Saturday, June 4, 2011

Studio Saturday with Shannon LeVart

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This week we visit the studio of Shannon LeVart at 

I am now posting to you from Florida!
 I am crazy busy setting up a work studio and fulfilling a few projects I committed to before moving, but we are settling in nicely. Visiting the ocean daily, signing the kiddos up for summer camps, making new friends and setting up a new work schedule. 
It is chaotic but thrilling! As if going through the mundane task of daily living is somehow transformed by the sound of pounding waves.
I would love to share my new work space with you;
Yep! I work outside!
I am usually up by 7 am; I oversee the kids during their morning chores and help them get ready for their various activities. I then walk to the BEACH, where I collect lots of sea offerings before heading home to start on whatever orders are waiting for me at the pool side work bench. 
Why, you could call me Captain Contentment, I am so happy right now!
Here is the view I work under in my atrium;
It is always like this. I think it has rained a total of 4 times since we have moved here.
Absolutely heavenly blue skies!

In addition to filling orders, I have been working on a new collection to present to a local shop. Inspired by artist Anahata Katkin's bohemian like girls, with their big hoop-de earrings, lush flowers and vibrant swirling colors!

Using patinas to add bold color to big metal discs that are then embellished with chain, beads and charms has been so much fun. I let go while creating this collection, the larger the metal, the more wildly satisfied I was! The longer the chain, the louder the jangle!
Even if the shop they are intended for doesn't accept them, I have had a great time trying on this new Lux Boho trend.
So what new thing has taken over your creative endeavors?
Have you surprised yourself with a new source of inspiration or are you remaining steady and true to what is near and dear to your heart? 
If you leave a comment on this post before next Saturday, you will be entered into a drawing to possibly win;
Your own custom colored Sea Gypsy Jewel Pendant!
These specially textured pendants are the perfect size to stack art beads in front of or dangle from the top. I would love to make you one next week if you want to participate in commenting. 
Thank you for visiting my Studio Saturday post!
Much Love & Respect,


JeannieK said...

Oh Shannon those are so BOHO COOL! It's hard for me to find time to spend in the studio right now. Hope that will change soon with the summer month's ahead. I want to do more of my mixed media art work.

Βίκυ said...

i love your earrings!

Kristen said...

I have started making kiln enameled beads and I love them! The process of sifting the enamel on to a curved surface and then transferring the bead to a mandrel causes lots of imperfections and interesting color variations.

m.e. said...

many Summer creations are still Beach and Scuba inspired for me!
But, my ideas come from vacation memories,
not from right outside my front door!!!!
I am soooooooooooo jealous!!!!!
I did come up with a new free form heart design last week.
So much fun to make.I hope people will like them.
We'll see.....
Your new pendants are Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!
I Love the name "Sea Gypsy"!!! Perfect !!!
m.e. :)

Alice said...

Shannon, I love your outdoor studio, and not ashamed to say I'm a little jealous!

Your Sea Gypsy Pendants are just lovely and would look great with the long summery dresses that are so popular right now.

As for me, sometimes life dictates how our time and energy is spent, so for now I'm sticking with what I know in terms of my creating.

JJoy said...

Alas, more beautiful work! I hope I'm the lucky one to win. Love your new work space!

Cheryl K Roe said...

I work full time at a school. The employees keep me challenged. The ask for things, I would not have tried or even thought of constantly. I have really stretched myself in order to please. I would love to quit and do glass beads full time, but I would miss their feedback and new ideas. I love the new items you are making, way out of my comfort zone but would love to visit that zone.

somethingunique said...

Hello Shannon, i shall call you "Beach Goddess" u are one lucky gal what more amazing of an atmosphere could you ask for to create and the view is to die for, i am so happy for you and your family & i am possitvie the shop will love your new creations they are abso fabu!! as for me lamp work was a main focal of mine for a long time and i still love it but i have a new love and that is ceramic bead, pendants, toggles i just love the art feel of them each and every one so unique and with a name like "something unique" they fit right in.
take care and i can't wait to see your finished studio ttfn L:)

EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

Love your new studio area, just plain awesome! Your new series is fabulous! Love the bold colors and the chains, beads and charms. Mom and I haven't tried anything new lately, though we are using more of other artist's works in our pieces, which is something totally new for us. I do want to work more with the patina since it is warmer now and of course we are still working away on our beads and enameled bowls and pendants.

Unknown said...

