Saturday, February 25, 2012

Studio Saturday with Erin Prais-Hintz, Tesori Trovati Jewelry

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This week we visit the studio of
Erin Prais-Hintz of Tesori Trovati Jewelry.

Since when did the shortest month of the year mean the most projects are due?

I am working seemingly non-stop on something in my studio just about every day (or rather every night. Late, late into the night!). If it weren't for the sticky notes on my computer screen I might not know what to do next!

{My organizational flow chart}
 Unfortunately, some of the stick seems to be going in these cute little skeleton key notes (thank you Michaels dollar spot!) and they frequently fall under my keyboard or I find that they have attached themselves to my elbow which when I find them promptly puts me in a tizzy because I may have forgotten to do them in the right order and on time!

Here is just a quick rundown of just some of the sticky notes have kept me busy this month (or at least the ones that didn't get lost!)...

...I created two new jewelry designs for the "That's Amore" juried art show at the Central Wisconsin Cultural Center including the necklace "Nothing Like the Sun" featuring my new Story Beads (below) with lines of Shakespeare's Sonnet 130 on it so that you can read the poem as you travel through the necklace.
{Sticky note to self: make more Story Beads!}

{Story Beads with Shakespeare's Sonnet 130 - what lines would your Story Bead say?}
...I cranked out 65 sea-inspired pendants (below) that will be cruising the high seas with Heather Powers and the Bead Cruise as my sponsorship package. {Sticky note to self: summer is coming! Make more sea-themed charms!}

{Some of the 65 sea-inspired 'simple truths' pendants ready for the Bead Cruise}
...And as long as I was creating 65 charms, I thought, "Why not make 7 more?" (below). So I hopped into the Ornamentea Lucky Charm swap (deadline is February 29th, there is still time to play!). {Sticky note to self: can't wait to see all the great charms that I will get in the swap... but what to do with them?}

{"Beauty" - new Chinese Chop charms coming soon!}
...I issued my next quarterly challenge. The Challenge of Music inspires my readers to make an accessory of their choosing using their favorite music as inspiration. There are 46 marvelous hoppers from around the world and I can't wait to hear the world beat that we will be jammin' to with this challenge! I would love to say that I am done with mine, but it seems that I could be late to my own party. I can tell you that I have narrowed my inspiration down to a favorite artist and even three of her songs, but no real progress on that. The good news is that I still have a few days to get it all done and magic can most certainly happen in the 11th hour! {Sticky Start planning the next quarterly Challenge... for May 2012}

{Join us on February 29th for a Leap Day Rockin' party!}
...I am working on a super special secret project right now. Shhhhh! You will have to wait a few months to see what this is. I know! I am such a tease! {Stick note to self: get some pretty on these naked pendants quick!}
{Pendants baked and ready for some painterly love. but you can't see them yet! By the way... I love so much more than I ever loved Picnik!)

 ...And finally, just in the nick of time, I completed my pieces for the 2nd Annual Verse & Vision art exhibition at the Gallery Q where I exhibit my work. This highly respected show pairs original verses from Wisconsin poets with an artist at Gallery Q where we interpret the inspiration of their words with our chosen art medium. When we pick the poems it is completely blind, we have no idea until the reading at the event who the poets are. The level of creativity runs very high with this show and there is talk of it being a traveling exhibit across the state! Of course, for my chosen art medium I created necklaces. And what amazing sculptural pieces they have turned out to be! I love these neck sculptures because I have collaborated with some incredible bead artisans. Below are just little snippets of each of the three pieces showing some of the art beads I used. Sorry that I am teasing you with just a glimpse, but until the show is live in mid May I cannot reveal the whole thing. But I promise that I will reveal them all, along with the poems that inspired them in May when the exhibit goes live! {Sticky note to self: get these to the photographer by Tuesday for their close up for the book! And find out who the poets are in May so that I can get permission to share their poems with the world!}

{detail from "in the heron's wings" inspired by the poem of the same name featuring a custom enameled heron from Beth & Evie McCord of EBBeadandMetalWorks}
{detail from 'For Those Who Endure Midwest Winters' inspired by the poem of the same name featuring a ceramic birdie from LeAnn Weih of Summers Studio Etc and fold formed and patina-ed leaves from Mary Jane Dodd of  Speaking Your Truth}
{detail of "Old Love" inspired by the poem of the same name featuring a silver charm from Beth Hemmila of Hint Jewelry trapped in a handmade copper bezel}

