Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Monthly Blog Tour

With spring just around the corner, this vibrant woodblock print by Toshi Yoshida is the perfect welcome to the impending change of seasons. I know that it might feel like winter is never ending especially if you have mounds of snow greeting you like I do. But I am hopeful that the green will return and the blossoms will bloom!

The strong red color in this painting is so dominant that it is hard to see past it, and I am so glad that Miss Emma of Fresh Baked Designs (above) focused on this rich color for her monochromatic look. The beautiful faux cinnabar bracelet connector is such a strong statement piece and is perfect for this inspiration.

Lynda Moseley of SC Diva created a beautifully detailed faux red jade pagoda. I am always in awe of how she can take such a humble medium and transform it into something completely different!

So nice to see you again Miss Natalie! Love the handmade cherry blossom connector and the multi-layered bracelet filled with so many interesting things to keep the eye moving is so pretty! Check out her bracelet at Grubbi Ceramics.We look forward to seeing what you create each month!

Breaking down the elements of this inspiration piece, Miss Michelle of The Cabby Crafter (above) turned color (red), image (cherry blossoms) and feeling (organic) into a beautiful wearable work of art.

I am very impressed with the vision and the execution of the necklace that Miss Julie of Autochthonous Evolved gives us this month. Amazing details abound from the lampwork glass cherry blossom tree to the intricately detailed architectural links. I find that when I have a vision and I sketch it out first I have a better chance of actually making something close to my vision and that is exactly what she did. I love peeking into your creative process!

Weaving a visual haiku with her design, Jill Palumbo (above) tells us such a compelling true story to go along with her highly detailed interpretation of the inspiration painting. Having spent time in Japan had a profound effect on her and her creative process as well. You simply must go and read her post!

Each month we ask you to go on a journey of creativity with our inspiration paintings. The journey is oftentimes more important than the destination. Miss Vera of Designed by Vera tried something new, found the perfect beads in her stash, and even though she wants to keep working on the idea, she chose to share it with us! Thank you for showing us your process and joining in the fun!

I love it when the perfect focal just happens to be in my stash for the monthly challenges, don't you? It seems to validate the fact that I bought it so very long ago, as if it was meant to be. That is what happened for Miss Melissa of Bead Recipes (above). A recent acquisition from a fellow Aussie artist was the perfect bloom for the vibrant red of this woodcut.

The architecture of this month's painting inspiration is so striking. The strong lines and the bold color dominate the scene. Miss Beth and Miss Evie agreed that the shape of a traditional Japanese shrine would be their focus. The enamel focal they created is perfect!

Experimenting with new beads and special patinas, Miss Michelle of Concatenation (above) hit upon a masterful new style of modern beads that works so well with the linear nature of the building in the inspiration. This has a a very modern Japanese flair and I can't wait to see what else she has in store for these new beads!

I love unexpected uses for those things we take for granted. Buttons in particular fascinate me. I have loads of them but none as pretty as the buttons that Miss Angela used for her pretty boho chic earrings.

Karin of Backstory Beads (above) created a bold statement necklace that has a definite Asian flair. I love the strong lines and shapes in this necklace and the colors and layers of elements are so well combined. Beautiful!

We are so glad to see that Miss Donna of Crazy Notions is back at it! She chose to focus on the cherry blossom and made some lovely representations of the blossoms from the painting with layers of color and a patina that evokes a timeless feeling.

Welcome to Miss Nena of Nena's Art & Design (above)! We are so glad that you found us! She was inspired by the warm and fresh palette to create these hip and modern earrings in a sort of ombre effect. Very pretty! 

Mary Ellen of Bee Tree by m.e. was a bit stumped by the decidedly warm autumn palette for this month's painting inspiration. But not for long! She focused on the fact that spring is for lovers with a romantic necklace that will guarantee some kisses under the cherry blossoms!

Miss Malin of Beading by Malin de Koning (above) has been creating some amazing beaded beads (I know. I couldn't resist buying some recently!). She put them to good use in this soft and special bracelet with such a flirty feminine feel. I love it!

We are sort of like the Pied Piper around here... we know that you can't help but catch the creativity bug when you see the beautiful artwork that we share for your inspiration! Miss Sharyl of Sharyl's Jewelry & Reflections tells us that she just couldn't resist a peek, and then was inspired to create something special that she couldn't even share with us! I am keeping my fingers crossed for her that it will be approved by the Publishing Gods, but in the meantime you can see the other beautiful earrings she created and see some of the other inspiring bead finds she spotted!

Miss Sarajo of SJ Wentling Designs (above) got so inspired this month that she created not one, but two pieces! Using a pretty muted palette and some very beautiful art beads, Sarajo pulled together two stunning looks. So happy that this painting inspired you!

Just Beadey brought together many elements from the challenge painting from the birds to the bold color choices to the architectural details. I love that she added a nod to the Japanese obi sash with an extra little touch to this sweet romantic necklace.

What I find amazing is that The Clayin' Mommy (above) created this incredibly detailed bib necklace.... and then she decided to check the Art Bead Scene inspiration. A perfect match! That is sweet serendipity!

And if you would like to see my bracelet inspired by the inspiration painting called 'First Signs of Spring' I invite you to stop by my blog Treasures Found :: Inspiration is Everywhere.

OOPS! I forgot to include Susan McClelland's beautiful necklace over at M is the Word. I like the mix of textures in this beautiful necklace, from the white gems that hint at the end of winter to the rough river stones that feel very zen-garden to me and the beautiful poppy red of the focal bead on an embellished ribbon beaded chain. Despite being struck by the dreaded ick in her house she managed to create something lovely!

Stay tuned for the March inspiration!


Divya said...

All the pieces are beautiful

The Cabby Crafter said...

These are lovely! Thank you, Erin!

Anonymous said...

This was one of my favorite inspiration pieces so far. Would love to have this serene wood print hanging in my bedroom someday.


Nena said...

Thank you so much for making me feel so welcomed.

Sharyl said...

Thank you so much, Erin! What a delightful summary, as always, and the entries were really especially wonderful this time, I thought! Hurrah to those who select the inspirational art works!