then I thought "but what is to "fail" really?". And I realized I don't ever think about failure. I just try another way of doing it. What's the problem? "Aha, it didn't work out as I thought. Let's see if it would work better like this instead." I thought back to my childhood and understood that I have always been like that. I think people are just different in this aspect. And I thank my lucky star that I have never been afraid of failing. I'd even go as far as to say "I don't think I have ever failed". Honestly I don't. From someone else's point of view I might have, but that's not how I see it. Of course there are things I really suck at. I just don't bother too much about them, and instead I do what I like. It's all life and experiences. And I love it!

Someone who read the question like number two said "I would be bored". And so would I.

So everyone: What is it to fail really?

Mary Anne said...

I think Malin made a good point for answer the question I need to know what is it to fail?

Probably pretty different for each one.
For me, as I decided to have a family, failing to provide for them, in all aspects..financially, emotionally, etc.
So..what would I do?..ok don't laugh..or wince..I'd play pro golf..can't fail..right? that way I could feed my bead habit..make what moved me the most with diamonds and gold and the most wonderful art beads in the world, without having to make what sells most and always counting the pennies. But thinking again..not able to fail..don't think anybody would like me very much..perhaps 'not to fail' is learning to live with failure.

Karen Williams said...

A world in which I could not fail sounds rather frightening, no matter which of Malin's two definitions you use.

I think I'd rather have a world in which I was wise enough to know what I really want, brave enough to go after it, and lucky enough to have the support of family and friends while I do.

The first two I struggle with, but I am incredibly fortunate to have the later.

BooBeads said...

Honestly when I first read that, I thought, "what's life without failure?" It wouldn't be great!

I was happy to see others share that with me!

It teaches us, makes doing something a third time worth it in the end for continuing on...I just can't imagine life without failure!

Enjoy your move to the sunshine state, my favorite place of all time to visit!

Lucid Moon Studio said...

Interesting question and even more interesting to read everyone's comments. When I run, failure is not an option and I try to never set limits on myself. This way, the sky is the limit, as they say. It is an exciting journey to see how far you can go with something and see how well you can succeed. I think the only way you can fail is if you fail to try.

Love your new bowls! Excited for your trip, you will love it here, as I've said many times before!!

Ashleigh Becker said...

Well, since I've always wanted to be home with my babies & that's what I'm doing this is a tough question. Of course I'd love to make more jewelry & it would sell like hot cakes. Even more, I'd love to be supermom & have a foot in the business world. Right now, it seems I can't do it all so I have to choose what's the most important & that's simple - my son. :)

roseworksjewelry said...

Have fun with the beach!

Hmm...I think I would put all my time into jewelry and writing. And not have to worry about the bills :P

Stories They Tell said...

Shannon, as we have so thankfully come to expect from you, you have shared not just your jewelry and artistic expertise, but your life and dreams with us! We are the luckiest of people to know you! So thrilled that you guys will be living the life of your dreams. Keep us all posted!

Eileen said...

Best wishes to you on your new adventure.
I would buy a few acres and have a small but self-sustaining farm--with sheep and alpacas.
And of course continue to make jewelry.

TesoriTrovati said...

First off... congratulations MissFickle and family! This is a truly joy-filled experience. Safe travels!

And second... don't pick me... (obviously)...

This quite is something near and dear to my heart as well. If I knew that I could not fail I would quit my day job tomorrow. I would roll my time up into really making my art something that is truly me, a conglomeration of all the things that I have learned and continue to learn, and I would present that to the world in various forms... through an enhanced shopping experience, through reaching out to more art galleries and maybe even some art shows as well. If I knew I would not fail I would take my art to the next level instead of holding onto the safety of those things that are known.

Good question, Shannon! Now I am off to read the other answers!
Enjoy the day!

Lisa said...

If I knew I would not fail . . . I would have my own business, some kind of quaint little shop with a little of everything women love, little indulgences! Reality sets in, (in the form of unemployment, ugh!) and my unfailing dream is holding up a big "STOP" sign. Oh, well, baby steps, so maybe one day....

Dale said...

Congratulations on your move, hope everything is settling in well with your family.

If i 'could not fail'? I'm choosing to interpret this as 'things working for the best'. If this was the way, i would go back to being a substitute teacher instead of full time, and only work a couple days a week (but i wouldn't give up teaching!)

Also, in the rest of time, i would take time to 'experience life'. Travel and see more countries here around asia (currently a canadian living in korea), go to workshops, and spend more time on my jewelry.

stacilouise said...

If I could not fail, I would do everything the same, just with no failures!