Saturday, February 11, 2012

Studio Saturday with Creative Impressions In Clay

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This week we visit the studio of
 Tari Sasser at Creative Impressions In Clay.
Happy Saturday and welcome to all!
I have been long overdue to make something new. I saw a bracelet with similar construction. In my mind I figuring out, can it be made out of clay? The answer is yes! Truthfully, I like mine better. The ones I saw had a very messy solder job on the back. Of course I'm thinking I can fire the wire into the clay then there isn't messy soldering involved. The clay pieces needed to be thick enough for the wire to go all the way through but not too thick to look bulky. 
Being the last minute person that I am, I hand formed these Thursday night, fired them last night and put the bracelet together this morning. Most events are like this for me. I formulate a plan, mull over it for far too long before it materializes. More tweeking needs to be done as with anything new. For a first time prototype of sorts, not bad if I do say so myself. They remind me of bugs with antennae. 
So, I know have Connector Bugs.  I think these would work with most of my button designs too.

My question is:
Do you see these as individual pieces for your creations or just put together as jewelry pieces?
Do you like or dislike them? Other color schemes that would good?

Answer my questions and you could win the Connector Bug shown above.
To the potential winner, I am leaving the country for 3 weeks (I'm going to Norway!) next Wednesday. You may have to wait till I return for your prize to be shipped. That is unless I can convince my husband to put it in the mail.
Feeling sassy as usual.
Tari Sasser


Malin de Koning said...

Tari, I LOOOOVE them! I see them as either individual pieces or a whole set (if that is what you meant). I myself would most likely use them one and one together with other beads and components. I think you could do any color schemes of your own personal style. I really like how you combine colors.

Tari, why don't you just let me win them and bring them with you to Norway and post them from there. Or if you would pop by Stockholm we could meet and you could give them to me personally. ;-) Wishing you a safe and wonderful trip.

Erin S said...

those are super fun! I would use them individually as a focal element. Love the black and white, because it pairs with everything, but bright colors would be fun too!

Unknown said...

I love love love this idea. I have a small number of beads w/ double holes I have to try it on! such an inspiring post, thank you

Skye said...

I can totally see these in many colors and styles... including AS bugs :) You could do lady bugs, of course, but there are so many beautiful, colorful bugs to choose from. Leave one set of curls as they are, but have the second set either smaller or tucked underneath to make the 'bug' look more? I don't know.. but they are fabulous :)

Aside from the bugs, I think copper curls with various designs is teal, purple, blue... anything that would spark with copper ;)

Gaea said...

SO CUTE! They are so versatile!

Nice work!

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

OMG! That bracelet is simply fabulous! I love them altogether in one fab piece I can see using one as a bracelet focal, too. While the black and white would be my "go-to" color combo, I could see orange and light blue, or white with red accents-I could see that being made into a nautical piece. Simply lovely!

Ps: I love Malin's comment! Have a safe...and fun...trip!

Angel Whisperer said...

Gorgeous bracelet!! those guys are so sweet and I would love to see them in any color use as focals or as You do here
love the idea!
.. so You are soon very close to us up here in Sweden :) I think it will not be so cold when You come as it has been for some weeks. Have a good trip !! If You go over to Sweden You are very wellcome to my studio with ceramic and jewelry!!

Katina said...

I love them linked as jewelry but can see using them individually on art quilts. Any color combination should work as long as there is enough contrast.

Tari of said...

Malin I won't be able to get to Stockholm this trip but hopefully when I return June/July. I am going this time to help my daughter unpack and make her house a home. That is if the shipping container makes it through customs while I'm there.

Tari of said...

Erin S, I had thought about using them as focals. I will have to try them in bright colors too.
Thanks for stopping by!

Tari of said...

Boot-C, I would love to see that!
Thanks for visiting!

Tari of said...

Skye, I love color! I considered bugs. I work at a gallery and it seem bug type jewelry doesn't sell as well as others. A lady bug is in order for these.
Copper is a great idea but wouldn't be able to fire the wire into the clay with its low melting point.
Thanks for all your ideas!

Tari of said...

Thanks Gaea!

Tari of said...

Thanks Patti! Never thought of nautical. Bright colors are a definite!
Thanks for visiting!

Tari of said...

Birgitta, I may be visiting in June/July. I am excited to explore that area. I did go to google maps to find Jonkoping.
Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Tari of said...

Katina, art quilts is an interesting idea. I would love to see any of my buttons on art quilts.
Thanks for stopping by!

Mellisa said...

Very cool Tari! How fun, just like all your beads :)

helenejg said...

Love that. I would use it as the focal in a piece of jewelry. It really makes a statement.

Paula Lee M. said...

These are very interesting. I too can see them in art quilts, or asbugs. using different wire, such as copper would be nice too. I would like to see them in light oranges, teal, violets, just about anything really! Nice work.

Catherine Sorensen said...

Hi, Tari!

You have a neat concept with your Connector Bugs; coming up with new component styles is so interesting & has so many decisions involved!

1. I would be more likely to use them separately than several all together in one design.
2. Yes, I definitely like them, they're rather whimsical.
3. I think they would be fun in soft, pastel tones with swirls, dots and flowers {Although that doesn't quite seem to be your style}

Bobbi said...

These connectors are SO cool! What an imaginative way to connect those larger beads that you don't want 'spinning' around on a bracelet.
But I've got to ask: what kind of wire did you use for the firing? I've used high-temp wire but it always needs a lot of work to scrub off the scorching. I can't imagine how you'd do that with scrolled wire -- and your pieces look so perfect!

Shai Williams said...

I could see these being used either way. I am thinking double strand of pearls in a bracelet.

I would love to see these in softer colors. Perhaps a cream /brown or a teal/brown

Julia said...

These "connector bugs" are so cute!

To answer your question(s), I think they look great just the way you put them together, and love the look of all of them put together, for a funky bracelet. That being said, I can also see TONS of potential for them to be used in other ways, a few at a time. I imagine strands of seed beads, connected to each "antennae"... or chained together with wire jump rings... or hanging diagonally in the center...

I love them as black and whites, because it gives lots of options regarding other materials, but I have to admit that I'm VERY partial to blues. I could easily imagine these in a deep royal blue shade, with light blue accenting them. Or maybe a deep dark blue with a bright yellow. Or perhaps orange backgrounds with turquoise accents? Or teal with dark blue accents, or even robin's egg blue with beige.

Mmmm... practically salivating at the thought of all that blue. What can I say, it's my favorite color! I try to use as many color combinations as I can, but I just keep going back to my true "blue" friend <3

(Although, if you really don't like blue, I completely understand. I think it would also look lovely in tan, with brown accents... or anything else you can imagine!)

Anonymous said...

I think these look super as they are, maybe in a few other colors. I am partial to ocean colors like teal and turquoise. I can see a variety of additional uses for these also, by adding embelleshments such as seed beads, ribbon, and additional wire.

Beaditi said...

Tari, I think they are just BEAUTIFUL!

I can visualize them as an individual focal connector piece in a themed necklace, and as a series in the bracelet you have shared with us.

Moreover, they are perfect with the upcoming spring and summer seasons - I am already flitting around smelling flowers, nudging butterflies and fighting spiders in the spring garden :)

I think earthy shades of brown, green and red would be perfect for garden/ing themes in the upcoming seasons.

And oh, definitely add a pair of eyes :)

Claire said...

I love them. Stummbled across your site by accident. Purples would be nice, but I would buy them as is.