As if that weren't enough things (and truly there are many more things I didn't mention!), next week I will be pulling together the Art Bead Scene monthly Blog Tour for the wonderful inspiration painting. Hmmm.... I wonder if I can squeeze in an entry for that? I might not have time, but there is still time for you to do it! Hope to see you then! {Sticky note to self: try not to drool too much over the lovely baubles created by the awesome ABS-ers!}
Whew! I think that I need a break. Too bad I don't have the Bead Cruise to look forward to. I sure could use a vacation after this month! {Sticky note to self: schedule a massage and pedicure to treat yourself for getting this all done in the shortest amount of time and keeping all your balls from spinning out of control!}
This week I am giving away one of my 'simple truths' rings, found in my Etsy shop. Winner's choice (doesn't have to be the little owlet, but ain't he sweet?). Share a comment below answering this question...
You see my awesome organization with the sticky notes on the 'puter (above). I like being able to see them at a glance to know what is coming up, and also being able to move them around. But I hate it when the sticky loses it's stick and they fall off on and float under the keyboard causing me to drop one of the balls I am juggling. I sure could use some help.
Share your best organizational tip for keeping up all your balls in the air and you could win a mighty fine 'simple truths' ring of your very own!
Erin Prais-Hintz invites you to go on a journey of inspiration at her blog Treasures Found :: Inspiration is Everywhere. You can view a gallery of her work at or purchase her new line of 'Simple Truths' in her Etsy shop.


Bobby said...

The problem with stickies is that they do lose their stick! Everything looks lovely, especially the Chinese beauty charms!

Lois Moon said...

Try some Sticky Tack on the back of tiny clothes pins (I've seem them at the craft stores)...pit a clothes pin in each spot were you now have a stick note and clip your notes to the monitor.

Or try an easel backed frame with a piece of bulletin board cork. Put it next to your computer and pin away.

I have a vintage 20 in. ruler with a base attached - it stands vertically. Originally it was used to measure dress hems from the floor. I clip notes to it with full size clothes pins painted fancy colors.

Alice said...

Erin, there's so much going on here, and I'm in awe. I'm in love with your story beads, and of course with your charms as well. I like that you choose a them and go with it. I'm looking forward to the Challenge of Music(I've got my piece ready and my post scheduled. I'm also looking forward to seeing your pieces for Gallery Q.

As for organization, I do the same with stickies on my computer (but mine are not as lovely as yours). My stickies fall off too, and I'm thinking about making a desk-size framed cork board so I can pin them up, but they would still be right where I can see them.

Amy Nicole said...

Lovely work! I just program all my to do's into my iPhone. Since I'm never without it, it works perfectly!

Erin S said...

wow--you have been busy this month! My organizational skills are terrible. Basically, write projects down in franklin planner, cross off when finished. Its a pretty low-tech system, but I usually manage to meet the deadlines.

Cindy said...

Erin, what a whirlwind post. Just sitting here I feel swept up and away in the flurry of all that you have going on (not to mention work and your family!).... I actually love your sticky note idea. The problem is I use my laptop and carry it around the house - I'm sure they would fall off. But I like how it is right in front of your eyes as a constant reminder, and that you have them dated by deadline. Great visual reminders. What I've been doing is emailing myself! Just put the reminder in my subject line and sending it it off!:-)
Those ladies on the bead cruise are sure lucky to receive one of your ocean-inspired pendants. You're an awesome sponsor! And I can't wait to see more of your work for the gallery...the heron by EBMetalworks, the pod by Mary Jane, the charm by Beth and the sweet bird by LeAnn are all so beautiful - and amazing how you have added a these handmade components in your jewelry.

Catherine Sorensen said...

Hi, Erin!
You're story beads are neat, I love the idea of sharing a poem or story in little snippets!
I will also be looking for the finished version of your plain pendants that need paint...I love flowers!

I use a combined planner/calendar to keep me on track {the only time it hasn't worked is when I forgot to write down my to do's...oops!}It's larger than a regular planner so I have plenty of room to get down details.

SummersStudio said...

Erin, I really can't imagine having that many balls in the air and doing as well as you have. I am in awe over the nest that you gave the wee bird and even more pleased to see it paired up with MJ's leaf. All of your work is wonderful. Best of luck with your upcoming exhibition.

KayzKreationz said...

I am always losing my stickies or just plain notes. So I finally started putting everything into my calender on my Android phone along with a reminder so it would ding at me to let me know when something is scheduled and I need to do/finish it. Only problem is I keep telling it to snooze if I can't quite get it done right then, and then it annoys the heck out of me as it keeps dinging me to remind me. :) But most of the time it works for me.

