Thursday, June 9, 2011

Meet the Designer :: Kimberlee Peters of SingingCat Studios

Allow me to introduce to you artist Kimberlee Peters of SingingCat Studios.

I first came across Kim's beautifully detailed polymer clay in a bracelet that she submitted to the February ABS Monthly Challenge. I love the dreamy quality of the color palettes she uses, the intricate textures and the mixed media focus with the addition of antique buttons and the like. And the fact that she makes them as pretty from the back as they are from the front tells me that she really cares about her art. Come along and learn a bit about Kim...

EPH:: How long have you been making jewelry? What got you started doing this? Have you taken classes or are you self-taught?
KP:: I've always liked beads; I used to design and make women's clothing for a living and love fabric, ribbon, beads, anything related to fiber and jewelry.  Finally, I started to make jewelry about five years ago after I took a basic stringing class at a local bead store. The class immediately turned me into a complete beadaholic, and I've been collecting beads and making jewelry ever since. I've taken only one other jewelry class, a beadweaving class that got me hooked on seed beads. As for working with polymer clay, I am entirely self-taught.

EPH:: What is the meaning behind your name "SingingCatStudio"?
KP:: I have three cats--Oliver, Tallulah, and Maddy (she insists on spelling her name with a "y")-- all of whom "sing" in their own unique style.

EPH:: I first found you when I was seeking components for the February 2011 ABS challenge of Sargeant's painting. Your polymer clay beads are soft and ethereal. Have you always worked in polymer clay? What draws you to this medium?
KP:: I started to work with polymer about two years ago. I was attracted to the medium because it is versatile and can be combined with so many other materials. I am especially drawn to color, so I use mica powders in all of my work and am always looking for new colors.

EPH:: How has your style evolved from when you started until now?

KP:: When I started working with polymer, I had no style. I experimented for almost a year before I developed my current technique. About ten months ago I also started to finish the back of my beads with stamping ink and liquid polymer. I now look at earlier pieces and feel that they are incomplete and not as polished as my current work. My jewelry is becoming somewhat more complex although I need to continue to work with new materials and styles.

EPH:: Where do you find your greatest inspirations?

KP:: Inspiration comes from everywhere. Although I am a writing professor, I have a master's degree in art history, so I'm definitely inspired by art, especially early twentieth century art. I also find inspiration in nature and fashion. Honestly, I often times don't know where my ideas come from. I'm just glad they arrive.

EPH:: As anyone who is creative knows there is always something new to learn. If you could learn one thing that you don't know how to do, whether it is related to your beadmaking or not, what would that be?

KP:: I get to pick only one thing?! I'll stick with beading and say that I need to learn better and more wire techniques.

EPH:: What is next for SingingCatStudio?
KP:: I'm hoping to do some craft shows this summer and will continue to exhibit at bead shows, including Bead Fest Philadelphia in August. I'm working on new shapes and types of beads, and simply want to continue to push my jewelry making and designing skills and creativity.

Thanks for taking the time to share a bit of your process with us, Kim! We look forward to seeing more of your interpretations of the ABS Monthly Challenges, especially the newest one with its ethereal subject and dreamy palette. Visit Kim's Etsy shop to purchase her complete pieces in necklaces, bracelets and pins, and also to buy her pendants and focals for use in your own creations.
SingingCat Studios Etsy shop can be reached at:
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Erin Prais-Hintz writes about all things that inspire her at Treasures Found::Inspiration Is Everywhere. Her jewelry designs are one-of-a-kind made one-at-a-time. She collects quotes and dust and invites you to send her your favorite (quote - not dust!) to

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Unknown said...

Oooo..her work is gorgeous! I love texture and these piece make me wish I could reach through the computer to be able toe touch them. I love the color palette, too. Amazing work with polymer clay. I'm constantly amazed by what clay artist are doing with polymer these days.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for introducing me to Kim... her work is truly amazing and inspiring.
Have a wonderful afternoon!
Take care,

My Life Under the Bus said...

Love the colors and textures! Really beautiful work!

Therese's Treasures said...

Wow I love what Kimberlee does with clay and mica powder the pieces are beautiful. I'm going to have to check out her Etsy shop. Thank you for giving us a chance to meet Kimberlee.

Lupe Meter said...

Love Kimberlee's PC creations! She does beautiful work! Love how she incorporates the mica powder and textures, and adds a little bling to her pieces!

Singing Cat Studio said...

Thank you everyone for the lovely comments! I really love what I do, and I'm lucky right now to have a few weeks off before I start teaching my summer courses to work with all of the inspiration I found in a recent roadtrip from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to Las Vegas. I hated the Vegas strip but the colors and textures along the road were amazing.

earthlyjewels said...

Beautiful work!!!