Sunday, May 19, 2013

Show Me Sunday- Animal Beads

Happy Sunday!!!
This months theme is animal beads. Please share your great finds of Animal beads in the comment box.
Thank you for the fantastic links!
Bee and Flower cab from Blueberry Beads

Little Bunny Rabbit Bead by TreeWings Studio

Spotted Red Fish by glassbead

Teal Chameleon by glassbead

Red Horse by glassbead

What does blogging mean to you? Lisa's sharing her thoughts on the beauty of blogging, check it out! 

A new "frame" necklace tutorial up that incorporate some amazing mirror crytal beads.

Color Cord Mixes and a Free Bracelet Project
Are you looking for a place to start on a jewelry design to enter into our Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenges? Lorelei has been creating color cord combinations inspired by the art piece chosen by the Art Bead Scene team.

Cyndi has worked out an easy way to hang odd-shaped pieces from wire!

Making textured, coloured and rubberstamped pendants is a breeze with Jewelry Clay!

It it National Children's Book week! Jean has a giveaway on her blog for a children's book written by a famous author, Elizabeth King Gerlach, which Jean herself illustrated! Come over and sign up! It is adorable!

Using the Now That's a Jig!, Andrew made some fun earrings for a local musician!


m.e. said...

Love all these critter beads
I have sea turtle toggle clasps.
Great for Beach/Ocean designs
m.e. :)

glassbead, isinglass design said...

Thank you SO MUCH for adding all of those beads! I have tons of creatures- can't seem to stop making them.

Unknown said...

I love this theme and these adorable animal bead finds. I create these earthenware clay pendants to show my doggie love.