Thursday, December 13, 2012

On the 6th Day of Christmas: On the Rocks Pendants

I wanted to create something trendy for today's project, since many of us have trendsetters on our gift lists.  After a healthy dose of Etsy and Pinterest trend watching I was ready to give this style my spin with geometric shapes, a limited color palette, metallic touches and a fashion forward design.

18" gunmetal chain with clasp
6" 22 guage steel wire
2 12mm polymer clay disks
4 10mm faceted black onyx
7 4mm faceted brass beads

1. Cut the chain in half with heavy-duty wire cutters.
2. Create a loop at one end of the wire, open it and slide the chain onto the loop.  Close the loop and wrap it several times to create a messy wrapped looped.

3. String the beads in the following pattern with a faceted brass bead between each: 1 stone bead, 2 disk beads, 3 stone beads, end with a brass bead.  Create a wrapped loop, repeating step 2, adding the chain before you finish the wrap. 

These were so easy to whip up I thought I would try it in a few different variations.  This one uses brass disks with the faceted brass beads and a polymer clay disk bead.  I could see this one going to someone who is more of a minimalist. If you'd like a shorter necklace, cut off an inch or two of chain from both sides. 

And feeling very challenged to create something manly, I used the same stones and paired them up a faceted ceramic bead from Diane Hawkey.  I opted for no metal for this design, but African brass spacers that are simple in style would work on a necklace for guys. 

Now we could have added the leather cord to both sides of the pendant, guys like leather necklaces.  But Jess came up with a handcrafted chain from steel wire that we both loved!

He cut 1 1/2" pieces of 19 gauge steel wire and created a simple loop at both ends.  For a few of the links he used 2 1/2" pieces of wire for some interest.   You'll need to wax a steel chain with Renaissance Wax to protect it from rusting.

Resources: Brass beads and disks, gunmetal chain: Rings & Things.  Steel wire: Ace Hardware. Polymer Clay Disks: Humblebeads.  Ceramic Bead: Diane Hawkey. Faceted Stones: A local bead store find.  


Anonymous said...

Love your awesome rock beads on these fashionable necklaces. Thanks for sharing all the great variations too.

Cindy said...

What a fantastic combination.. ..the dark metal with the bright gold! I really like minimalist jewelry. As a jewelry designer I think we often tend to keep adding more and more..... but sometimes simple is just perfect. And Jess's chain is really cool - what a great design team you two make!

Pat Gray said...

Interesting style - been experimenting with doing something similar for earrings, but you've nailed it. I love the handmade chain - I wish my loops were that consistent! Thanks for the inspiration...

Erin Siegel said...

Heather, you are speaking my language. LOVE this! Ooo...and the second verison...I really love that one, too. These are hip, fun and very stylish. Would love to wear one of them!

Henry said...

This collection of jewelery is displayed prominently in the store.