Saturday, February 7, 2015

Lighthearted Valentine Necklace

This playful pendant from Andrew Thornton is the perfect focal for a Valentine theme that can be worn all year long. Opting for an earthy, darker color palette gives the design more versatility and let's the heart focal take center stage. 

Ceramic pendant
4 8-10mm ceramic beads
2 Czech bell flowers
2 Czech flowers
6 6x9mm Czech glass rondelles
2 4mm crystals
15mm brass jump ring
10 7.25mm brass jump rings
10mm brass jump rings
30mm brass leaf creative bar (toggle)
22mm brass hammered ring
12" 5.5mm Arte Metal elongated oval brass chain
6 1" brass headpins
2 7mm black jump rings
12" 19 gauge steel wire

Necklace length: 18"

1. Add a glass flower to a headpin, create a wrapped loop (optional, if your headpins are thicker create simple loops). Repeat with each glass flower and crystal beads. Set aside.

2. Cut a 1" length of steel wire, create a simple loop on one end, add a glass rondelle, create a simple loop on top. Repeat with the other 5 glass rondelles. Set aside.

3. Cut a 1.5" length of steel wire, create a simple loop on one end, add a ceramic bead, create a simple loop on top. Repeat with the other 3 ceramic beads. Set aside.

4. Attach the 10mm jump ring to the pendant.

5. Open the 15mm jump ring, string on one rondelle link, the pendant and another rondelle link, close jump ring.

6. Open a 7.5mm jump ring, attach to the ceramic bead link, string on the small glass flower dangle and a glass rondelle link, close jump ring. 

7. Repeat step 6 alternating the beaded links, add the bellflower dangle. Repeat again adding crystal between beads.

8. Attach glass rondelle link with 7.5mm jump ring. Divide chain into two 6" lengths. Attach one length to the last rondelle link with a 7.5mm jump ring.

9. Repeat the pattern on the other side of the necklace.

10 Attach the clasp to the end of the chain with 7mm black jump rings.

Resources: Ceramic pendant: Ceramic beads: Brass findings, clasp and chain: Black jump rings and crystals: Steel wire:


Colleen said...

Adorable necklace. Love it.

Andrew Thornton said...

Thanks for featuring my pendant! I appreciate the extra exposure! The necklace is lovely! I love the fringe of flowers! Nice!

Lynn said...

I really love this necklace and thanks for the tutorial. I'm going to make something similar with what I have on hand. :)