Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Color Purple

Originally posted in July 2007. Updated 2013.
This has nothing to do with Opra or Whoopie, unless of course they LOVE purple too! My favorite color is purple. If they make it I will find it. Here's what I found in beading related items in the color Purple.

Artistic purple or Artsy Fartsy items to wear! You need to be comfortable and fashionable while you bead. So let's get dressed so we can go shopping!
Start singing, "Purple Rain, Purple Rain......ooow."
Blue Fish ClothingPurple Art to Wear!

Artist Jacket
Steel PonyPurple Art to Wear!

Striped Beach Jacket ON SALE
The Cheshire Cat ClothingPurple Art to Wear!

Feeling the Purple Love...
My Favorite Clogs to stand on your feet all day, Sanita.

I love Turtle Ridge Bags! Especially the Purple Leather.

Purple pliers to go!

Keeping time in Purple.

Beading with my friends Peri and Winkle.

Purpley Charm.

Purple related shopping:
Purple Haze Lavendar :: The Purple Store :: ColorPurple.com

Purple Profile

You are a purple person if:

You are imaginative, sensitive,
artistic and sophisticated.

You have noble ideals and a keen
appreciation of the cultural.

You are alert, demanding, foresighted,
confident, resourceful, spontaneous
and highly independent.

You take delight in the beautiful,
the gracious, the sensitive, but
maintain an attitude of
critical appraisal.

In love you seek to attain a magical
quality and refuse to settle
for anything less.

You refuse to be "swept-off your
feet" unless genuineness and
integrity can be absolutely

You are active in the support of
things you believe in, and are
concerned with the pursuit of
truth and other human values.

You take chances and believe
that you must do so to make
the most of what life has to offer.

Purple is an exclusive color,
mystical in quality, blending
the two extremes of the spectrum,
red and blue. Traditionally, purple
represents splendor, dignity,
royalty, rank, and wealth.

Purple is a unique color, and it
is a truly unique individual
who holds it dear.


Unknown said...

my room is 3 shades of purple :))) ... just haven't got those pliers yet ...

Empty nester at last said...

Yep, that's me! Though I have to keep it toned down for hubby!!!!!

Maneki said...

I love purple too! So many lovely shades, from bluish violet to rosy heather. My purple beads can't even fit into the box anymore.

Wouldn't buy clogs that weren't black (black leather and wooden sole is the proper countryside/farmer clog -- I'm also picky about the brand and want the really expensive ones from the nearby factory in Troentorp), but if I had to have a coloured pair I'd of cause pick a purple pair too. :)

Tari of ClayButtons.com said...

I know purple is the best!! My hair is purple!!