Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday: Guest Post Lorelei's Lair

Materials Needed:

5 wood barrels approx 1/2 x 3/4"
1 Dotted Ceramic 10mm round
1 Aqua Porcelain "Stone" bead
1 Teal Ceramic melon bead
1 Wood button bead
1 Pewter Robin Bird Head bead
16 Rope Style 7mm Pewter Closed Jump rings
6 Rope Style Pewter 3mm Spacers
15 inches of Round Leather Cord 1.5mm

Flush Cutters

Step 1:
I sometimes cut the ends of my leather at an angle, into a nice point for easier stringing.

Step 2:
String 1 wood barrel, two 7mm jump rings, 1 wood barrel, two 7mm jump rings, 1 ceramic stone bead, 2 rings, 1 barrel, 2 rings, 1 ceramic round, 2 rings, 1 barrel, 2 rings, 1 bird head, 2 rings, 1 ceramic melon, 2 rings, 1 barrel.

Step 3:
String both ends of the leather through the wood button.

Step 4:
On each end of leather string three 3mm spacers and tie a tight overhand knot. The tails of leather should be about 2 inches long to adjust the bracelet to open large enough to fit over your hand.  Just slide the wood bead down to the spacers, slip onto the wrist and slide the bead back to your desired fit. To secure, tie a single overhand knot and tighten up against the wood button.

Supplies List:
Wood barrels- Rich Kibbons 
Pewter bird bead- Green Girl Studios
Ceramic Stone bead- Jean Christen
Dotted ceramic round and melon beads- Gaea
Wood button- Figbirdbeads
Leather cord- LeathercordUSA.com
Pewter spacers- TierraCast.com

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