I love love love Shannon! I am so very happy that all is as good as it is in her new home and especially since her happiness reflects in her work! Thanks you so much for this peek into her studio and I am so jealous!!!!

Melody said...

A new thing for me is to use art beads and embellishment in my work. I have been a sed bead weaver for 10 years or so. Through a recent exchange, I had to use a large focal and incorporated drucks and ovals into my work. Through this process I discovered that the larger beads worked up in a simple stitch like RAW provides a fabulous base for lots and lots of embellishment with seed beads, pressed glass flowers, drops, daggers, or whatever else is in my supplies.

Erin S said...

Love the layered chains and dangles over the colored disks! I always have a few new ideas banging around in my head. the current ones involve food and money. (two of my favorite things.) I'll won't go into detail, since I don't know exactly what either of these ideas will turn into, but I'm hoping something unique will emerge!
Erin S

CraftyHope said...

Shannon, That sounds like a lovely routine. I'm sure your daily beach walk helps keep the inspiration flowing. I know it would for me.

I adore the new pieces. I'm all about bright, primary colors and those really fit the bill! You've really made something special.

Cillaw said...

Thanks for your giveaway.

I have been inspired by earthy pottery and old world looks by my designs lateley.

Lynn said...

Shannon - to paraphrase something you said: "the mundane task of daily living IS somehow transformed by the sound of pounding waves." i grew up on the Gulf and when somewhere asks me where i live, i always say, "Too far from the ocean, 350 miles to be exact." A walk on the beach and a ceiling of clouds would certainly transform my day! used to go every year just so i could put my bare feet in the sand then in the water, no matter what temperature. but i've been disabled for 15 years and unable to travel. i'm working on it though.

looking forward to seeing how your work is influenced by the sea and the sky.


Elly Snare said...

Your new 'studio space' is wonderful! Two landscapes I have always been attracted to are the sea and the mountains (I grew up somewhere very flat, so that's probably why!) I've been finding inspiration lately from working with new techniques, the wonderful jewellery blogs I read, and also just simply putting colours together on the bead table to see what pops out. We always seem to think inspiration comes fast, in a flash, but sometimes it can also develop over time and with patience - or from a long journey to somewhere much happier (like the seaside!)

lunedreams said...

How perfect! Doing what you love, outside under the blue sky!! Love your "plein air" studio! Love your new "boho lux" direction too--perfect timing for summer, and it sounds like it would appeal to people living in or visiting Florida, inspired by sunshine, blue skies and blue water.

I recently started making two-piece, hinged (with a ring) semi-bangle bracelets. I have so much lampwork in larger sizes (and large stone beads too) and just wasn't happy with what I was doing with it. I'm looking forward to putting a lot of those beads into these bracelets. They're fun to make b/c I get to hammer lots of metal.

My dream is to one day have an outdoor studio like yours, in a gentler climate!

gailwhitehead55 said...

Oh,wow!!Your words and photos have left me open-mouthed,green with envy,and happy that you are soo blessed.Your pendants,earrings,all that I've seen shows how happy you are.They are very beautiful bursting with color and light.
This last week I found 3sets of resin,with the little cups&sticks,etc.I dug up Rings&Things little resin book&another book called The Art of Plastic&Resin-then I jumped in with bezels,cupcake liners and had a blast!I had forgotten all about that box,spring cleaning,yuck!,unearthed it.I'm grateful.

My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh Yeah for you Shannon it looks like a slice of HEAVEN!!! You sound happy and yes the waves do make everything better! Enjoy yourself : D

Tara P. said...

Sunshine is almost magical, isn't it? When I moved to Phoenix from Minnesota, I said to myself, "it's hot, but I'll take the sun 300 days a year." While I don't live on the beach (and I desperately miss it), the sun is absolutely wonderful. I'm glad you're loving your new home - and I think it's already showing in your work! I've been a fan of your stuff for a while and the driftwood jewelry display made me squeal with delight!

Lucid Moon Studio said...

Hi Shannon! Your new studio looks great! I don't get to the beach as often as I should...will need to work on that. My parents in OH live right by Lake Erie, so I frequented their beach often during my visit last week and was inspired by all the smooth beach rocks and sea glass that I took for granted growing up there. I found so many awesome pieces of driftwood too, but they were too big for my luggage :( Love your new designs also!


Off the Beadin' Path said...

