Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pinterest Style/ Inspiration Boards for Jewelry Designers with Kylie Parry

Pinterest style/ inspiration boards can be a really useful tool for creative businesses.

For artists, Pinterest is the ultimate virtual way to collect and organize inspiration and creative motivation. Style boards help  tell a story- your story- your artwork's story (and the story you are trying to sell). Boards can be curated based upon themes, seasons, colors, etc. I tend to create beads and jewelry in themed collections. My inspiration boards reflect that. The multi-media aspect of creating style boards is so true to life. As artists, we draw inspiration from so many sources: places, experiences, clothes, paintings, photography...Pinterest boards help capture that complexity.

ahhh...glorious spring. My 2014 Spring Inspiration board. 
 Kaushambi Shah's pastel and eclectic Vintage Inspired Spring Garden Tea Party board. 
Pinterest style boards are also practical. They assist in organizing favorite supplies, tutorials and information in a visual and easy way.

In a single glance, visitors get a 'feel' for the artist's work- which I love. Peek into the brain of an artist.

When Heather starts pinning beautiful floral prints and photos, we anticipate new feminine and flowery beads. Heather's Inspired by Spring board.

Boards are a way to keep inspired, keep motivated and share in the inspiration of others by following their boards.

Pinterest is also a business tool. In creative businesses, making connections and fostering relationships is key.

Having style boards, creates opportunities to connect with like-minds.
{Someone searching for a vacation spot in Fiji may happen upon a photo on my 'take me to the sea' board. While perusing my board, they might spot a whale bracelet they can't live without, or a starfish necklace they love, or... you get the picture.}

The possible connections are vast.

Pinning a variety of things is important for drawing more (and new) people in and keeping them interested. Sharing resources, where you found a cool supply, cross promoting other jewelry/ bead makers and pinning other relevant things, gives people (and potential customers) a reason to keep following along. I like following other style boards to stay current on trends, this season's colors and the styles that are 'hot' (since I am not. read: new baby (i.e. I don't get out much)).

Marie-Noel Voyer-Cramp's 'on trend' Gypsy board.

The changes beyond our control to sites like Etsy and Facebook, that make it increasingly difficult for our artwork to be found, make resources like Pinterest a valuable (and fun!) way to diversify and promote our creative businesses.

AND this blog post has just justified all those hours you've spent pinning. You are welcome :)

Have a great week!


p.s. feel free to follow my boards and the Art Bead Scene boards!

(We are re-publishing this post due to a scheduling error. I think it's fab enough it deserves repeating. Share your favorite jewelry mood board in the comments!)


Unknown said...

Thank you Kylie for this blog post.
I too love Pinterest, I have reprinted some of your pins and started following some boads. I will be rearranging some of my boards soon :) What a simple and effective use of boards by placing inspirations and finished jewellery together on a board.
Your ceramics are gorgeous too.

Unknown said...

Hi Kylie
Thank you for this blog post, I love Pinterest too. Such a simple and effective idea to have boards promoting your work by including your pinned links with the inspirational source pins. So clever! Lyn x

baymoondesign said...

Great information!

Marie Cramp said...

Oh look! It's my Gypsy board!! YAY!! Thanks for including me :)

Unknown said...

I can tell you that Pinterest is our single most referrer to our site even above Google. Pinterest is very powerful and I highly recommend using it to share your artwork. Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

I love Pinterest and have experimented a bit with style boards. Your post inspires me to pursue this more. Thanks!

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Beautiful examples. I can feel spring in the air!