Thursday, December 15, 2011

On the 3rd Day of Christmas: Art Bead Bookmark

Books, books, books! Who doesn't love books? No one around here, that's for sure. This beaded and braided bookmark is my holiday gift for family and friends this year. What a perfect time to share my project with you! 

Handmade bookmarks make quick and easy gifts for just about any reason or season. I made this one in less than 30 minutes. They look great holding your place in your favorite novel OR even better, your favorite beading book!

1 daisy ceramic lentil bead
1 blue/green “mermaid” ceramic bead
120 yellow transparent size 8 seed beads
11’ of orange 4-ply Irish waxed linen cord

Macramé board and T-pin

Tip: Pin your work to a Macramé board to keep even tension on the cords as you braid.

1: Cut the linen cord into six 22” pieces.
2: Form an overhand knot at the end of 1 cord. String 20 seed beads. Repeat step for the remaining 5 cords.
3: Bring all six cords together and form an overhand knot after the seed beads. Use all six cords to string the daisy lentil bead; form an overhand knot after the bead.
4: Pin the last knot to the top of the macramé board with the T-pin. Separate the cords on the board so that you have 2 cords on the left, 2 cords in the middle and 2 cords on the right. Braid the cords for about 11" and remove from the board.
5: Use all six cords to form an overhand knot. Use all six cords to string the mermaid ceramic bead and form an overhand knot. Trim ends to ½” and fray.

Daisy lentil: Golem Studio. Mermaid bead: Gaea. Linen cord: Ornamentea. Seed beads: LBS.


SummersStudio said...

Sweet and simple, love this design. It really lets the art beads sing.

DVArtist said...

Books marks are perfect gifts.
Have a happy Christmas

Gaea said...

Great idea beautifully done! I was seriously at a loss for a gift for someone who has almost everything! This will be great fun to give to a special book worm in my life!