Shannon Chomanczuk said...

I keep my appointments for the salon in calengoo on my iPad which syncs to my iPhone and for beading stuff I have a desk calendar, yep one of the big guys which the big squares. It sits at the end of my table and I write all my to do's on it. It's the only way I can remember what is due when. On the bottom I write what is due the first 2 weeks of the next month so I know without turning the page.
I keep notebooks and sticky notes too and still forget things. I am getting a whole lot better though now that baby is almost 3. I was early for almost every hop and challenge this month! yay me

Ann said...

I use the sticky notes program on my mac. It is like stickies, but inside the computer. So I don't have them falling or getting knocked off. I also have the sticky notes in my Android phone, so I can take lists along with me.


Patti Vanderbloemen said...

Wow - your blog posts - no matter where you are posting - are always so enjoyable to read! You share so much of yourself in each posting, and your pictures seem to flow with your words! I truly enjoy reading every single posting!

I have NO TIPS for you! I am in the same boat! Lois Moon, above, seems to have some tips that I might just have to start using!

BTW-the last set of pictures - the "teasers" - are especially beautiful!

Thank you for this lovely "read" today!

LynzCraftz said...

OMG gorgeous work, I love those story beads! Very inspiring. I've never submitted my work in an internet swap or show(I'm new to the internet) but I'm trying to gear up the Funny how it seems easier to submit work to a completion live (which I've done many times), as opposed to online. As to the question I use sticky notes on my screen as well but am also trying to come up with a new solution, I'm liking the cork board idea the best.

Lyn Foley said...

Hi Erin,

Thank you for sharing glimpses of all your various projects. You are prolific, very creative, and all that I have seen of your work is very interesting as well.Blessings.

As for the organizational bit: I do almost the same thing with sticky notes, however, mine reside on my computer "desktop". I use a note program called (what else?) "Sticky Notes" and keep one long note "pinned" to the top right corner of my screen. As I complete a project, I erase the item. I think the small program is free - and if it gets "unpinned" from your desktop, you can still find it in your programs and re-pin it.

cw whitedogjewelry said...

'love your post today. Your work is incredible and very unique.
I would love to win that sweet owlet ring, it is so adorable!
I see the problem with the stickies. I have had the same problem finding them stuck to my shirt, wondering how long has it been there!
My way of keeping track of important commitments in my beading world is to make note of them on bright colored note paper, and attach them to the 10" metal paper clip note holder standing vertically on my desk. I bought this paper clip note holder in Pottery Barn a few years ago, but I see them in the office supply stores too. It holds several notes at one time and catches your attention immediately. Thanks for your inspiration in your post. I love some of the challenges you are involved in, and I may suggest something similar at our next bead society meeting.
Thanks for the new and challenging ideas , and very cool giveaway.

Tanya said...

Those are just gorgeous. I love the little owls. I second the "sticky note" application in windows. I have Windows 7 and I generally have 2 or 3 notes on the side of my desktop. I also have a calendar gadget that pulls from a "beading/project" calendar I added to my google calendar. The calendar gadget lists the next 5 things due.

Shel said...

Wow, you are one busy woman. I'm not sure how you manage to complete everything on those sticky notes - my hat is off to you!

I write stuff down on a piece of paper and then tape it to my desk or computer. I check each thing off as I go. But, if I have to add things, I start over w/a new sheet of paper, listing each task at hand again. The incentive is to check off several things (or all of them if possible!) before having to add another one to the list (cause I don't like to re-do it!!).

Sometime it works, sometimes it doesn't - and some times I just 'cheat' and add things w/out redoing the list! ;-)

Unknown said...

Your story beads are loveley. I know what you are talking about - keeping all those balls up in the air! I've tried sticky notes but they're too small for me. I painted hard board with black school board paint and framed it with a nice old picture frame. Now I write my to-do list in fat white chalk letters and wipe it off once its done. It really works well for me.

momster said...

i use freeware downloaded from similar to lyn foley - but make multiple individual stickies that i can rearrange on my monitor's desktop, make different colors, etc. it's the bomb - and they don't fall off

mairedodd said...

erin, as always, beautiful and thoughtful work... you are so incredibly productive - and i like your reminder system... mine ends up on scraps of paper that get misplaced and so i rewrite them over and over...
this exhibition is sure to be a hit... so happy to see one of leann's birds with my leaves!

Beth Hikes said...

Wow! What an amazing to-do list. You ROCK!! Love the shakespeare story beads and that blue heron is magnificent. You always amaze me with your creative energy. Looking forward to what lies ahead :)