There's no way that shop will turn you down! Their eyes will pop right out like mine did! You are fitting into Florida so well! But these boho gypsy things are over the top! Bright sunny colors and fun embellishments. You. Are. Cookin'! Your work area is the envy of all, what could be better? It's so much more than well-ventilated! An ocean breeze going through while you hear the surf?? No wonder your creativity is soaring! Thanks for delighting our senses today!

Shannon Chomanczuk said...

Love those Shannon! So boho chic.

Beth said...

I love the pendants-- enjoy the sun-- the pacific northwest has had the second rainist spring on record.

Beth F

Cindi said...

I LOVE the earrings. I love all your pieces. Your blog is one that I follow. You are an inspiration. I have just started my jewelry blog and beginning to explore and try some new things. Once it is finished I would love for you to be a guest if you have time.

Elizabeth said...

I love your work and it sounds like you have an exquisite new life. Congrats!

Karen Totten said...

I too spent many years of my youth on the gulf coast. You are so fortunate to live there!

My work is often inspired by memories of playing in or near the crashing waves - I miss it so! Today I daydream of ancient civilizations lost beneath the sea, and sailing ships in search of undiscovered lands. I love a good tale and the sea has certainly given us too many to catalogue.

Enjoy your seaside paradise!

Starry Road Studio

Mary Newton Designs said...

I'm so glad you're happy there! It loo
ks beautiful!

Carol D. said...

Oh to live on the beach! That is my dream and you get to live it. Good for you!
Currently looking for new inspirations on different kinds of construction for jewelry pieces - something to kick it up a notch.

Mary Harding said...

Shannon, what an absolutely wonderful work space. And a daily walk on the beach, and no rain. It doesn't get any better. I love your new Boho Chic and I now know what you mean about the sound of beads tinkling on metal. I just love your new pieces. For new I have been exploring new ceramic glazes and and bead shapes. I am loving the new colors I can mix up.
I am so happy for your new found paradise!!!

substitutionqueen said...

You are so fortunate to live and work in your own little slice of heaven. Your work shows the joy you feel every single day. Thank you!


MoonRae said...

The colors are so happy!! Sounds and looks like you are too!
I've stepped back a little with my work....The price of silver & gold has put me in a place of going back to when I first started and using those "other" alternative supplies (copper,brass etc)Those used to be for practice and experimentation and now....well we all know. I'm actually quite happy not being a silver snob anymore hehehe
Thanks for offering up one of your wonderful pieces!!!

Unknown said...

What inspiration your surroundings must give you. I was recently inspired to wrap some rainbow fluorite nuggets in silver wire with two spirals on each. I have no idea what to do with them now, but I certain enjoy looking at my two dozen creations.

Klassy Joolz said...

You are one lucky lady...good for you!

Thanks for a great giveaway!!!

Smiles, Pam

MiddleEarthsJewels said...

Seems like your new sea home is already influencing you..I love the boho beach look!
And your studio is a deserve it.
I am patina-ing everything in sight, thanks to my 'missfickle' tutorial and can't get enough!

Judy said...

You lucky dog you! I am so happy for you, the salty air must be very inspiring as your new collection is great! Good luck with the shop!

Melinda Orr - BANDANA GIRL said...

I love your open sky work atrium....turn on some good music and your lost in design world! Love the new pieces and colors! I've been working on primitive bezel settings...Next to add my patina! Glad you are enjoying the beach...I leave in 5 days....the clock is ticking!

Susan Marling said...

You sound so very happy and I am glad for you. Who wouldn't envy your "studio". The new earrings are great - I would bet they will be big sellers. Good luck.

Shirley said...

How could one not be creative in that beautiful setting. :)

DK said...

I'm loving the things you are making lately and Florida seems like it's a great place for you so far. I totally agree with Melinda above, I love the work atrium!

Cynthia said...

Looks like you are settling in to the Florida scene quite nicely. Would love to win one of your fabulous pendants!!

Jen Judd said...

That blue sky and breeze is almost more amazing to me right now than the fantastic pieces you've come up's too hot here to even think lately! But, that being said, I am working on full-up summer pieces and my fave new influence is steel wire. It's so inexpensive that I feel like I don't have to skimp on wrapping my loops or practicing new clasp styles. It's kinda fun!!
Take care

stacilouise said...

This whole past year has taken me into new things with the addition of copper and bronze to my jewelry AND patina's. I am finding a whole new organic feel that I love!